Emotional Freedom Techniques Las Vegas

Our emotional freedom techniques Las Vegas protocol takes you step-by-step through the basics of how to perform EFT Tapping to eliminate chronic pain and emotional trauma.

Join us as Kris Kelley demonstrates his emotional freedom techniques Las Vegas protocol with videos and written examples in regards to the steps to use for obtaining fast results. This process is quick and easy to follow once you learn the sequence.

You will find listed below the tapping steps to use. Understand that these steps are just the very basics. Yet, with that said, you should be able to experience great results with just these basics. Please contact Kris Kelley at (928) 273-8666 and I will show you how to get improved results if you are struggling on your own or get stuck in the process. You can e-mail me as well, here: efttappingsuccess@gmail.com.

I am now living in Prescott, Arizona, so if you are interested in tapping or my new services, life coaching, please feel free to visit my new website for these services, here: Crack Between The Worlds. Clients are loving this addition to my services! 

This webpage, in demonstrating our emotional freedom techniques Las Vegas protocol, will help you empower yourself in your own healing. With the information on this page, you will learn how to reduce and eliminate your negative emotions and chronic pain.

Emotional Freedom Techniques Las Vegas style is science and evidence based, providing fast, sustained results. I have witnessed firsthand how clients who have used this quick and easy process changed their thoughts and behavior, thus healing themselves. If you don't remember exactly what EFT Tapping In Las Vegas is, visit this page.

You may also want to give some stress relief meditation a try while you're at it, as a precursor to EFT Tapping Las Vegas, due to the fact that there are so many benefits associated with meditation. I've created some very easy to follow and simple steps to accomplish this here, Stress Relief Meditation


Emotional Freedom Techniques Las Vegas

Step #1 of the emotional freedom techniques Las Vegas protocol

The first part of step one is to pick a target, also known as your MPI (Most Pressing Issue), something that’s on your mind that you are worrying about, or, a physical pain in your body. Do your best to get as specific as possible about this issue. The emotional freedom techniques Las Vegas protocol works best when we identify a specific ‘aspect’ of an issue that is bothering us. Just select one issue at a time.  

An example of not being specific and generalizing in regards to physical pain would be, “My ankle hurts.” A specific example that may get much better results would be, “My ankle began hurting after I twisted my foot three days ago; it hurts right on the bone on the outside of the ankle when I attempt to raise my foot and toes.” Remember: Our emotional freedom techniques Las Vegas protocol work much better when we get very specific. One opportunity at a time! 

An example of an emotional problem that may be bothering you, a generalized example, would be, “My boss yelled at me yesterday.” A better and more specific example you can use with the emotional freedom techniques Las Vegas protocol would be, “In the staff meeting yesterday in front of all my colleagues my boss singled me out, made eye contact while raising his voice as he yelled at me for something that wasn’t even my fault.” Do you see the difference? We want to get as specific as possible with our most pressing issue. 

This will take some practice as you work through the EFT Tapping Las Vegas protocol. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to get as specific as possible when remembering your MPI (Most Pressing Issue.) Why do we need to do this? Because we want to get to the base/root emotional cause, the energetic blockage that’s causing negative emotions on each specific issue. 

We have five senses (or more?) that provide us with sensory information. One of the ‘aspects’ of an event that is bothering you may be the visual aspect. Or, it may be the (audio) sound you heard at a specific event that bothered you. It could be the smell. One or more of these senses may be the real culprit or emotional trigger. 

Once you have identified your target issue, the second part of step one of the emotional freedom techniques Las Vegas protocol is to create in your mind a short and sweet ‘reminder phrase.’ An example of this may be, using the example above, “My bosses glaring eyes and loud voice.” Or, it may simply be, “Boss yelling at me.” Or, “Lateral ankle pain.” Once again, if you are having difficulty with this, please contact me, Kris Kelley at (702) 203-5670, and I will assist you with this protocol.


Emotional Freedom Techniques In Las Vegas

Step #2 of the emotional freedom techniques Las Vegas protocol 

Rate or rank the intensity of the emotion or feeling of your target issue on a scale of 0-10. A ‘0’ would be not bothering you at all, while a ‘10’ would be at such an intensity level that you are about to go crazy. This is a very important step in the emotional freedom techniques Las Vegas protocol as we need a base-line measure to see where our intensity level is at this moment, as well as, if we are improving after the tapping process when we rate the intensity again after tapping. We need to see if improvement is being made and a scale like this assists us in this measurement. 

