Craniosacral Therapy (5 CE Hrs) -

by Jumozy

Craniosacral Therapy (5 CE Hrs) -

Craniosacral Therapy (5 CE Hrs) -

In this continuing education (CE) course on craniosacral therapy, John Hoffmann, LMT, discusses how craniosacral therapy, a light touch technique, helps palpate the fluidity of the craniosacral system and eliminate restrictions to the flow that can cause illness, pain, and dysfunction. He demonstrates the strokes and a complete routine for providing a complete therapeutic session on the body from the cranium to the sacrum. In addition to written text, video excerpts are included for discussion of the topics and for visual, step-by-step demonstrations of craniosacral therapy techniques. Also included are: benefits and contraindications, origins and theories, craniosacral system's anatomy and physiology and how the system affects the body’s well-being, and how to integrate craniosacral therapy with other modalities. Resources are included for licensing and further information.

This course is worth 5 CE hours

John Hoffmann is a certified massage therapist, practicing in the Los Angeles area for over 15 years. He completed his massage therapy studies at the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing in California.

Course Objective:

After completion of this CE course, you will be able to:

Describe the general purpose of craniosacral therapy
List the six components of the craniosacral system
Understand the origins and theories of craniosacral therapy
List the three steps of craniosacral therapy
Describe a general session
List three ways that craniosacral therapy can be integrated into other modalities
List eight benefits of craniosacral therapy
List four contraindications for craniosacral therapy
Describe the components of the craniosacral system
Describe the ventricles in the brain
Describe the three layers of meninges
Define the spinal cord
Describe the components of the spinal column
Define nerves and list the two main types
Define and describe the purpose of the cerebrospinal fluid
Listen to the craniosacral impulse via the cranium method
Listen to the craniosacral impulse via the sacrum method
Remove energy cysts in the upper thoracic cavity
Remove energy cysts in the diaphragm
Remove energy cysts in the lower abdominal cavity
Identify the bones of the cranium
Manipulate the cranial bones for unrestricted flow of the cerebrospinal fluid
Define 64 terms relevant to craniosacral therapy
Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 75% or higher

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This course is approved by NCBTMB, Washington, D.C., and Florida.

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