Arthritis Pain Relief In Las Vegas

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If your arthritis pain has become so unbearable that it keeps you from enjoying life with your loved ones, please watch my video and continue reading further, below.

Arthritis Pain Relief In Las Vegas
What Is Arthritis?

To provide arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas we must first define what arthritis is; you may want to consult with your physician to see if you have arthritis prior to reading all the information we provide below.

The term arthritis is derived from the Greek: "arthron" meaning "joint" and "itis" meaning inflammation.

Most types of arthritis involve joint inflammation. Inflammation is the body's natural response to injury or infection. For an example of inflammation, take a simple scratch; your body automatically releases chemicals that cause fluids to accumulate and white blood cells to gather around the area of the scratch. As your body fights foreign substances and bacteria, inflammation, redness, heat, swelling and pain occur at the sight of the injury in an attempt at arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas and proper bodily healing.

In arthritis, unfortunately, this natural defense mechanism goes awry. Elements from the blood designed to fight infection and repair injury attack the body instead. And, unless this inflammatory process is stopped, it will continue to attack the body and cause joint destruction, preventing proper arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas once again.

Arthritis Pain Relief In Las Vegas

So you can begin to see how arthritis pain relief treatments just relieve the pain associated with the problem – but do not completely halt the inflammation – resulting in inadequate treatment for this disease. Getting proper arthritis pain relief treatment in Las Vegas early on is important ... because proper care can help sufferers lead more active and comfortable lives.

Please note that Summerlin Massage Therapist Kris Kelley is not a doctor. I can't diagnose arthritis. I can't tell you that anything your doctor says is wrong. What I can do is give you information to help you understand what is going on with the pain in your body.

Pain usually comes from muscle tension & fixated joints. Muscle pain can be caused by postural distortion, overuse or injury. Las Vegas massage for arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas can be very helpful. Here is another option you may want to explore, EFT Tapping In Las Vegas. This method eliminates or significantly reduces negative emotional trauma associated with many forms of physical pain. It's non-invasive as well as a quick an easy option to use for your arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas. Here is the actual EFT Tapping protocol listed here, Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Chronic pain is also in the brain, traveling in a loop between your mind and body. You may want to try some stress relief meditation as well, and you can learn about that here on our page entitled, Stress Relief Meditation. Now, let's continue on...

Arthritis is a rheumatoid inflammatory condition resulting in joint damage.

One out of every three Americans suffers with a form of arthritis or another type of persistent disorder of the joints. Arthritis is the leading cause of disability among people sixty-five years of age and older. There are more than one hundred conditions classified as arthritis, but the three most common are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia. This is why arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas is so important to my clients as well as to myself.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, more than sixteen million people in the United States are living with osteoarthritis. More than three times the number of women as men develop this form of the disease.

Arthritis Pain Relief Las Vegas

Arthritis Pain Relief Las Vegas
Let's Examine A Couple Forms Of Arthritis...

Rheumatoid arthritis is the most disabling form of arthritis. Most often making it's appearance somewhere between twenty-five and fifty, the condition can onset in childhood or as a young adult. This is the biggest issue we deal with here at Las Vegas massage providing arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas.

The fingers, arms, legs, and wrists are the joints customarily affiliated with rheumatoid arthritis. The biggest difference between rheumatoid arthritis and other forms of the disease is the ability of the condition to develop outside of the joints. Rheumatoid arthritis sufferers may experience problems with their heart, lungs, and eyes.

Rheumatoid arthritis affects roughly 1 per cent of the population and is the prototypical autoimmune form of arthritis. Because it may do most of its damage in the first year, early diagnosis and aggressive therapy is critical. Left untreated RA may shorten life expectancy by as much as 18 years! This is also why proper arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas is so important.

Osteoarthritis is marked by deterioration of the joints-most often the hips, knees, and spine. This form of the chronic rheumatoid condition sports bone to bone contact. Accompanied by warmth and frequent pain, osteoarthritis results in deformity when one side of a joint gives way in collapse.

Osteoarthritis is the one people think of as being associated with aging. Osteoarthritis affects weight-bearing areas such as the spine, hips, knees, base of the thumbs, and feet. Genetics and mechanical factors also play a big role. Research is being done on medications that will slow down the progression of this disease, yet, Las Vegas massage and EFT Tapping in Las Vegas have provided effective for arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas.