Please understand that if your emotional state or chronic pain gets worse after a couple rounds of tapping, that's okay! This means we are on the right track. 

To quickly summarize what we’ve covered so far with the emotional freedom techniques Las Vegas protocol:

Think of your target issue (MPI) being as specific as you can, create a short ‘reminder phrase’ of your MPI, and then rate or rank the intensity of this memory or chronic physical pain on a scale of 0-10

Step #3 of the emotional freedom techniques Las Vegas protocol

Create your set-up statement. This is another part of the psychological aspect of the EFT Tapping Las Vegas protocol. This set-up statement is usually spoken out loud, yet, it is not always required to say it out loud if you can really focus and are a bit more advanced at tapping. Here is the basic set-up statement: 

“Even though (I have this problem), I deeply and completely accept myself.” 

A couple examples would be, “Even thought my boss yelled at me yesterday, I deeply and completely accept myself.” Or, “Even though my ankle hurts, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” Yet another example may be, “Even though I crave smoking, I deeply love and completely accept myself.” 

Step #4 of the emotional freedom techniques Las Vegas protocol 

Tap with a couple of your fingers on the ‘karate-chop’ point of the hand while repeating out-loud your set-up statement. Repeat this step three times.

See the demo video and picture below for the karate chop point of the hand as well as all other energy meridian points you will tap on. Although it doesn’t matter which hand you use and you can go back and forth, as you are just learning this, I recommend using your dominant hand to tap on the karate chop point of the non-dominant hand. Thus, if you are right handed, use your right hand to tap on the karate chop point of your left hand for best results with the emotional freedom techniques Las Vegas protocol. Or, do what feels best for you!

Step #5 of the emotional freedom techniques Las Vegas protocol 

Immediately following step number four above, tap through the eight meridian points on your body while at the same time voicing out loud your reminder phrase.

See the pictures below for each meridian point to tap on. Just follow each point down in descending order. Inner eyebrow, outside the eye, under the eye, under the nose, middle of the chin, collarbone, under the arm, and then to the top of the head. Once you get the hang of it, it's very simple. 

There are several other meridians points we can tap on, yet again though, these are the basic points in this emotional freedom techniques Las Vegas protocol. Learn the basics here, first, prior to moving on.  

The wording or how you vocalize your reminder statement is not as important as you focusing on the most pressing issue you have that you want to clear. We need an honest evaluation and a clear picture in our mind of the physical pain or emotional trauma we want to eliminate. You can change your setup statement each time you vocalize it, yet for now, do your best to focus on the main issue and say out-loud the same reminder statement while tapping each meridian. 

Examples of the reminder phrase voiced while tapping would be, “throbbing ankle pain,” or “my boss yelling at me,” and “craving for cigarettes,” or "low back pain."   


Emotional Freedom Techniques - Continued

Step #6 of the emotional freedom techniques Las Vegas protocol 

Once you have completed one round of the emotional freedom techniques Las Vegas protocol, relax, take a deep breath, exhale, and see how you feel in your mind and body. Just relax completely and let everything go. 

Step #7 of the emotional freedom techniques Las Vegas protocol 

Now rate the intensity of your target issue or MPI (Most Pressing Issue) on a scale of 0-10. Has it changed? Has it gone up or down? Either way, unless the issues intensity has dropped to a zero, you will need to do another round, or probably several rounds, of the emotional freedom techniques Las Vegas protocol to eliminate the pain or emotion.

Here is a video of the entire EFT Tapping process.

Step #8 of the emotional freedom techniques Las Vegas protocol

Begin again at step number one listed above in the EFT Tapping Las Vegas protocol. If you think that your MPI is right on target you can quickly go through steps one and two, yet change your set-up and reminder statement slightly, such as: 

“Even though I am still upset at my boss for yelling at me, I deeply and completely accept myself.” Or, “Even though I still have pain in my ankle, I deeply and completely accept myself.” “I still crave smoking, yet I deeply and completely accept myself.” The reminder phrase may sound like, “boss still upset me,” or “ankle still hurts,” or, “still craving smoking.” "Low back still hurts." 

Here's a quick variation to the process. At the end of step #7, if you are still in pain or have emotional distress, skip straight to step #5 and begin tapping on the meridian points, beginning with the inner eyebrow. Make sure to continue to use your reminder phrase with the word, 'still.' Such as, "Low back still hurts," or, "I still crave a cigarette."

