Massage Stories - Share Your Story With Us!

Massage Stories are a great way to develop gratitude in our massage therapist business.

Read what fellow massage therapists have to say and share your story here as well!

"Every Massage Therapist Has A Story To Tell!"

Stories can bring us laughter or tears. Many times we encounter both, simultaneously, especially performing massage in Las Vegas!

Every massage therapist has massage stories to tell.

At one point or another in our profession we either did something we didn't intend, or have a client surprise us with who knows what.

Of course there's the request for the happy ending, especially doing massage in Las Vegas. As a male, running a massage therapist business, I've had requests for the 'happy ending' from both males and females.

What I see most often are draping issues. There are a lot of women who want to expose their breasts, for one reason or another. Don't forget the men, either.

How about the positive massage stories? In our profession we see a tremendous number of negative ones. What positive story will you share with us about how your massage assisted another? I know my massage in Las Vegas has assisted hundred of clients!

    Share those massage stories with us on how you truly "touched" someone's life! How you brought them to tears by showing them you cared. What aches and pains did you assist them in healing?

    Do you think you are a healer or just the one that puts them 'straight' so that they CAN heal? Share your healing massage stories with us below!

    What mistakes have you made? Have you ever forgotten your clients name? Have you ever spaced out in the middle of the massage and missed an entire bodypart? (I know that I, while performing massage in Las Vegas, missed an entire leg and thigh once!)

    Why is a specific client an absolute dream to work on? What IS your Dream Client? How do you define your Dream Client? I'm all about building and developing professional relationships and using communication skills to 'grow' my dream client. What about you? How did you 'create' your dream client? Share your favorite client massage stories with us here!

    What about those clients you don't see eye to eye with for one reason or another? Why are they such a pain in the neck? Do you still schedule them on a regular basis? WHY don't you see 'eye-to-eye?'

    Oh, I can't forget the massage clients! What massage stories do YOU have as a client? What did the therapist do that you loved? Didn't work out so well? Did you enter your massage session looking for deep tissue work and end up receiving from the therapist a chakra cleansing session? Please share your massage stories with us!

    Keep in mind I'm NOT asking for personal information here with these massage stories!

    I'm not looking to break any therapist/client confidentiality agreements or laws, either.

    Just the good, bad and ugly. Those massage stories that touched your heart or made your blood boil!

    Scroll down to the very bottom of this page to read some massage stories from our fellow massage therapists!

Before we get to these massage stories, allow me to cover a huge topic that has been dividing massage therapists for months, possibly years! Especially as a Las Vegas massage therapist. Our economy is still in the tank!

The topic is daily deals and companies offering them. This would include, but not limited to: Groupon, Living Social, Deal of the Day, etc., etc. You've probably got a lot of local 'spin-off's' of these in the city you live in or surrounding areas.

I know I can't get through the day without a massage in Las Vegas being discounted somewhere on the Internet. Here's a possible solution:

Why not do this on your own massage website??

I've found a way around this, and if you can get good search engine optimization and drive prospective clients to your massage website, it works like a charm! (You can also lead prospective clients to your massage website by providing mailers, postcards, introduction letters to businesses around you, then directing them to your site via the letter.)

Listed below is a picture of what I'm doing. Before I get to that though, allow me to explain why this works so well!

Each week I'll change this...such as next week may be deep tissue, or hot stone therapy or an athletic enhancing sports massage.

As you can see with this current one (listed below,) I'm providing deep tissue massage, yet here's the important point: I'm tying this into EVERYONE who lives in Las Vegas. How so? It's going to be HOT here in the desert, very soon. We've been fortunate to have an actual spring this year, as last year at this time it was 110 already! (It IS June.) Well, we will ALL have to deal with this heat as it's a big deal here. The question is, what's going on in YOUR community that you can tie-in to your massage business?

A couple of points here...

First, and the most important point, you can use these to target a specific market. Use creative wording in explaining the massage or the massage package. The 'Performance Enhancing Sports Massage Package.' 'The Ultimate Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage Package For All Weekend Warriors!' See what I mean?

Second, you can discount, yet you don't have to cut your prices by 50% (or more!) like the Groupon's want you to do.

Set your own prices, yet here's another important point, provide a Cut-Off DATE that they have to schedule with you by to get the deal. I run mine for a week, Wednesday to Wednesday to allow the weekenders to participate as well, and they don't feel 'rushed'. You can do daily deals as well.

Again, in the example below, I'm offering a 30% discount. I've had great success offering $49.00 60 minute massage sessions. The clients are getting a great deal and I'm also making some money.