Arthritis Pain Relief Las Vegas
What Is Pain?

Arthritis pain relief Las Vegas says that pain is the body's warning system, alerting you that something is wrong. The International Association for the Study of Pain defines it as an unpleasant experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage to a person's body.

Specialized nervous system cells (neurons) that transmit pain signals are found throughout the skin and other body tissues. These cells respond to things such as injury or tissue damage. For example, when a harmful agent such as a sharp knife comes in contact with your skin, chemical signals travel from neurons in the skin through nerves in the spinal cord to your brain, where they are interpreted as pain. Arthritis pain works much the same way and is why arthritis pain relief Las Vegas is necessary.

Most forms of arthritis are associated with pain that can be divided into two general categories: acute and chronic. Acute arthritis pain is temporary. It can last a few seconds or longer but wanes as healing occurs. Some examples of things that cause acute pain include burns, cuts, and fractures. Chronic arthritis pain, such as that seen in people with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, ranges from mild to severe and can last weeks, months, and years to a lifetime. If you are ready to enjoy a pain free life, give Kris Kelley a call right now for arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas.

What Causes Arthritis Pain? Why Is It So Variable?

Massage For Arthritis Pain Relief

Arthritis pain may come from different sources. These may include inflammation of the synovial membrane (tissue that lines the joints), the tendons, or the ligaments; muscle strain; and fatigue. A combination of these factors contribute to the intensity of the arthritis pain and why arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas more difficult to assist with.

The arthritis pain varies greatly from person to person, for reasons that doctors do not yet understand completely. Factors that contribute to arthritis pain include swelling within the joint, the amount of heat or redness present, or damage that has occurred within the joint. Another factor that many overlook for chronic arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas is our mental attitude. If you are constantly worrying about your pain, this can cause more activity in the pain cycle.

In addition, activities affect arthritis pain differently so that some patients note pain in their joints after first getting out of bed in the morning, whereas others develop arthritis pain after prolonged use of the joint. Each individual has a different threshold and tolerance for pain, often affected by both physical and emotional factors. These can include depression, anxiety, and even hypersensitivity at the affected sites due to inflammation and tissue injury. This is very important and if you would like to follow along with us in regards to new research for arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas, visit our blog here, EFT Tapping In Las Vegas.

This increased sensitivity appears to affect the amount of pain perceived by the individual. Social support networks and Las Vegas massage for arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas can make an important contribution to obtaining less pain and peace of mind.

How many Las Vegans are suffering with arthritis pain and are in need of proven arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas?

Chronic arthritis pain is a major health problem in the United States and is one of the most weakening effects of arthritis.

More than 40 million Americans are affected by some form of arthritis pain, and many have chronic arthritis pain that limits daily activity.

Osteoarthritis is by far the most common form of arthritis, affecting over 20 million Americans, while rheumatoid arthritis, which affects about 2.1 million Americans, is the most disabling form of the disease.

Arthritis Pain Relief In Las Vegas

Summerlin Massage

The connection between arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas and massage therapy may not seem apparent at first, but massage for arthritis pain relief can be extremely helpful. Greek philosopher Hippocrates was the first person who suggested "rubbing" is used as a remedy for loosening a "hard joint" over two thousand years ago!

Las Vegas massage therapist Kris Kelley uses massage for arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas to relieve pain by increasing blood circulation to the affected area. Since there is a relatively poor network of vasculature in cartilage, an increase in local circulation brings fresh, oxygenated blood to an injured area and ushers out waste. To read more in regards to heat therapy and ice therapy, please visit our page here, entitled Chronic Back Pain Relief in Las Vegas Chronic Back Pain Relief In Las Vegas.

In addition to reducing inflammation and pain, improving local circulation increases joint mobility. It is no surprise that a Las Vegas massage is an ideal match for a person suffering with osteoarthritis!

Las Vegas massage can play a big role in alleviating the symptoms of both stress and arthritis, providing a proven method for arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas. Kneading, rubbing and stroking the muscles, ligaments and tendons create relaxation that restores balance to the delicate body.

