Stress Relief Meditation

Quickly learn stress relief meditation and how to do meditation with the simple steps listed below for chronic pain relief and mental relaxation

Stress relief meditation and how to do meditation is simple yet not easy, if that makes any sense. Why? Because it is very difficult to calm the mind, and there are thousands of different kinds of meditation out there. Thus, all these techniques may cause you more stress! 

Please feel free to join us on my new blog, Exploring Awareness, for professional life coaching. This goes hand-in-hand with EFT Tapping for stress relief meditation.  

If you are new to meditation or have quit practicing for one reason or another, please begin with what I've labeled below as the basic stress relief meditation techniques. You must learn to 'crawl before you can walk' as they say, so please learn the basics first. If you are completely lost as to how to reap the benefits of the techniques listed below, you may contact me for assistance. Just visit the link on this page above, or call Kris Kelley at: (928) 273-8666.  


Stress Relief Meditation

The basics of stress relief meditation techniques and how to do meditation - Let’s get straight to the point. Or, as they say, let’s direct our attention to the ‘elephant in the room.’ Meditation is one of the most difficult tasks you will ever perform. Have you tried it? If so, I’m sure you’ve encountered your mind and how it wants to wander all over the place. This is natural, yet it causes many people to quit meditation due to the fact that they don’t think they are ‘meditating’ correctly or getting results. Thus, I’ve come up with a solution for you.

Why did you quit stress relief meditation? Was it to difficult? Or, did you not obtain any results? The reasons could be both, or you may have other reasons for quitting. Thus, we first need to ask ourselves a question. Why, or what is the purpose for our learning stress relief meditation? This is important. We do things and perform tasks for a reason, seldom just for the hell of it. Right? Thus, what is the reason or purpose you want to learn how to meditate? Relaxation? Stress relief? Chronic pain relief? Your doctor told you that you have an elevated heart rate or blood pressure reading? These are all great reasons to learn stress relief meditation and how to do meditation. Fix your purpose or reason in your mind and then we can begin. 

We may call this stress relief meditation a premeditation or learning the basics to attentive capacity. Why? Because it’s quick and easy. (Sounds good, doesn’t it?) Before we get started, let me ask you a question: What is your definition or concept of meditation? My definition is to become more aware. That’s it. And, that’s all we’ll be working on while learning how to do meditation and with this premeditation or the basics of stress relief meditation techniques which I’ll describe below. 

Why am I teaching you how to do meditation so quick and easy? Simple. You, if you have quit stress relief meditation, didn’t have the attentive capacity to sit in meditation for even five minutes. And that’s okay! We are going to begin slowly and learn how to become aware for just thirty seconds. Yep, that’s it! I will teach you how to do meditation and become fully alert within seconds. Then, as we proceed forward, we can expand this time to a minute, and then to five minutes. That’s it. This is not a formal teaching or lecture on how to do meditation at this time. As mentioned above, it’s about learning how to ‘enter in’ to becoming more aware, and breaking the cycle of worry and anxiety. Formal stress relief meditation techniques will begin on this page much further down.

Let’s begin! I’ll cover more material after we get a taste of the actual process. Read the paragraph below and then practice it to the best of your ability. Then, read the process again, and give it one more try. This is the precursor on how to do mediation, actual stress relief meditation, and it’s extremely important if you want to succeed. 

The Technique: 

As you are right now, whether sitting or standing, become aware of everything around you as quickly as possible and remain alert to everything around you for thirty seconds without moving. Begin with what’s directly in front of your eyes and focus on that. Then, slowly expand your awareness to everything around you. Focus on what you see and that’s it. Be alert and aware as you possibly can for just this thirty seconds. 

That’s it! Now, as mentioned above, re-read the paragraph above one more time and actually do the basic stress relief meditation technique. Complete this process a couple of times to get the hang of it. What did you notice? Hopefully you noticed that your mind quit thinking and moving around from topic to topic. Did your breathing change or slow down? Did you relax at all? You should have. If not, you may not be aware of it or you are not focusing and paying attention with your eyes. 


How To Do Meditation

Now, what have we accomplished by learning how to do meditation with this basic stress relief meditation? We have broken the chain of thought. Just BE. Just reside within awareness. Identify and become aware without the need to think or judge what you are seeing. BE with yourself is the goal of this basic stress relief meditation. Not avoiding yourself. We avoid ourselves enough already. 

Our thoughts easily move from one emotional topic to another. Regardless if we have positive thoughts or negative thoughts, we are not living or aware of this moment which is happening right now. We even do this in our sleep! Thus, our goal with learning how to do meditation and this basic stress relief meditation is to break the cycle by putting our awareness on what we can observe for just thirty seconds. We are NOT trying to quit thinking or anything else. If thoughts arise during this exercise, simply pay attention a bit more to what it is you are looking at and breathe deeply in a relaxed manner. 

