Massage Marketing Facebook
Using FB To Attract Massage Clients!

"Massage Marketing Facebook demonstrates how quickly using massage marketing Facebook will attract new clients and generate more income! It's the fastest, easiest, and most cost effective way to attract clients and quickly build your massage practice..."

Regardless if you work for yourself or someone else!


In this revolutionary e-book I will answer these
all important questions:

  • "How Do I Successfully Build And Expand My Massage Clientele By Using Facebook??"
  • "How Can I Compete With All The Other Professional Massage Therapists In My Area?"
  • "How Can I Attract Clients Without Having To Slash My Prices?"

I know what it's like to be a frustrated massage therapist, having thoughts of shredding my massage license because I couldn't attract any clients.

Unable to find enough employment to keep me busy or provide an adequate income for my family.

If you're like I was, or similar to many of my massage therapist friends, you may be searching for the perfect solution to the income you were told you were going to make, personal outlet, and increased family benefits.

Massage therapists figure they have a great company, great massage techniques, excellent marketing plan, good communication skills, proven track record, and on and success in this business should be like rolling off a log.

And then they get crushed under the log!

The good news is, you can skip these months or years of frustration once you learn the techniques revealed in this e-book and how implementing massage marketing Facebook will help you build your client base!

Massage Marketing Using Facebook demonstrates a completely different approach to attracting clients that your competition doesn’t even know about. In building massage marketing Facebook will allow you to interact with new clients on a personal level and keep them as clients!

"This is the most simple, yet concise, explanation of marketing on Facebook I have found. Everyone needs this vital information to be more successful at marketing through Facebook. It will pay for itself, many times over!"

~Mike James Hinkle LMT Florida Licensed
WMF Founder
Founder World Massage Festival & Massage Therapy Hall of Fame
Owner Massage News

Let your competition waste their time promoting themselves using methods that don’t work, similar to:

  • Posting signs all over the city stating, 'Professional Massage Therapy Available Here'.

  • Placing stacks of costly brochures and business cards on counters of businesses that don't have an interest in your success.

  • Offering free chair massage.

  • Putting a costly ad in the paper that resembles every other ad for massage therapy.

One of the most outstanding benefits of Massage Marketing Using Facebook is that you’ll be able to attract new clients without time consuming advertising or even a web site, in less than one hour a day!

In using Facebook for massage marketing Facebook brings a new level of communication not found in any of the other social medias.

What's the Secret to this approach?

The secret is in how you will be using Facebook to Build and Develop relationships.

The advantage to this type of massage marketing Facebook will efficiently and effectively help earn your prospective clients trust. This proven method is also more interesting, fun and interactive than any marketing plan most of us have ever used before!

Your 'therapist-client' relationship based on money and technique disappear when a competitor offers a new technique, service, or a lower price. Not good!

When you first start using massage marketing Facebook allows you to be front and center, one-on-one with new prospects. When you develop professional relationships with your clients and earn their trust, they will have no desire to visit a different therapist. This alone will practically eliminate your competition and any fear that clients might be swayed to go elsewhere – even when you raise your fees!

"Sounds exciting Kris. I already know how to use Facebook. Tell me something I don't know, like how to go about using Facebook to attract new clients!"

And I will! If you’ve had a hard time getting started with online marketing or have been confused about where to start, I have no doubt this e-book will answer this question and many others regarding this advanced massage marketing solution.

On the other hand, if you are currently generating your own prospective clients online, what I'm about to show you will assist in breaking through to a new niche of clients that you may have never dreamed possible.

What makes Facebook and this new model of attracting clients so powerful is that it opens up an infinite amount of possibilities and target markets for you, the massage therapist. When properly implementing your massage marketing Facebook puts you in front of thousands of prospects.

Unfortunately, this is also what prevents a lot of people from taking action. If you're new to this whole approach it can feel a little bit like trying to drink water out of a fire hydrant!

If you’ve ever felt lost or overwhelmed like this at any point it’s okay - but there’s no need for it to be complex or difficult.

I will take you through this process, step-by-step!

"The information you gave is easy to understand with complete step by step instructions on how to navigate Facebook as well as a 'no nonsense' approach in creating your profile to be more professionally suitable for attracting AND maintaining clients using Facebook.

The advice and suggestions you give are extremely useful and provides fresh answers to an array of questions that many professional people may have regarding their business practice on Facebook. This book is a 'must have' for ANY type of business!"

~Laurie Weber, Student of Massage, Ohio

Here are just a few of the highlights in this exciting new e-book:

massage-marketing-facebook-orange-checkI will identify and correct the biggest mistake everyone makes using Facebook and how to use this social networking opportunity to convert friends into clients!

massage-marketing-facebook-orange-checkWhat is it that you're really selling? I'll address this sticky issue so that expanding your massage business is virtually guaranteed!

massage-marketing-facebook-orange-checkPerception IS reality. I will show you exactly how to craft your professional image so that you gain trust and earn credibility!

massage-marketing-facebook-orange-checkI'll review, step-by-step, the basics of Facebook as a professional massage therapist, such as:

  • Profile. What does your image reflect?
  • The Wall. Learn how to create original posts.
  • Your Info page. What information are you sharing?
  • Photos. How they can help, or hurt, your business.
  • How your Settings on Facebook apply to your online business.
  • Friends! How to obtain friends and turn them into clients.
  • Many other applications that are critical to your online success!

massage-marketing-facebook-orange-checkLocate and attract clients through individuals, businesses and within Groups. I'll show you how!

massage-marketing-facebook-orange-checkWhat is the number one worst mistake people make in their greeting and thank you messages? Find out, correct it and skyrocket your friend acceptance rate!

