EFT Tapping In Las Vegas

EFT Tapping in Las Vegas for emotional trauma and chronic pain relief using a combination of acupressure and psychology to improve your quality of life.

EFT Tapping in Las Vegas welcomes you to our page and provides you with a healing resource that you may not know about, providing chronic pain relief as well as emotional stress relief .

Call Kris Kelley right now at (928) 273-8666 for Tapping sessions, or you can visit me on my new page here, Crack Between The Worlds for professional life coaching!

Emotional Freedom Techniques Las Vegas style is utilized world-wide by doctors, athletes, psychologists, psychiatrists, business performance coaches and pain management specialists such as me. Why? Because it gets to the cause, not just a band-aid for the symptom , which is what most schools of practice only work on.

The success of Emotional Freedom Techniques in Las Vegas comes in part from its unique synthesis of East and West - Of acupressure tapping and bodywork with science and mainstream western medicine psychology. Thousands of people have found the path described here to be helpful in dealing with their own version of chronic physical pain or emotional trauma, medical or otherwise. Many have personally communicated with me to say that this practice "saved my life" or "gave me back to myself."

What are Emotional Freedom Techniques Las Vegas style or EFT? It’s a very quick and simple method of eliminating or reducing the stress and intensity of emotions in regards to traumatic thoughts or memories which affect everything from our mental state or attitude, chronic pain in our bodies, physical performance…you name it. If you are currently suffering with chronic pain or have negative emotions that are causing you stress, then EFT Tapping in Las Vegas is for you. To learn more, keep reading below.


EFT Tapping In Las Vegas

Emotional Freedom Techniques Las Vegas states that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system. We have a distressing memory, this leads to a disruption in the body’s energy system, and then we have a negative emotion. This leads to chronic emotional trauma, chronic pain, disease, etc. Why work with the symptom or result when you can eliminate the cause with EFT Tapping in Las Vegas? With this treatment protocol we no longer treat the symptoms; instead we treat what triggers those symptoms. This approach substantially reduces and eliminates pain, negative emotions and stress in a large majority of clients

The actual protocol is very quick, simple, and easy to learn and use. It consists of recalling a specific memory or pain in your body you wish to eliminate, along with a positive affirmation, and then using the tips of your fingers to tap on the same energy meridians used in acupuncture located on the head and chest. This is why Emotional Freedom Techniques in Las Vegas are often referred to as 'acupuncture without needles.' This clears the emotional energy block from your body’s energy system, thus restoring balance. To learn the actual steps please visit this page entitled Emotional Freedom Techniques Las Vegas

EFT Tapping in Las Vegas consists of just a few more simple steps, yet these are the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the technique. Most people see significant results with just this 'basic recipe.' Also, and please keep this in mind, our tapping protocol only takes a minute to complete one round. Wouldn't you love to see significant results in regards to diminished pain or trauma within just a couple of minutes? With that said, if you get stuck please call me at the number listed below so we can review all the steps quickly and easily at our office and then eliminate any emotional issues or physical ailments you have.


EFT Tapping Las Vegas

Please understand that our Emotional Freedom Techniques Las Vegas style are science and evidence based, with experiments conducted in numerous laboratories.  What science has learned is that when we encounter a stressful event, our mind saves that memory so that if and when a similar event occurs again our central nervous system ‘brings back’ the memory so we can react and protect ourselves. This is a self-protection mechanism all humans have within their brain. Here's the issue though...

Now-a-days we often don't need this fight, flight or freeze response that our nervous system activates as often as it does when we are stressed. Thousands of years ago it was critical for us if we were being chased by a tiger. In today's modern world we are stressed out about all kinds of things, yet I doubt many of us are in an actual life threatening situation. The problem with our daily world encounters is that our brain and nervous system doesn't know the difference between a tiger chasing you and your boss yelling at you. The brain just releases stress hormones that cause havoc within your body when constantly activated. 

Emotional Freedom Techniques Las Vegas style assists in eliminating and releasing those emotional traumas from events that are not life-threatening and allows the body to remain calm and heal itself. Here is another way to calm both the mind and body, stress relief meditation. Learning to meditate isn't that difficult and the benefits are tremendous, so please give it a try here, Stress Relief Meditation for pain relief and stress relief

Many clients and patients go from doctor to doctor, therapist to therapist, specialist to specialist, without improvement, often feeling abandoned. A majority of clients with chronic pain and emotional trauma do not respond to conventional therapies (antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, steroid injections, massage, chiropractic, physical therapy, psychological counseling), leaving a huge void. We offer a therapeutic option with Emotional Freedom Techniques in Las Vegas that can bring relief to many.


Emotional Freedom Techniques Las Vegas

Emotional Freedom Techniques Las Vegas style have delivered a whole new way of releasing emotional traumatic memories. Even within the first few minutes after you learn it and try it, you are likely to find the intensity of your traumatic recollections rapidly dropping as well as chronic pain. There are many scientific studies of tapping for depression, anxiety, chronic pain relief and other psychological and physiological issues. They show that people who use EFT Tapping in Las Vegas recover very quickly, often in just a few sessions. 

If you are suffering with chronic pain or negative emotions you may feel that actual health and wellness is merely a good idea or a nice philosophy.  Take it from me, health and wellness without pain and emotional trauma is possible and I actually expect it! Tapping our way to great health is something we need to embody moment by moment for ourselves, if it is to have any value for us at all. And that requires practice in tapping on the part of all of us.

Our webpage here is an invitation to the reader to embark upon a journey of self-development, self-discovery, learning, and healing. Please feel free to give Kris a call at (702) 203-5670 and we can resolve all of your physical or emotional issues, together.

 Emotional Freedom Techniques in Las Vegas are based on over thirty years of clinical experience. The people who embark on this journey at our wellness center do so in an effort to regain control of their health and to attain peace of mind.

They come referred by their doctors as well as other healthcare professionals for a wide range of medical problems ranging from headaches, high blood pressure, and back pain to anxiety, depression and cancer. They are young and old and in-between. What you will learn at our wellness center is the how to take care of yourself once you learn EFT Tapping in Las Vegas, not as a replacement for professional medical treatment but as a vitally important complement to it.

This website describes a pioneering method that empowers clients with chronic pain based in emotional issues to understand and help reduce their pain and symptoms. This website on EFT Tapping in Las Vegas is for people affected by chronic emotional and physical pain and for family members who care about them; it is also for medical providers who work with these clients and patients.

Please join us on our blog which is updated weekly in regards to Tapping in Las Vegas by visiting here, Tapping In Las Vegas, and feel free to join us and 'like' our page as well on our Facebook Fan Page here, EFT Tapping Solutions

PS - I am now living in Prescott, Arizona as a life coach, teaching clients about both tapping and other life skills. You can view and visit my new website here, Exploring Awareness , if you are interested in my services. We can Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. 

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Emotional Freedom Techniques In Las Vegas

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