If you are having difficulty with learning how to do meditation and the stress relief meditation technique, just keep practicing. If you feel this is easy, you can expand your thirty second beginning stress relief meditation to your other senses. Focus with the eyes first, then move to what you hear around you. Then to smell, taste and touch. The point of all of this, as mentioned above, is to break that on-going ‘movie’ that is always running in your head. Some call this the internal dialogue. 

Another tip: Don’t stress out over attempting how to do meditation, as if there are rules, or if you don’t do it exactly as mentioned above you won’t benefit from it. Chill out and relax while you perform this basic stress relief meditation technique. Perhaps take a deep inhale and exhale prior to beginning. There’s no right way, or one way to perform this. If you are still stuck and need to clear some of your negative emotions, please visit my page listed here, Emotional Freedom Techniques, to learn the process. If you don't know what EFT Tapping In Las Vegas is, you can visit this page as well. 

Before you proceed any further down this page, please practice this basic stress relief meditation technique until you break that cycle of emotional thought and feel more calm and relaxed. Here is the real beauty of learning how to do mediation and this basic stress relief mediation technique: You can and should practice it anywhere and everywhere! The moment you begin to feel yourself having distressing thoughts, or even positive thoughts that are taking you out of this moment, perform this basic stress relief mediation technique. It doesn’t matter if you are standing or sitting, at work or at play. Just become very present in this moment and focus. Okay, let’s stop right here and just practice!  


Benefits Meditation 

One of the most popular forms of how to do meditation as well as stress relief meditation is to find a quite place and sit and count your breaths. That is it. I will get into the proper way to sit, below. Just relax and count the number one (1) on the inhale and count two (2) on the exhale. As mentioned above, this is very simple yet not so easy. You can breathe normally while doing this, or attempt to extend your inhale and exhale just a little bit. Meaning, inhale and exhale a little bit longer than you normally do. If you feel stressed while attempting this then stop. You are here for stress relief, remember?

Your mind will want to stray as soon as you begin. Please understand that this is okay. Just bring your attention back to your breathing and counting. This form of meditation is not trying to stop the mind from thinking or wandering. It's more of an exercise in attentive capacity, of just being able to focus on just one thing; your breathing and the counting of one on the inhale and two on the exhale. Most forms of how to do meditation and stress relief meditation are this simple. Yet, as mentioned above, it is not as easy as it sounds.

Listed below are my favorite forms of stress relief meditation


Basics Of Meditation 

How to do meditation and stress relief meditation - Listed below these links are the details in regards to Ki Meditation. I want to share these links first to get them out of the way, so to speak. Try this method and practice it; see if you enjoy it. I suggest a ninety day trial period for any meditation before deciding it is not for you. Remember: It's all about DOING and PRACTICE! 

How to do meditation - Ki Meditation and Ki Breathing techniques I learned through my massage therapist self care Ki Aikido practices have assisted me in my own massage therapist self care program as well as becoming a better person overall in Life. Please feel free to read about this on the page listed above.

Share your experiences, questions or concerns regarding Ki Breathing and Ki Meditation on the page listed below, and then visit the page entitled, massage therapist self care - Ki Breathing and Meditation practice. Feel free to share any breathing or meditation you perform as well!

Ki Breathing - Massage Therapist Self Care Program will get you started incorporating these excellent breathing and meditation exercises into your own massage therapist self care routine so you can be an example to your clients. Learning how to do meditation and especially stress relief meditation will show your clients you know what you are doing.

Before we begin with Ki Meditation, if you are suffering with stress and anxiety you may want to visit this page firstEFT Tapping In Las Vegas. This system incorporates balancing the energy meridians as well as using modern western psychology. Once you have your emotional state in order, both Ki Meditation and Ki Breathing may be performed with more ease. 


Meditation For Stress Relief

Meditation for stress relief - Let us move on to the nuts and bolts of how to do meditation as well as stress relief meditation using Ki meditation as described by Christopher Curtis Sensei.


You maintain a posture of mastery.

You have a sense of freedom.

You create an atmosphere of harmony.

You are vividly aware of the spirit of life in all things.

Therefore you can feel the movement of Ki in the Universe.

Ki meditation should be practiced in an upright sitting position; either on the knees (seiza,) cross legged (lotus or agura,) or in a chair. Anytime of day or night is appropriate, however the quiet of late night or early morning is best for how to do meditation and stress relief meditation. A place should be selected that is relatively private, and separated from where the busy activities of the daytime take place.

