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  • Stress Relief Meditation - Expand your horizons and teach your clients something new that will assist them in their daily lives. What better than stress relief meditation? You don't need to be the resident expert or Yogi to teach your clients. Visit the page above as an example of how to create something helpful, new, and builds strong relationships with clients.

  • EFT Tapping In Las Vegas - Visit this page if you would like to learn a quick, non-invasive technique that's been around for years and gets great results. Emotions and pain are most often related, especially the pain cycle between the brain and the body. This technique also ties-in very well with massage, either before or after (preferably before, but that's just me.) This is not hocus pocus; it works as I was a skeptic for many years.

  • Massage In Las Vegas No Mind Technique - Are you 'over-thinking' your actual massage technique? Read this massage therapist blog post to learn how Las Vegas massage therapist Kris Kelley has really impressed his clients with his 'no-mind' massage!

  • Attract Massage Clients - Massage marketing tips on how Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley is currently going about building his NEW massage business and increasing his massage therapist income! Attracting massage clients and getting them to re-schedule with you is tough! Read this post for a ton of pointers on attracting clients and how to re-book clients.

  • Massage Therapist Income - Are You Missing Out On 80% Of It?? - Most massage therapists are "throwing away" 80 cents of every dollar because of three simple things that they're NOT doing. Read this massage therapist blog post and impliment these three simple massage marketing steps today to increase your massage therapist income!

  • Break Even Analysis - Read this massage therapist blog post so you can increase your massage therapist income by raising your rates while holding on to your existing loyal clients.

  • Bartering Services Such As Massage Therapy - Some examples along with the risks involved with this practice. If you are bartering services such as your massage business please read this post. Critical reading if you wish to stay out of hot water!

  • Selling Massage - How do I 'sell' my Las Vegas massage to attract prospective clients? Attracting clients should be your number one priority. Read this massage therapist blog post for a few massage marketing pointers on attracting clients and customer service.

  • Massage Mentors - How do I select one? - Here's my 'top ten' requirements or attributes I see in strong massage mentors and teachers. If you are looking for someone to mentor you, read this! IMHO, these are the skills they need to display.

  • Rebook more clients! - Here's a massage marketing method I use to rebook clients and increase my massage therapist income. It's worked like a charm for me! Want to be a part of the annual six figure massage therapist club? Read this massage therapist blog post!

  • Do Something, Anything! - Read this article and learn how to stop wasting your time and money while looking for "the secret" to your massage success as a business person! Yes, building a six figure annual income as a massage therapist takes time and energy...not to mention a lot of 'elbow grease!' (Hard work!)

  • Customer Service - Minus The Customer! - Customer Service is much more than interaction between you and your massage clients. As a Las Vegas massage therapist competing with thousands of other therapists, my massage marketing needs much more than just a good massage technique! Read this massage therapist blog post and you'll see what I mean!

  • Customer Service -How to follow up with your massage clients! - Following up with your massage clients is critical to your success. Read my tale of woe, here, and the solutions I provide. You will learn from my mistakes!

  • How To Become A Successful Bodyworker - This massage therapist blog post is not to brag, but to explain to you some core ideas that will lead you to an increased massage therapist income, become a successful massage therapist in whatever it is you choose to do, and basically become a better person. Being a 'well rounded person in life' is much more important than just knowing a bunch of massage modalities!

  • Stress - Is It Required For Success? - Read this article (from my own personal experience of course as a Las Vegas massage therapist) on how to handle stress. It's certainly not an ally or yours or your massage business!

  • Effective Listening Skills - Learn how to listen as a self care measure, and, learn how to grow your business and generate more clients AND money. Read this quick article and figure out how!

  • "I Have To Give A Massage" - These six words have a negative impact on how you begin your day and your massage therapist income. Read this massage therapist blog post and fix this ASAP!

  • Client Intake Interviews - Learn some tips on how to communicate with your clients so that you can provide superior customer service, reduce your stress level and increase your clients re-scheduling percentage!

  • Facebook Advertising, Facebook Marketing and Facebook Applications - I've compiled on this page a ton of information on how to use Facebook to grow and expand your business. Everything from Why you need to use Facebook, how to market your Fan Page correctly to how to use many Facebook Applications. Check it out!

