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Massage gift certificates Las Vegas style with Kris Kelley for the best massage anywhere in Summerlin Las Vegas. One of the best deals in Las Vegas, a Summerlin massage, for friends and family.


Attention Las Vegas Residents – If you are looking to purchase massage gift certificates for a loved one regarding a birthday, anniversary, or that special holiday, don't wait until the last minute! Allow us to provide massage stress relief for you and your loved one with our quick and easy ordering process.

If you are looking for Las Vegas Massage Gift Certificates to purchase for a Las Vegas massage with Summerlin massage pro Kris Kelley, please visit the page above to be directed on how to purchase these here on-line, fast!

If you are a fellow Las Vegas massage therapist, or a massage therapist somewhere else looking to learn a new way to sell more Las Vegas massage gift certificates, please keep reading.


As a massage therapist, you sell Las Vegas massage gift certificates right? Almost every therapist, Las Vegas day spa, and all the spas in Las Vegas do. What's the big deal? If you think there's room for improvement in your Las Vegas massage marketing and advertising of your Las Vegas massage gift certificates, please keep reading.

Also understand that this page serves a dual purpose: To attractive prospective Las Vegas massage clients and demonstrate to fellow massage therapists an exciting way to market their Las Vegas massage gift certificates.

For the rest of this post I will use the phrase, 'Las Vegas massage gift certificates' as opposed to just massage gift certificates, as this serves a dual purpose. Neat, huh?

This is a SEO tip I learned, and you can learn this as well, by clicking on this link when you are finished with this page, Massage Website. Here is yet another example of how to write content, a blog: Exploring Awareness.

On a quick side note, you will also need to create several new informational web pages like this one here in regards to how to do meditation as well as stress relief meditation. Why? Because you need to demonstrate to your clients that you can assist them on a long term basis, not just a one hour massage. Visit this page entitled Stress Relief Meditation and see how to write content.

You can also learn new techniques for assisting your clients as I have demonstrated here on this page, Emotional Freedom Techniques, as well as here, EFT Tapping In Prescott. If you visit these pages you will see that I've now incorporated videos. This is a great method for getting clients to trust you.

If you don't sell Las Vegas massage gift certificates, read this article then take immediate action by setting up your own gift certificate program ASAP. You can also click on this link here, Las Vegas Massage Gift Certificates and see how I created them and how I sell them to potential Las Vegas massage clients and existing Las Vegas massage clients.

In my humble opinion, there is a huge amount of money being left on the table with Las Vegas massage gift certificates, due to the fact that they are just not being marketed or advertised effectively.

Las Vegas Massage Gift Certificates At Your Massage Location


Before I begin with what works best for existing clients, please allow me first to explain some very simple ways you need conduct how you actually display and sell Las Vegas massage gift certificates in your current location. These are very important massage marketing tips that have worked for me.

First, create a very attractive gift basket with an attractive sign displaying the Las Vegas massage gift certificates. This lets everyone know that you actually sell them! Also, ensure the gift basket and the Las Vegas massage gift certificates have the proper 'theme' for the holiday or event you are advertising.

Second, present a very unique offer that gets people to purchase the Las Vegas massage gift certificates while they are already receiving massage in the month of December; but here's the kicker: You actually want them to redeem the massage gift certificate in the month of December as well so they will purchase more for their friends and family members.

This is a subtle 'in your face' style of massage marketing. The more people see something the more inclined they are to purchase it. Once again, create a very unique offer so clients are excited to purchase these.

Third, I'm sure you already have business owners as clients, correct? The holiday season is especially hectic for business owners as they are having to plan Christmas parties, have employee's to purchase gifts for, other businesses they have to purchase gifts for, etc., etc. Why not offer them your Las Vegas massage gift certificates for their employee's and for other businesses?

When you do this you are not only selling Las Vegas massage gift certificates but you are also attracting new clients! Make sure you offer a bulk discount as well. Remember, up to 30% of gift certificates are never redeemed!