The human body is tough and adaptable, yet can be thrown out of balance with stress. Stress, the immune system, arthritis and depression are linked through the production of a key hormone called corticotrophin-releasing hormone.

This hormone regulates the immune hormone Cortisol. It sounds complicated, but it's important to understand how the body works in order to understand how to deal with imbalances. Learning how massage helps arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas can be an productive step towards a more active life.

Arthritis is partly the result of hormone overproduction in response to stress. (Read my information concerning Stress Relief In Las Vegas here and how to eliminate it.)

The immune system does not work properly, the body bodily attacks itself in the joints and the defense response is inadequate. The result is the inflammatory disease of rheumatoid arthritis. Interestingly, people who get rheumatoid arthritis experience higher incidences of depression. It's probably because of the close relationship of too much stress and its effect on the immune system. Now you are depressed and in pain. It's time for some arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas.

Rheumatoid arthritis can cripple and cause extreme pain. Osteoarthritis, while not as debilitation as rheumatoid arthritis is also painful – the result of excessive wear and tear. Arthritis affects not just the bones but also the cartilage.

As the arthritis progresses, muscles tighten to compensate for the joint damage and protect the bones. One problem leads to another and that's where arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas and Las Vegas massage become partners. Understanding how massage helps relieve arthritis can give you pain-free days with greater flexibility than you have experienced in a long while.

A Las Vegas massage experience kneads and soothes the area around a joint to relieve the tension in the muscle. By doing so, the joint pain is reduced as swelling goes down. A massage stimulates the immune system which is an integral part of skin as much as of internal organs for arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas.

With Las Vegas massage I'll be moving the muscles and surrounding areas of the joints, thus circulation of blood and lymph is improved. This increases toxin removal from the body. Toxins affect joint operation and exposure is constant through food and air chemicals that are ingested. Using knowledge of arthritis and massage therapy, joint mobility can be greatly improved. This is a key step to successful elimination of pain for arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas.

A therapist such as me familiar with arthritis and the benefits of massage understands the physiology of the joint. A massage is directed at the joint, but overall relaxation can help reduce arthritis symptoms also.

The benefits of massage are many, as Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley explains in these two pages, Las Vegas Therapeutic Massage , and Medical Massage In Las Vegas.

Medical Massage Las Vegas

At your request, I can include essential oils to enhance the benefits of a Las Vegas massage for arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas. Essential oils warm the skin and relieve muscle soreness.

Massage therapist Kris Kelley stretches the muscles restoring flexibility. A massage encourages the body to release endorphins which are natural mood enhancers and pain killers, which are great for healing and arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas.

Arthritis Pain Relief In Las Vegas Using Massage
Stimulating Health And Wellness

Arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas using massage - The delicate balance in the body can sometimes get out of kilter and result in serious consequences. One of those consequences is arthritis. Arthritis can be painful and result in immobility if left untreated.

A Las Vegas massage is a non-medicinal therapy that can relieve painful arthritis symptoms and provide arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas. Arthritis and massage therapy appear to be unrelated terms, but arthritic suffering can be greatly reduced by gentle kneading and stretching of the muscles and tissue surrounding the joint. Give me a call to find out more about how a Las Vegas massage can help relieve arthritis symptoms.

A gentle massage has many benefits for those with arthritis. Massage therapy can provide pain relief, soothe stiff sore muscles, and reduce inflammation and swelling. Massage and gentle stretching help maintain range of motion for your joints for effective arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas.

Massage helps your muscles relax and you will feel more relaxed yourself. Massage therapy takes away your stress and fear of the pain and helps you become mentally stronger. You may also feel that it helps your pain area.

Massaging out that pain is a no brainer. Your muscles will become looser and your nerves will stop being so frantic, this is what causes your pain. You must realize that massage does not permanent solve your pain problems. Arthritis is not something that you can reverse. You can only help deal with the pain by relieving it with proper care and arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas massage therapist Kris Kelley uses several common types of massage therapies in my massage protocol for arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas:

Trigger Point Therapy In Las Vegas: Trigger point therapy in Las Vegas is a massage for arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas treatment that combines the use of concentrated finger pressure on points of the body throughout the body where trigger points or muscle knots are located.

