Find A Massage Therapist

Find a massage therapist is what prospective clients search for on the Internet. Are YOU getting found when these people search for 'find massage therapist?'

If you are a Las Vegas massage therapist or a therapist in another city, you need to use listings or directories on the Internet. 'Find massage therapist in your city' is what people type in to the search engines. This is how prospective clients find your massage website!

For more in-depth information in regards to HOW to create an attractive massage website, please click on this link, Massage Website Design To Attract Clients.

You see, when prospective clients perform a search for your massage business, they type in what are called keywords. These would include but not limited to, find massage therapist, Las Vegas massage, massage in Las Vegas, massage in ______(enter the name of the city you live in.)

Thus, find massage therapist directories that list your massage business is critical to your success in marketing your massage business on-line. It's also critical, as mentioned above, that you figure out the keywords around 'massage in your city' to add to your find massage therapist profile.

Doing this also creates what is know as 'in-bound links' to your massage website. The more links to your massage website that are listed on other directories or other websites also assist you with the search engines. The more in-bound links you have coming to your page the higher you are ranked with the search engines. (This means you get listed on the first page of a Google, Yahoo! or Bing search.)

Thus, when someone is in need of a massage, the thought that crosses their mind is, 'find a massage therapist.' In the good ole' days people used to pick up the phone book. Not so much anymore! Now, with all the smart phones out there, laptops, etc., etc., prospectice clients now just do a quick search on their electronic devices. An example would be, "Las Vegas massage."

It's fine to list your massage business name, such as mine, At Your Door Massage, yet you need to also find other keywords people search for, such as Las Vegas massage, San Francisco massage, words like that. You need to use ALL of these words in your 'find massage therapist' profile!

Please understand that these keywords are critical for your massage website, first! As mentioned above, click on that massage website link to figure out how to create an attractive website so you can get found! If you are not found, it's just time and money wasted!

Here is my own Las Vegas massage website: Las Vegas Massage. Review my massage website and look at all the keywords I use such as, Las Vegas massage, massage in Las Vegas, massage Las Vegas, Kris Kelley. As previously mentioned, this is critical to your success!

Here are a few pointers in regards to what you need to keep in mind while creating your 'find a massage therapist' profile.

Are people seeking a massage looking for:

  • A professional massage therapist in the town or city or zip code they live in or are visiting?
  • Massage stress relief while they are on a business trip in a different city in which they live in?
  • A specific massage technique that they can't find anywhere else?
  • Solutions to all their aches and pains?
  • Looking for the most relaxing and blissful 60 minutes of their week, guaranteed?
  • Local Weekend Warriors who want an experienced local massage therapist?
  • Local athletes (martial arts, runners, tennis players, hikers, etc., etc.) that are looking for a pre or post event sports massage.
  • Local business owners or employee's who either stand on their feet all day or sit in front of a computer all day.

If these bullet points above describe the prospective clients you are looking for, then you need to get found on the Internet. Always keep your mindset as that of the prospective massage client. What do people think? "Find a massage therapist" or find massage therapist!

Here are the basics you need to do right now so when people want to 'find massage therapist' you will get found!

  • Create a Facebook account and a Facebook fan page.
  • Create a Twitter account.
  • Google Maps and Places are very popular. Create this account.
  • Yahoo! Local Listings. Create this account.
  • Bing Business Directory. Same as above. ;)
  • Create an attractive Massage Website! This is the most critical! Remember, all of these 'other sites' will be driving everyone to either calling you or viewing your massage services on your massage website!

Are you a Professional Massage Therapist looking to be found?

If so, then you must make yourself available when prospective clients search 'find a massage therapist' or find massage therapist. It's that simple!

Here's the most important tip that needs to be worked in to everything mentioned above:

Your profile and all headlines NEED to have these words in them: massage and the city you perform massage in.

Once again as mentioned above, 'Las Vegas massage' and 'massage in Las Vegas' are listed in all my on-line marketing. I almost always liste my zip code as well. An example would be: massage 89128. I've attracted many clients by just listing this alone!

Do you now see how important it is in regards to your profile and directory listing when a client searches for 'find a massage therapist?'

If so, cheers, and thanks for your time!

I am currently not performing massage therapy anymore. I've moved to Prescott, Arizona, performing duties as a life coach. If these services interest you, please feel free to visit my new website, here: Exploring Awareness.

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