At Your Door Massage And The Reasons For
A Relaxing Massage At Home!

Considering A Relaxing Massage At Home?

At Your Door Massage, Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley, offers the most relaxing 60 minutes of your week. Right in the privacy of your own home.

Imagine ... no traffic, no wasted time, nobody trying to sell you unwanted, expensive spa products you don't need!

Always on time, courteous, professional and ethical, Kris is also trained in medical and orthopedic massage, as well as all forms of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone and Sports Massage. He accepts multiple forms of payment, including credit cards and is Nationally Certified and Licensed.

And ... Kris loves his job ... which is Making YOU feel better and able to do the things in life that YOU enjoy most! All of this in the safe, relaxing environment of your own home.

It's relaxing just thinking about it, right? IF not, join us on our new page and learn how to do meditation. This page is entitled stress relief meditation and it's very simple to follow. Don't be fooled though; meditation IS simple, yet it's not very easy. Visit our page right here and find out for yourself. Stress Relief Meditation.

Kris works his schedule around YOU and YOUR schedule. Convenience and understanding of YOUR busy day.

Read more Las Vegas Massage Reasons to use Kris Kelley's professional massage services!

"I have suffered from chronic lower back pain from driving all day for over ten years. Kris Kelley was referred to me by a friend as an outstanding Las Vegas massage therapist. I have been getting weekly massages ... "

Peggy Michels
Operations Manager
Short Line Express Markets
Las Vegas, NV ...
(more ...)

"I respect my clients and recognize the valuable role each one plays in my business as I strive to communicate with them openly and honestly as a Professional Therapeutic Massage Therapist and Medical Massage Practitioner."

Kris Kelley, LMT

Are YOU ready for the most relaxing 60 minutes of your Life?

Are YOU ready to live a pain free life from now on?

If a professional massage at home sounds appealing to you, pick up the phone and call me right now! If you are looking for some chronic pain relief in Las Vegas, you can also visit my Medical Massage Las Vegas page listed right here, Medical Massage Las Vegas.

For More Information, Contact, Locations, Testimonials, Massage Descriptions and Pricing, see our menu just to your right on the side of this page ---->>

But, as I am not performing massage in Las Vegas anymore, I'm using all of these pages for inbound links to my new web pages. If you are looking for a life coach, or personal performance coach at the Crack Between The Worlds, here, Crack Between The Worlds. Now I'm off to assist clients with more than just massage therapy!

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