Massage Marketing Tips Using Social Media,
Advertising And A Massage Website

Great Massage Marketing Tips and Ideas to kick-start your massage business regardless if you have clients or not!

FREE Tips used to generate clients, re-activate clients and skyrocket your massage business income while having a great time with your massage clients!

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"It's common sense...

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Here are just a few marketing tips I use
to grow my massage business.

  • EFT Tapping In Las Vegas
    Please visit this page and learn this protocol. Don't read another word on this page until you do this; it's that important! Why? Because the mind and body are One, not two. The chronic physical pain your clients are in is tied directly to their emotions (for the most part.) When you eliminate the negative emotion with EFT and the physical component with massage, you get real results. Now go! (Yes, I'm aware the formatting is off for this bullet point. I did this to direct your attention to how important this is.) Here are the steps to the actual protocol, Emotional Freedom Techniques.

    • Stress Relief Meditation
      With all the stress and anxiety people live with, why not become an instructor in another technique or method that will assist your clients? I've been performing meditation since 1997 and thought everyone meditated on a daily basis. Wrong! Visit my page listed above for simple methods in regards to stress relief meditation. What are YOU good at? Find something and teach your clients all about it! You don't have to be an expert to assist your clients.

    • Massage Marketing Using Facebook
      The fastest, easiest, and most cost effective way to quickly build your massage practice...Regardless if you work for yourself or someone else!

    • Facebook Advertising
      While you are digesting the e-book mentioned above, click on this link to add Facebook Applications.

    • Massage Marketing Using Seasonal and Holiday Ideas
      What you want to do is connect your massage marketing to each of the four seasons and the holidays associated with them. Here are some examples...

    • Marketing Massage using Gift Certificates
      Massage Gift Certificates are CRITICAL to your Massage Business! Let's go step-by-step on how to craft a holiday letter to your clients, get the gift certificates right in their hands, and convince them to purchase multiple massage gift certificates!

    • Now that you have your massage gift certificates (or other advertising) ready to mail, what are the chances they will get opened? We can't afford to leave this to chance! Click here to ensure your Massage Mailers are opened.

    • Massage business cards all look the same. Let's take a walk on the wild side and create Massage Business Cards that make clients look twice, remember you, visit your massage website and schedule an appointment with you!

    • Create exciting, informational FREE reports for prospective clients, existing clients and to attract attention to your massage website! You can print these out and hand them to current clients with a specific condition, and list them on your massage website. Here are just a couple of examples:

      Ensure you have accurate information about the Benefits of Massage Therapy. Here's another report on Orthopedic and Medical Massage.

      How about massage for arthritis pain relief? This one is very long, yet for those seeking pain relief they will read it! Massage for Arthritis Pain Relief.

      What about stress? Create a report where you define stress and then explain massage stress relief. Here's an example: Define Stress and Massage Stress Relief.

      Do you create articles or reports on massage packages that really focus on the 'benefit' of massage, not the features of massage? Deep tissue massage is a feature, improve golf swing technique is the benefit from that feature. Knowing the difference between the features of massage and the benefits of massage is critical to your success! Here are two example of how I attract golfers as a target market. Improve Golf Swing Technique Massage Package and The Golfer's Postural Refinement Program.

      What exciting FREE reports touting massage benefits can YOU create to hand out in person to your clients and post on your massage website? These have worked like a charm for me and are one of the most important massage marketing tips I know!

    • Improve your listening skills to generate more clients!
      Massage marketing executed correctly is focused on Relationships. Superior relationships are forged with great communication skills, and learning how to LISTEN is the key!

    • Building Relationships
      The key to your Massage Marketing Success! Now that you've had a refresher on listening skills, let's kick it up a notch and work on building relationships. Marketing Massage by Building Relationships!

    • Personality Studies - Read what successful six figure massage therapists already know...What really makes our prospective clients tick...What motivates them...Why they make the choices they make. Once you read and understand this article, all you have left to do is fill in your appointment book!

    • Please tell me WHY you have a Mailing List, Blog or Ezine?
    • WHAT are you using these tools for and HOW are you using them?? Please click here for Marketing Tips for your Mailing List for some clarification and remove yourself from the mass confusion that seems to have clouded so many minds in regards to mailing lists, blogs, etc., etc.

    • Is your Massage Website producing consistent results? Multiple calls on a daily basis arriving JUST from your website? I hope so! If not, take a peek here at these massage marketing tips on building a Profitable Massage Website.

    • Please share YOUR massage marketing tips here! What have you done that has really got your phone ringing off the hook with prospective clients? Click here to share your own Massage Marketing Tips to share!

    • Please click here for more Marketing Tips and ask that all important question: WHAT do I need to do, and HOW do I go about growing my massage therapy business???

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