Ok, now let's move on to a huge massage marketing tip, what's really worked for me. Here's one method I've used with huge success and my clients absolutely love it!

Las Vegas Massage Gift Certificates - Right In The Clients Hands!

I'm going to focus on the holiday season for marketing Las Vegas massage gift certificates in this example.

Keep in mind that although this article is focused on the holiday season, this technique discussed below can be utilized for just about any season or event that pertains to your specific target market of clients.

So, how do you get these Las Vegas massage gift certificates in people's hands? (Getting the Las Vegas massage gift certificates in the clients hands is one of the biggest obstacles.)

Here's the trick...

You literally get the Las Vegas massage gift certificate right in their hands!

Let me explain...

You need to create a personalized letter to all your existing and in-active clients. Heck, while you're at it, create and send the letter to everyone you know! If you don't have many existing clients, 'cold call' the local businesses and distribute your letter and Las Vegas massage gift certificates to them.

Yes, it's Ok to distribute gift certificates and not worry about them being redeemed without payment. Remember, these are not electronic gift cards that hold a balance, only a piece of quality paper.

The way I do this is that clients and prospective clients must contact me to activate their Las Vegas massage gift certificates with a tracking number. And of course I keep a log of all Las Vegas massage gift certificate activation numbers, the name of who purchased them, the date, their value, etc. Ok, so back to my method...

First of all, you do have all your clients' information and mailing address, right? If not, go back and read the article on Massage Marketing Tips Relationship Building Secrets. Once you have all their information, let's continue...

What we're going to do is play on the clients emotions in regards to the holidays with this letter. We're going to step away from the benefits of massage right now with this massage marketing tip...

What's going through peoples minds during the winter holiday months? It's cold, they are stressed out trying to figure out what to buy for the holidays, no one wants to drive any more than they have to in the snowy weather, traffic sucks, parking lots and finding a parketing space sucks, waiting in long lines at the malls isn't fun, etc., etc.

Put some comments in your letter like, "Don't you just love fighting parking lot traffic during the holiday season?" "Standing in long lines at the mall?" "Wasted time and gas, or, getting stuck in the snow?"

Think up some creative idea's that have to do with what folks just hate about the holidays and put them in your letter. Stir them up a bit, emotionally, right at the top of your letter.

This isn't about the benefits of massage... ...It's about the "Dark Side" of the Holiday Season.

Here are some massage marketing tips to stir up emotions with regards to the winter holiday season:

  • It's cold out so most would prefer to stay in-doors.

  • Driving around shopping wastes time and gas. If you live where the weathers bad in the winter, add that in your letter as well. "Isn't it fun driving in the snow shopping for Christmas?"

  • Fighting traffic to get to their destination as well as fighting traffic in parking lots at the malls.

  • Standing in long lines at the mall.

  • Wasting time at the malls shopping because they don't know what to buy, and dealing with a ton of other people who don't know what to buy, either.

Are you getting the picture? In your letter you are stirring up your clients emotions in regards to the downside of the holidays right at the beginning of your letter to them.

Now of course YOU come along to save THEIR day!

Keep in mind that with this letter you've also enclosed at least two of your Las Vegas massage gift certificates.

Ensure one of the Las Vegas massage gift certificates already has your clients name filled in because this shows you've already personalized it and makes this process more lucrative and easy for your clients to use.

In the body of your letter, after you've stirred their emotions, you tell the client how using these enclosed Las Vegas massage gift certificates solve all their holiday shopping problems.

No traffic, no wasted time, no standing in lines, no getting caught in snow-storms, don't even have to leave their house, no identity theft from online shopping, etc., etc.

In the body of your letter you will then introduce them to what they are receiving from you: Not the benefits of massage, but the solution to their problems. What are their problem? Weather, driving, wasted time, stress at the malls or stores, not wanting to leave the house, etc., etc.

You introduce them to your Las Vegas massage gift certificates with great savings to them: You are going to save them time and money as well as stress from not even having to leave their home during the holiday season.