The reminder phrase while you are tapping through the meridian points can be said with many different variations, especially based on what you are thinking at the time.

This 'creativity' and getting results is what I specialize in, so if you are not seeing results, please contact me at (702) 203-5670 and ask for Kris Kelley. 

If you didn’t see a significant drop in intensity and want to keep tapping on your own, here are a couple questions you may need to ask yourself prior to beginning another round of the emotional freedom techniques Las Vegas protocol: 

“What thoughts arose while you tapped through the meridian points, if any?" "Did you focus and state your reminder phrase while tapping on each meridian point or did your mind wander?" "Did an image of another issue arise while you were performing EFT Tapping Las Vegas style on your target issue?” Continued below. 


These are all valid questions that need to be addressed to achieve complete resolution with the emotional freedom techniques Las Vegas protocol. If you have other thoughts running through your mind, then you need to focus more on your target issue and reminder phrase. If you feel strongly and have an emotional charge to these other images that pop-up, these thoughts may be an yet another important ‘aspect’ of your targeted issue. Thus, take a moment to write them down and then tap on those next. 

Often, what we think is the targeted issue may not be the true issue at all. I will use one of the examples above to demonstrate this point.  Let’s say that you were tapping through the example above in regards to your boss yelling at you. While going through the EFT Tapping Las Vegas protocol you noticed your mind continually focusing on Mary, a co-worker who was seated beside you when your boss yelled at you. While the boss was yelling at you, out of the corner of your eye you saw Mary snickering to herself.

Focus on this mental image of Mary snickering. Is this the true ‘aspect’ you need be tapping on? Perhaps the negative thought or emotion really isn’t that your boss yelled at you, but rather the real issue was a co-worker (Mary) laughing at you and you felt slighted. (This may not be the true aspect either; if Mary laughing at your brought up old childhood memories of being laughed at. If so, write those down and then tap on them.) If this is the case, take a couple of minutes to begin the emotional freedom techniques Las Vegas protocol as mentioned above and work through the 'Mary issue.'

Another example may be in regards to your chronic back pain, and while you are tapping you keep thinking of how you can't sleep at night, or your poor posture. Perhaps a more accurate 'aspect' would be insomnia and why you can't sleep, (stress,) or ways to improve your posture so you are not straining specific body parts. Emotional freedom techniques Las Vegas style works extremely well if we start tapping on ALL the issues. 

Here are just a few questions that you may want to ask yourself while creating your most pressing issue and your setup up statement. 

“What was going on in my life when this emotion started to bother me, or when this pain in my body began?" 

“If my body or my health condition/symptom had a message for me, what is it trying to tell me and teach me?” 

“What does my body need in order to heal?” 

“If this pain was a metaphor for something in my life what would it be?” 

“What limiting beliefs do I have about this pain?” 

“What is the downside of recovering from this symptom?” 

“What’s the downside of getting what I want or how I want to feel?” 

“How does it serve me to stay how I am?” 

“Whom do I blame for this problem in my life?” 

“What might I have to deal with if this problem was resolved?” 

Now it’s your turn to perform the emotional freedom techniques Las Vegas protocol. Once again, It’s noninvasive, requires no drugs, and there’s only one side effect; improved health and relief from negative emotions as well as chronic pain. But, you've got to complete the protocol for it to work! And not just a couple of times. Most often, we have deep-seated beliefs that need to be resolved with many rounds of EFT Tapping Las Vegas style on many different beliefs. 

If you get stuck, please feel free to give me a call at the phone number listed below. Remember, the steps listed above for the emotional freedom techniques Las Vegas protocol are just the basics. There’s a great deal more all of us can accomplish with this protocol. We can create longer set-up statements as well as create more specific reminder statements. We can add positive affirmations while tapping on specific meridian points. We can examine childhood experiences and issues. The human mind-body is very complex. 

The biggest sticking point for most beginners is not being specific enough, not finding the true honest aspect of an issue. This is where I can assist you through the more intricate details of the emotional freedom techniques Las Vegas protocol. Feel free to call me if you get stuck, but most important, memorize these steps and perform the protocol listed above as described.

If you would like to keep current and stay up to date in regards to further information about EFT Tapping in Las Vegas, please feel free to subscribe to our blog here, EFT Tapping In Las Vegas. Please visit our Facebook Fan Page as well, here, EFT Tapping Solutions


Kristopher Kelley – Personal Performance Coach

(928) 273-8666


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