Another important point is that by adding and changing the content on your massage website, the search engines will see this, and may rank you higher if you have the correct keywords, etc., etc. You MUST give clients and perspective clients REASONS TO KEEP VISITING YOUR MASSAGE WEBSITE! When they do this the search engines notice the increased activity as well and rank you higher.

Already have a full schedule? Create this for 'new or first time clients only.' Be careful with this though. Your current clients are your most loyal clients and you always want to take care of them, FIRST.

Don't allow them to think they are being left out. If a current client sees your 'new clients only' deal and contacts your to receive the same offer, always give it to them.

This builds better rapport between you and them as well. You can say to them, "Hi Sue! You would like the same offer I'm giving the new clients? Well, this is for new clients, but Ok. You are such a great client of mine I'll include you in this deal as well." I don't want to sound condescending, yet we do want our current clients to feel special. Everyone loves that!

Ok, here's the example of my weekly massage deal (listed below,) and if you click on this link you can see how it looks on my Las Vegas massage website, Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley. Yes, yes, I know, we're supposed to be covering massage stories, but this is just too important to leave out!

Deal Of The Week!

Las Vegas Massage has cool pricing for your sizzling summer stress!

Give your aching muscles a rest and receive my gift of relaxation! An entire hour, Full Body Deep Tissue Massage! Book it today and receive 30% Off the regular price of $70.00! Call Kris Kelley, a licensed massage therapist business at (702) 203-5670 Today!


Once again, if you would like to see how this looks on my massage website, please feel free to click on this link, Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley. As you can see it's listed right on the top. Ensure you make your 'deal of the day' or weekly massage special easy to find. This isn't hide and seek!

Ok, now on to the massage stories!

Here are my massage stories in relation to being a professional massage therapist who owns and operates his own business.

  • Massage In Las Vegas No-Mind Massage - Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley here to explain his 'no-mind-massage' technique. What's this you ask? Well, read this post! Here's just a sample: "However well a Las Vegas massage therapist may be trained in the art, the massage therapist can never be the master of his technical knowledge unless all his psychic hindrances are removed and he can keep the mind in the state of emptiness, even purged of whatever technique he has obtained. Take a quick read and let me know what you think!

  • Improve Golf Swing Technique - Here's a method of marketing your massage business to athletes - golfers in particular. This page demonstrates what the problem is, and then provides a solution - your massage service! Every golfer wants to improve golf swing technique. This is a little more advanced as you need to know and how to perform postural assessment, but I'm sure you get the picture.

  • Customer Service - Minus The Customer! - Read this article and learn about everything else your massage business portrays, besides the therapist/client communication and actual massage. There's much more to your business! Some call this the 'Spa Experience,' but I just call it plain ole' customer service!

  • Learn To Follow-Up With People! - If your massage business is not performing as it should, if you have trouble getting clients in your door or re-scheduling with you, it's probably because you have poor follow-up skills. Read this article and see just how important good follow-up is!

  • How To Become A Successful Massage Therapist - Read this post for the basics on how to succeed as a Las Vegas massage therapist. If you can't apply what's in this article you'll never succeed! This blog post really gets down to the 'nuts and bolts' of being a successful business person as well as a massage therapist.

  • Learn To Say No And How To Reduce Anxiety Without Feeling Guilty! - Read this article to Learn To Say No! Massage Therapists learn how to avoid stress and incorporate relaxation techniques for stress into your self care program. It's very important at times to say 'no' ... this includes your clients, your family or anyone else demanding too much from you!
  • Stress - Is It Needed For Success? - Read this article (from my own personal experience of course) on how to handle stress. It's certainly not an ally of yours or your massage business! If you need a little refresher on stress defined, visit this link, Define Stress and the Negative Impact it has on You. This is also a great article describing massage stress relief to your clients.

  • Effective Listening Skills - How effective listening serves as a self care tool and you can grow your massage business at the same time! Read this article and learn how to listen!

  • Client Intake Interviews - Learn some tips on how to communicate with your clients so that you can provide superior customer service, reduce your stress level and increase your clients re-scheduling percentage! This is another 'must read' blog post!

  • "I Have To Give A Massage" - These six words have a negative impact on how you begin your day. Read this article and fix this ASAP is you truly want to become a successful massage therapist!

  • Self Recognition - Read this article to find out how important it is to give yourself a pat on the back from time to time! Improve your attitude, improve your life! Yes, this is one of those 'feel good' posts, but it's worth the read!

  • Beginner's Mind - What is it? - Read this article to see the mistakes I've made so they don't happen to you! Isn't this why we are here? To learn from each other? Learn from my mistakes!

Ok, now it's time for you to share YOUR massage stories!

Massage Stories - Share Yours With Us!

Share your massage stories with us here; the good, bad and ugly!

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