You also have to introduce your massage specials. Get creative! Buy one Las Vegas massage gift certificate, receive a 30 minute massage for only $10.00. Buy two Las Vegas massage gift certificates at full price and receive a free 60 minute massage. Do what works for your target market and demographics.

I'm a Las Vegas medical massage therapist and Las Vegas orthopedic massage therapist for the most part. I offer free 30 minute postural assessments. Do things like this that add value to your already existing massage services.

Key Point: Get excited, get creative, and give your clients a great deal they can't refuse. (Value!) Also, ensure you include a tracking number on all of your Las Vegas massage gift certificates so you know where they came from. This can also serve as an 'activation number' when they call to schedule with you.

Remember now, you've included a couple Las Vegas massage gift certificates with your letter. You'll emphasize this in your letter as well, how your clients already have the gift certificates in their hands, and all they need to do is cut you a check and mail it to you with the simple form at the bottom of your letter.

The point you will be making by the end of the letter is the simple and easy way for them to accomplish their shopping while sitting at home watching the tube.

Then comes your call to action. You have to tell them exactly what to do.

Here are some massage marketing tips for the end of your letter.

  • "Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this letter." Here at the bottom of your letter you need to create a small form and have a small box or space for them to check, "Yes, I want this deal!" Then, once again, list the two or three SPECIAL massage packages to choose from that they are going to receive that you've created to fit your target market. Also include a small space for the activation code numbers because you want them to be able to activate them on this small form with their check. They don't even have to call you.

  • "Write a check or money order to (Your name.)"

  • "Drop your form and check in the mail."

  • "Pick up the phone and call me at (xxx) xxx-xxxx to schedule now!"

Make sure you add a couple of "P.S's" to the bottom of your letter. Remind them once again how secure this transaction is, how quick and easy it is and what a great deal you are offering them.

Here are some key points that we accomplished with our letter:

  • The Las Vegas massage gift certificates are already in their hands. This is usually the toughest part of the process of selling them.

  • You've eliminated their problems; Stress from the holidays, wasted gas, wasted time at the mall, etc., etc.

  • Removed fear from those that don't like online shopping.

  • You've shown them a great deal. You've answered the question, "What's in this for ME," as well as providing them an easy way to 'holiday shop' for their friends and family without ever leaving the house!

  • Blow your competition away! Who else is doing this? No one I know. I never receive squat from Las Vegas massage therapists I know.

Do you see how this works? If your clients don't want to use the Las Vegas massage gift certificates they just throw them away. Remember though, you've already placed them in your clients hands!

Give it a try! It's a minimal expense because all you need is one or two additional clients to activate the Las Vegas massage gift certificates so that you break even.

You can also present these Las Vegas massage gift certificates to your clients as they visit you for their regular massage. Present these to them BEFORE their massage and let them know that they can receive a free massage from you, or an upgraded massage package with their purchase. This gives your clients huge benefits and another 'perk' to refer you.

Don't 'sell' your clients. Present them a solution to their problems. Remember, the holidays come with a slew of problems for your clients. After the massage, if they didn't feel like committing to your special offer prior to their massage, give them the envelope (saving on postage,) with your letter and Las Vegas massage gift certificates enclosed.

Also keep in mind that you may need to send this letter out several times. Very, very few people actually buy anything on their first exposure to it. On the second and third letter is where it can get really creative and fun for you, the writer. On these follow-ups you need to emphasize how "TIME IS RUNNING OUT," things like that.

I'm unsure if you like to write or not, but writing this letter should be just plain ole' fun. Think of your own love/hate relationship with winter and the holidays. Then, get inside your clients minds!

Time is running out for me, so I'll end this here.

Would you like to share how you are marketing your Las Vegas massage gift certificates, and read how other fellow massage therapists are marketing theirs?

Please click on this link, Gift Certificates - How To Promote Them to post your ideas and read what other therapists are doing!

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