Tohei Sensei calls Ki meditation "Ki no ishi ho" or "Ki method for strengthening the will-power." "Will Power" is the faculty or function of the mind that enables us to experience alert calmness, or attentive calmness. How this works is not always easy to discuss in words. We tend to think of "will-power" as a kind of inner force that we impose upon some aspect of our nature in order to attain a certain desired result.

However in Ki meditation this way of thinking can lead to very unsatisfactory results. The more we try to "do" something, to control, or to accomplish some result, the more we will fail. It is as if we have a large tub of water that is very agitated, with many small waves on the surface. This is very much like our mind.

One would never think to calm the waves in the tub by trying to use the hands to hold the water in place. We would simply wait on the side until the waves calm down on their own.

When we meditate, "will-power" is what is used to keep the hands out of the waves, and allow the inner self to wait patiently on the side while the waves of the mind gently, slowly begin to calm themselves down. In other words, meditation is a process that we "allow" to happen, not something that we "make" happen. 


Stress Relief Meditation Tips

Stress relief meditation tips - How to do meditation - For some of us, this "simplest" type of meditation is the most difficult of all. Sometimes this "patiently waiting" for the waves of the mind to calm is frustrating. It is the nature of the mind to want to be doing something. It is very difficult for the mind to be calmly watching. Therefore Tohei Sensei has developed a very effective method of Ki Meditation. It is practiced as follows:

While sitting in the quiet place that you have selected, first imagine that you are collecting a sphere of Ki (Energy). Beginning at the outer most limits of the Universe, imagine the sphere of Ki becoming smaller and smaller by half, until it quickly centers into your One Point in the Lower Abdomen, and continues infinitely there.

When it becomes impossible to imagine the infinitely decreasing sphere, as it disappears into your One Point, then let the image go, but continue to follow the feeling that this process of how to do meditation and stress relief meditation has created.

This "collecting" or "concentrating" or "contracting" is called Shuchu ho. Then, after about 60 seconds, imagine the tiniest of spheres forming in the middle of your One Point, and gradually becoming bigger and bigger, each time by half, and continuing to expand infinitely.

When it becomes impossible to imagine the huge sphere it has become, then let that image go, and continue following the feeling that is present. This is called Kakudai ho. Both Shuchu ho and Kakudai ho produce the same feeling within, and in fact are essentially the same thing, being looked at two different ways, like two sides to the same coin.

The whole process of Shuchu holkokudai ho, while keeping the mind occupied, has a very calming effect, and is an excellent practice for developing the feeling of relaxed meditation. Give this method a try and see if it works for you. How to do meditation is not difficult and soon you will reap the benefits of stress relief meditation and calmness.


Mindful Meditation 

Mindful Meditation - Tohei Sensei has also developed a mudra, or hand position, that is very effective in allowing the Ki to focus. It is called Toitsu No In, and is as follows: Place the hands together in front of your face at eye level. Then interlock the fingers, with the tips of the fingers pointing towards your face, and the small, third and second fingers of your right hand overlapping the same fingers on your left hand. Then close your hands, crossing your left thumb over your right, and touching your two first fingers together evenly, and pointing upward. This finger posture, or mudra, should be very firmly held, yet the hands should be relaxed. Once the position has been assumed as described above, gently lower the Toitsu No In to your lap, and let it rest there.

This posture is a kind of "seal" of mind/body coordination and meditation for stress relief, in that, while in this position, it is extremely difficult to not be coordinated. It promotes a feeling of calm meditation in itself, and so is a good posture to assume when practicing and learning how to do meditation, stress relief meditation, or any form of meditation. 


Meditation Techniques - Summary

Meditation techniques summary - So, have you learned anything from this page? Have you learned how to to do meditation and stress relief meditation? I understand if the Ki meditation mentioned above is a bit complicated. I have been performing this style since 1997 for a couple hours a day, so I have gotten used to it.

Reminder: In order to accomplish anything in life, we must possess the following three characteristics:

    The Desire to do it.
    The Effort to do it.
    The  Will Power to continue doing it. 

If any of these three are lacking, then we will necessarily fall short of our goal. It is sometimes helpful to consider that the joy and fulfilment of Life is contained within the process of accomplishing, not the result of, any great endeavor. This is especially true of learning how to do meditation, especially stress relief meditation.

In addition, this "process of accomplishing" can only be truly effective when aided by the following three character attributes:

    Right Practice (Body)
    Right Attitude (Feeling)
    Right Understanding (Mind)

Consider these, make them yours and include them in learning how to do meditation and stress relief meditation.

*Excerpt with permission from, "KI AIKIDO ON MAUI" by Christopher Curtis Sensei.Ki Aikido on Maui

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