Massage Therapy Schools

Massage Therapy Schools and some tips on how to select one that suits your passion and future career!

Before we get started, if you are looking for a massage school in Las Vegas, click here now, Northwest Health Careers. This is the school I attended and now run my massage business out of!

Look for the options that best suit your needs and goals ...

Massage Therapy School Options...

Massage Therapy Schools provide many different options.

Do you want to go to school full time or part time?

How about daytime or evening courses?

What does 'School A' or 'School B' specialize in? Does the schools specialty align with your career objectives?

Decisions, decisions!

If you are looking to become a massage therapist, or a re-locating massage therapist looking for a local massage school to visit or take massage CEUs, Please read my advice on selecting a massage school first, (my advice is listed below).

Then come back here and perform a search at the top right side of this page in the Search Box ... type in the exact words you are searching for or type in massage therapy schools then click on the Search button. These tips will save you time and money!

Or... see Massage Schools Recommendations for a listing of massage schools recommended by our fellow massage therapists. If you are a massage therapist please share your massage school location and information here, as well.

In sorting out massage therapy schools, keep in mind that:

What you are looking for...

and what the massage school is offering...

may be completely different!

You must keep your future career goals and passions firmly in mind when selecting a massage school.

The schools goal is to have you attend THEIR school. Review ALL the information you can find on every school to ensure that you are not wasting your time AND money!

If you are looking for a massage therapy school to begin your education, here is my advice:

    Massage Therapy Schools: Research, Research ...

  • What's the history and background of each massage school you are interested in? Does each massage school you look at offer both Western Medicine and Eastern Philosophy?
  • Who owns these massage therapy schools? Who is running the school? What's their background?
  • What qualifications do teachers at the school have? How much experience performing massage therapy AND teaching massage therapy do these teachers have?
  • What is this particular massage schools graduation rate? What ratio of graduates pass the national exam or state exam? Which massage schools offer national certification review courses?
  • What is the teacher to student ratio? What is the maximum number of students each massage school allow per class? Will you receive one-on-one instruction if needed?
  • What is your target market like? Are there already a bunch of therapists in your area or are massage therapists in demand? Is there a specialty they are missing? Are you prepared to run your own business, or work at a local spa? Do you even want to work with people in an intimate setting?

    Compare what your prospective massage school is providing with your wants and needs. Keep an eye on your demographics as well. Go talk to some therapists around town. How busy are they? Are they making a decent living? Do you need to find another school that specializes in what your target market is looking for? (Perhaps either Eastern Techniques or Western Medicine?)

  • Massage Therapy Schools - Locations And Cost

  • Where is the location of your prospective massage school? Do you have travel time in your schedule? Do you even have time to attend school? Can you afford both the time and money it takes to travel to and from school?
  • In theory, 'travel time' may sound unimportant. In reality, this travel time is very important. Keep in mind that you will be going to school several times a week, for many months.

    How much money will you be spending on gasoline alone just traveling to and from a specific massage school?

    Also, your mental state may be affected by long drive times. In the beginning of school, you are excited to attend! But what about months six and seven, when you are not as excited? That little voice creeping into your mind telling you that you don't want to drive to school, it's too far. Or, "I don't finish class until 10:00 p.m., I have to get up early tomorrow and go to work. I'll just skip class tonight."

    Attending the right school for you is very important. If the right massage school for you is thirty minutes away, then you'll have to make the drive.

    Just keep in mind that drive time and expense should be a factor in selecting the correct massage therapy school.

  • What's the cost of the school? Does it fit into your budget?
  • You, just like everyone else, buy with emotion and justify with logic. Are you starting a new career, or is massage therapy a side-job? Could it be that your future massage career is just an expensive hobby?
  • Massage Therapy School is a big investment; ensure you take responsibility for your choice! Can you afford to make a ten thousand dollar (or more) mistake two months into school if you decide to quit?
  • Take some time away from your decision and take a step back to look at this big decision objectively. Is it really the right decision? Is this school the right one? Do your homework and compare massage schools.
  • Business Courses Ensure Your Marketing Success!

  • Look at the business aspect and courses your desired massage school has to offer. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Almost all massage school teach you how to massage, not how to become a massage therapist.
  • Does this massage school show you how to market your business? Here's a little tip: You are a marketer first, massage specialist second. You can have the best technique in the world but if no-one knows about it, you'll become disgruntled quickly.

Of course the material I present here on this website will assist you, but you should be able to receive a great business foundation at your chosen massage school, first!

Massage therapy is a HUGE up and coming business. There are a ton of oppurtunities for you. But, keep this in mind, the majority of massage therapists are still NOT making a comfortable living with massage.

Have you made the decision and are ready to take on the commitment required to be one of the few, the proud, the six figure massage therapists?

Hang around this website and I'll show you how ;)

Again, if you are a provider and want to list your massage school, or just want to check out our highly esteemed fellow massage therapist's favorite massage schools, please see our M. T. Schools Recommendations.

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