  • Stressed Out CPA's and Massage Relief Letter - Read this massage therapist blog post on how to get your FREE template letter and how to approach CPA's and their office staff. Follow my instructions as a Las Vegas massage therapist and watch your massage therapist income grow by the day!

  • Create a blog with personality! - Read this article for pointers on how to create a massage therapy blog, what it SHOULD be used for and how to insert your personality into your massage blog to keep your readers interested!

  • Massage Marketing Using Facebook - Questions and Answers - Massage Therapists around the world are beginning to see results with this revolutionary e-book! See their most common questions and concerns as well as my answers on this massage blog post!

  • How To Easily Get Massage Clients With St. Patrick’s Day - Here's an 'outside-the-box' way to tie St. Patrick's Day into your massage practice. And the best part is, absolutely no other massage therapist is doing this to increase their massage therapist income!

  • What speed is your massage marketing moving at? - Read this massage blog and find out how to 'win the race' with your masssage marketing material and significantly increase your massage therapist income! (The Secret To An $87,500 Practice In Only 5 Months Or Less, Part 1)

  • Is Your Massage Community Keeping YOU Poor? - Read this massage blog and find out if this is happening to you! (The Secret To An $87,500 Practice In Only 5 Months Or Less, Part 2)

  • How I arrived at the magical number of $87,500 - Read this massage therapist blog post and find out the statistics behind attracting clients! (The Secret To An $87,500 Practice In Only 5 Months Or Less, Part 3)

  • Three Ways To Generate Clients NOW! - Here's the EXACT method I used to generate a six figure income in my Las Vegas massage business. (The Secret To An $87,500 Practice In Only 5 Months Or Less, Part 4)

  • Secure Client Contact Information - Read this massage blog on how to secure your prospective clients contact information, moving them away from the social media sites and towards your mailing list, massage marketing ezine, massage therapy blog, etc., etc.

  • Why is everyone so concerned with your WHY? - I'm going to step on some toes with this article, yet this theory of 'motivation' and examining your 'WHY' needs to be explained!!! (And of course I'll lead your straight back here to get REAL RESULTS!)

  • Super Bowl Advertising And Massage Marketing - Read this article and find out how to 'spruce-up' your massage marketing and advertising just as they did in the commercials at the Super Bowl!

  • Think About It Massage Marketing - "I'll Have To Think About It." If you hear this line from prospective clients you're doing something wrong! Read this massage blog page and learn how to relate, not recruit to increase your massage therapist income.

  • Creative Headlines - Your creative headlines in your massage marketing material MUST grab peoples attention. Read these examples to boost your massage business and make it impossible for clients or potential clients to say no!

  • Selling Hamburger And Massage Marketing - Read this article and find out how to boost you massage business in no time flat! This massage blog page is critical if you wish to become a successful massage therapist.

  • Three quick tips on bonding with clients. Read this quick article on how to bond with your clients and create a virtual 'iron gate' around them! Massage marketing made easy!

  • Are we aware of our clients wants and needs? - Take a quick read of this article and ensure you are raising your awareness level to what your clients really want and need!

  • Death and Taxes - Share your tax preparation secrets with us here! The tax deadline is just around the corner! Who does your taxes?

  • Conversations to attract prospective clients. Read this massage blog and see how conducting simple conversations as a massage marketing technique generates massage clients!

  • Positive Addiction - Yes, No, Maybe? Read this massage blog page and share your opinion with us!

  • 'FIRE' 80% of your clients today! Take a quick read of this massage blog on how focusing on 20% of your business is much more effective than wasting time with the 80%. Massage marketing at its best!

  • Demand perfection of yourself - Do you demand perfection or settle for mediocrity? This is a personal post just from me ;)

  • Building Relationships and Trust - How I've gone about building and developing relationships and trust as a Las Vegas massage therapist. Share your experiences as well!

  • New Year Resolutions - What are your big plans in the massage therapy industry for next year? Will 2011 be your most exciting year ever? What about 2012? Is your massage marketing ready for next year?!?

  • Massage Marketing using Twitter - Do you use Twitter? Has it helped or hurt your business? Share your thoughts on Twitter as a massage marketing tool, here.

  • Massage Tips (Monetary) - Do you accept monetary tips from your clients? Share your experiences with us here on this massage therapy blog!

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