massage-marketing-facebook-orange-checkThe step-by-step process I use to locate prospective clients and turn them into paying clients. (I generate 2-3 clients per week with this technique!)

massage-marketing-facebook-orange-checkLearn how to powerfully communicate online via the written word. This is critical as your written word is all you have!

massage-marketing-facebook-orange-checkLearn my proven technique on how to begin a conversation with a complete stranger and how turn them into a paying client!

massage-marketing-facebook-orange-checkDo you know what topics to avoid that ruin your professional relationships? Follow these guidelines and your new friends will become clients in no-time!

massage-marketing-facebook-orange-checkAre you lost on how to set up a fan page and a group page that successfully converts prospects into clients? Let me show you how!

massage-marketing-facebook-orange-checkI'll reveal the secret 'Process,' and how to avoid the biggest mistake most massage therapists make with their massage marketing Facebook, online or anywhere!

massage-marketing-facebook-orange-checkUse Facebook statistics as a powerful tool to attract new clients!

massage-marketing-facebook-orange-checkMuch more in-depth information on exactly how to succeed as a professional massage therapist while using Facebook!

Are you ready to Take the First Step...

To grow your massage practice using massage marketing Facebook attracting new clients quickly and effectively while still having fun in the process?

"Sounds great Kris, but how much is this valuable information going to set me back? What's the cost?"

I'm offering Massage Marketing Using Facebook, the most revolutionary massage marketing system in the world, at an introductory price of only $19.95.

This introductory price will last only a short time. Order today!

Your e-book will be paid for in the first fifteen minutes of your first massage session with your first friend/client acquired on Facebook!

Keep in mind that I took no shortcuts creating this e-book.

This eighty (80) page e-book is designed to attract prospective clients, satisfy existing clients and generate more income providing the lifestyle you want AND deserve!

Here Is What You Need To Do Right Now:

1. Scroll down to the e-book image below titled Massage Marketing Using Facebook.

2. Then, simply click the picture or link.

3. Once you submit your payment information you'll instantly be given access to Massage Marketing Facebook.

(You will need a .pdf file reader installed on your computer to read this e-book. If you do not have one, here is a link to Adobe Reader so you can download and install it for free!) Adobe Reader

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Still unsure if Massage Marketing Facebook is right for you?

Here are a few more exciting comments:

"Kris Kelley shares my philosophy of keeping it simple, expending a little effort instead of a lot of money, and gives practical advice like he is talking to a friend."

~Laura Allen
Massage Therapist, Author, and Educator

"As social media is fast becoming one of the most cost efficient and direct marketing tools available, it makes sense to do your research and learn how best to venture into this arena!

I just read Massage Marketing Facebook, by Kris Kelley, and I must say I am impressed! I have used these tips and suggestions to make our own Facebook page better, more interactive and gain more visibility. Anyone with a business should take a look."

~Angie Patrick
Director of Business Development and Corporate Sales
Massage Warehouse / Scrip Companies
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"Kris, a huge thank you for this wonderful information! I just got my hands on your e-book about massage marketing Facebook and I wanted to express my appreciation for your insight. I'm already working to change my approach!"

~Don Bannai
ACN Independent Representative
(702) 277-3889

"Kris has written an engaging, up-beat, and realistic model for massage therapists on how to use Facebook to engage in building, developing, and perpetuating client relationships. After reading the entire e-book in about an hour (without considering distractions, like checking my Facebook Inbox!), I was much more aware of my behavior as it currently is on Facebook.

I do practically everything that Kris suggests in his e-book already, but it's taken me some time to 'get' what Kris thoroughly and entertainingly conveys.

If I were just starting on Facebook, building my business/professional profile, reading this e-book would take more time (than an hour) and remembering the important points in my real maintenance of my Facebook account. But over time, as I suspect as with most things, and as Kris says: "Practice" would get me where I want to be.

Some of the ideas are common sense and some are just plain 'new' and energizing to how a massage therapist can look at their business and how a social networking site can augment their practice. But, in virtually every bullet point, I AGREE with Kris on the point that RELATIONSHIP is the key to getting a client on a massage table. Kris asks really good questions - and then follows them up with what could seem like common sense answers or a new way of looking at the answer to the reader.

TRUST is the most important quality a client has for their massage therapist, and Kris' tips and direction put in words what we all know about building trust related to our massage businesses on the web - relevancy, timeliness, and genuine content, to name a few.

This is a good read for the Experienced and the Just-Starting-Outs. Not boring, not repetitive, and I don't think you'll find such a targeted and thorough explanation of the basics of Facebook for massage therapists as easily as you do in this e-book."

~David J Otto, LMT NCTMB

Massage Marketing Facebook ... Not Just For Massage Marketing
"Kris Kelley's just released e-book, Massage Marketing Facebook, contains a wealth of information for massage therapists and professional massage marketers using Facebook, or merely thinking about using facebook marketing, in their viral marketing campaigns.

As I previewed this e-book for Kris, my creative wheels started spinning as to how I could use his concise techniques in my own small business endeavors. Facebook, or any social media, for that matter, is sometimes daunting for first time users, or even for those familiar with Facebook who have not entirely grasped the full potential marketing aspects of this extremely viral marketing tool. My new small business will benefit greatly from the new techniques and clearly outlined methods learned from this e-book as I plan my new marketing endeavor ..."

Read more of this article: Massage Marketing Using Facebook ... Not Just For Massage Marketing

~Angela Sacco
Unique Baby Shower
Sacco Bambino, LLC
Las Vegas, NV

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Here's to your success!


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