Reflexology: Reflexology is another one of the massage for arthritis pain relief treatments. Reflexology consists of rubbing points located around the ears, hands, and feet. These points are chosen based on the belief that they are related to various other parts of the body.

Swedish Massage: Swedish massage is a full-body massage treatment. Swedish massage involves applying friction to the top layer of joint muscle with the purpose of generating additional joint movement for arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas.

Deep Tissue Massage: Deep tissue massage therapy combines slow hand strokes with strong pressure. The process is designed to relief pressure. Some of the benefits associated with massage for arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas include improved joint movement, tense muscle relaxation, and increased blood flow stimulation to the skin.

Las Vegas massage is an effective way to manage arthritis pain. Massage as a treatment for arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas is sometimes controversial. However, those who are believers in this therapy are individuals who have experienced the relief from pain.

Massage therapy is a proven way to improve muscle and joint movement. Athletes use massage as a way to relax tense muscles and stimulate circulation. Massage therapy for arthritis is not only enjoyable; it has proven to be therapeutic.

Massage for arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas breaks the cycle of pain that often goes along with arthritis. Las Vegas massage is being used successfully in some medical facilities (such as Northwest Wellness Center where my office is) as a healing therapy for people who suffer from arthritis.

Now as the medical community becomes enlightened to the benefits of massage, insurance sometimes covers massage for arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas treatment when prescribed by a doctor. Now millions of Americans have access to massage as a treatment alternative for painful arthritis symptoms.

The use of massage in the treatment of arthritis continues to grow as the efficacy of the treatments is validated. The use of massage in the treatment of arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas is being acknowledged by the medical establishment as a less invasive method of therapy for chronic conditions. Massage has few side effects and does not add toxins to the body as traditional medications that are prescribed to treat arthritis.

If you are considering a Las Vegas massage session for your arthritis problem you should also gather info on alternative treatments for the condition.

Of course, massage therapy and arthritis seem to be connected through the idea that a good Las Vegas massage will enable better blood flow and reduce inflammation, while also allowing muscles to stay more flexible. While this is true for most cases, arthritis is not a condition that will fade away with medical massage or ANY massage for that matter.

However, combining Las Vegas Medical Massage for arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas treatments is a good idea. While the medical massage will allow for more muscle flexibility, the prescription treatment will reduce inflammation and put you in control of the situation.

Another likely association is between massage therapy and arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas, since the body muscles will be more relaxed after a massage and the inflammation will be reduced.

So many people with arthritis feel they can no longer enjoy the hobbies and activities they once did. While it's true you may not be able to work and play at the same level you did at one time, it's likely you can still do much more than you think. Do not, I repeat, do not feel you have to hide in a hole. Nothing could be further from the truth. Why not give Kris Kelley a call right now and see if his protocol for arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas is right for you and your condition?

When we feel a sense of mastery over our lives, we feel better. Anything you can do to improve the quality of your life is going to help you feel that sense of mastery. There are numerous things one can do to ease the symptoms of arthritis. There are also many organizations around that are helping people cope better, as well as a relaxing, pain-relieving Las Vegas massage for arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas!

What can you do? Begin by learning more about your condition. There are ways to manage pain and stress, and there are ways to ease your symptoms. Get involved in a regular exercise program, and learn more about how diet can help.

To me, while there are similarities among people who have a condition like arthritis, we don't all respond to the same treatment or seek similar arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas. It's so important to listen to yourself and do what feels right to you. The important thing is to feel better and to do those things that will improve the quality of your life.

Because there rarely is a cure-all for any condition, try to look at how you can help yourself feel better on every level: physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

Feed your body nutritionally good food and soak in a soothing bath; ease your mind of worries and negative thoughts; enjoy nature to soothe your spirit; and be kind to yourself. All these will assist a great deal in regards to pain management and your arthritis pain relief in Las Vegas.

Note and Understand that I am not performing massage in Las Vegas anymore, and I have yet to convert this page over to my new location in Prescott, Arizona. What I am going to do is post a link here to my new business, as well as a couple links to my sweetie's business as well. Join me as a Life Coach, or as I'm now referred to, a Personal Performance Coach at the Crack Between The Worlds, Crack Between The Worlds.

Arthritis Pain Relief In Las Vegas

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