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... Discover The Benefits Of Las Vegas Therapeutic Massage Therapy

At Your Door Massage Las Vegas massage therapist, Kris Kelley will help you discover the health and wellness benefits of massage therapy.

"The Healing Touch" ...

Promoting healing through applications of a wide variety of techniques, Las Vegas therapeutic massage aids the body in healing itself. These techniques involve careful manipulation of the muscular structure and soft tissue areas of the human body.

This "bodywork, or somatic therapy", uses moveable pressure, fixed pressure and holding by the massage therapist professional using the hands, arms and upper arm techniques, providing a positive health and wellness affect for the client.

Las Vegas therapeutic Massage and medical massage are becoming widely used pain relief and stress reducing therapies for a huge part of the population, releasing a positive health and wellness effect into our society.

These techniques vary and provide a range of benefits for the client. To assist our clients even further, I also teach and facilitate stress relief meditation courses. If this interests you, please visit our page listed here and entitled, Stress Relief Meditation. You can perform meditation in the relaxation of your own home and it won't cost you a dime.

Reduce The Need For Sleeping Aids And Pain Meds

Have you ever used sleeping aids, pain relievers or prescription drugs for your aches and pains?

Massage plays an integral part in soothing aching and sore muscles. These aches and pains build up over time and many times leave us restless, robbing many of a good night's sleep!

Massage benefits our mental state the same way. If we feel better, our mental state of mind will perform better and healthier.

Let's face it ... Stress makes our bodies sick!

If muscles are allowed to tense up over a period of time (this can happen within a week!), they come to a "breaking point", where a small amount of strain will cause a huge amount of pain!

Whether you choose At Your Door Massage for an at home massage, or want to visit Las Vegas Massage at our new facility, a weekly, or twice a month massage therapy routine will deter muscles from becoming so tense, to the "breaking point", and severely "knotted up".

A Las Vegas therapeutic massage at home may increase your relaxation level, depending on your surroundings. Sometimes stress resides within the home and it's nice to get away. The choice is totally yours! If you are looking for techniques to really 'get in there,' please visit this page in regards to Medical Massage in Las Vegas. Visit here, Medical Massage Las Vegas.

As I'm not performing massage in Las Vegas of any kind, as I've moved to Prescott, Arizona, I'm now using these pages for incoming links to my NEW pages!

I have moved away from 'physical' treatments like massage and personal training in favor of a more 'mental' approach. What does this mean? The benefits of meditation and many other forms of therapy that are more 'mind' driven, not the physical body! You can visit my new page here, Crack Between The Worlds. I hope to see you soon at my new location at the Crack Between The Worlds.

Learn More About Las Vegas Therapeutic Massage
Mental And Physical Health Benefits

"I have received massage from other massage therapists however Kris’s ability is like no other. His advanced training in medical massage assists him well as he always knows right where to work on me, regardless if I’m receiving a relaxing massage or for specific pain management ... "

Peggy Michels
Operations Manager
Short Line Express Markets
Las Vegas, NV ...
(more ...)

"Regardless if you have chosen me to relieve your Stress, Arthritis, muscle aches and pains, or just want the most relaxing sixty minutes of your week, here with Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley you won’t feel like a number.

You will find a caring, professional massage therapist, ready to help!"

Kris Kelley, LMT

Ready To Melt Away The Mental And Physical Stress?

Call At Your Door Massage/Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley Now To Schedule Your Appointment ... 702.203.5670.

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