Massage Continuing Education
For Massage Therapist Training

I am NOT conducting any massage continuing education seminars. I have left the massage therapy industry, and I am not performing massage therapy in Las Vegas anymore. This page is now being used for marketing and advertising purposes only. I am now a life coach down in Arizona. If these services interest you, please free to visit my new blog here,Exploring Awareness. Thanks for your time!

Massage Continuing Education is an important part of your Professional Massage Therapy Career ...

...providing all important massage CEUs for certification.

Las Vegas Massage Continuing Education Seminars

If you are a Las Vegas Massage Therapist training or a massage therapist looking to get your massage CEUs here in Las Vegas, please click on this link entitled, Northwest Health Careers Provides Las Vegas Massage CEUs.

This is a listing, past and present, of Las Vegas massage CE seminars. Visit this website often as we update it as seminars become available!

Share Your Recommendations and Opinions on Massage CEUs

If you are a provider of Massage CEUs, please share your information by clicking here, Massage CEUs and Recommendations.

If you are a massage therapist who highly recommends massage CEUs, click here as well, Massage CEUs and recommendations to share your thoughts and opinions. It's always good to edify our esteemed massage colleagues! To view current listings and recommendations scroll to the bottom of the page after clicking on the link previously mentioned.

Here Are My Tips For Maximizing Your Massage CE Experience

I'd like to share with you some tips I've learned over the past seven years so that you won't make the same mistakes I did.

Listed below are tips and guidelines I've used to maximize my massage CEUs and massage therapist training:

  • First, ensure that the massage continuing education course you'd like to take is recognized by your governing body. If you are nationally certified, ensure that the course you want to take is recognized by the NCBTMB. (That is if you wish to receive credit for the course. If not, have at it, just ensure you know that you are not receiving credit!)

    If you are regulated under your State guidelines, ensure the class you wish to take is recognized by the State you live in. I always send the continuing education provider an E-mail asking them, and ensuring me, their course is recognized by the State of Nevada. Not all states or massage CEUs are created equal ;)

  • Plan ahead! Realize the moment you are licensed and certified that you will need to take these continuing education classes for massage therapist training, and plan appropriately! If you've been certified for years, take a moment and schedule out your year with these massage CEUs included.

    When you are pressed for time, you'll have to take what you can get, and often times this will result in a poor choice; something you just HAD to take because you needed your credits ASAP. It's seldom a waste of time and money, but if you had other plans, too bad!

  • Start building your niche or specialty by focusing on what you really LOVE to do! Take courses specific to your interest, then, work hard on all associated information and massage therapist training courses as well.

    This ties into the previous bullet point of planning. Most massage continuing education providers have their schedules advertised months and even years in advance. Choose your specialty that you love, then, start planning on when the next courses on this subject are being held.

    Working on what you love to do is great. Please keep in mind that everyone has opportunities and weaknesses, and you need to work on those as well! Take some courses on what you really need to improve on to make you a better person, not just a massage therapist.

    You must realize that being a 'well rounded person' is much more important that being proficient in a dozen or so massage techniques.

    Do you have marketing and advertising skills to attract new clients? Do you have communication skills to keep existing clients returning? If you own your own business, do you have organizational skills and accounting skills? This is what I'm getting at.

  • Where is your next course going to be? Ensure you schedule in travel time! What is your next massage therapist training course, and is it more of a 'hands on' course that you need to be there physically, or one you can take over the Internet? You can even earn massage continuing education credits on a cruise ship nowadays and in foreign countries! This also ties into your planning schedule, as well as your budgeting schedule which I'll cover next. Once again, if you are traveling, ensure the massage CEUs are authorized by the State you perform massage in.

  • What is your budget? Do you have enough money to take the courses you want?

    Some smaller credit courses are not very expensive, but if you are planning on taking, say, an entire Medical Massage course of 100 credits or more, you'd best start budgeting for it! (As well as scheduling the 'time away' from your practice.)

  • In regards to planning and budgeting comes timing. What time of year are you slow in your business and when are you busy? When do you have the most money to afford being able to take your massage continuing education courses? Many times none of these coincide very well. Plan ahead!

    Most of the time when we are busy we earn the most money. But guess what? This is also when we have the least available time! What about other concerns such as your family? The days are long gone when most of us can drop everything we are doing and run off on a cruise ship to take our massage continuing education classes for a week at a time!

These are just a few ideas to explore before you dive into your continuing education classes. If you plan and schedule wisely you will get the maximum benefit out of these excellent massage therapist training experiences!

Feel free to search here for your next exciting adventure!

Find out what courses other massage therapists recommend as well as share your own experiences by clicking here, Massage CEUs and recommendations!

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