At Your Door Massage Explains How A Las Vegas
Day Spa Actually Stresses You Out!

At Your Door Massage explains how a visit to the local Las Vegas day spa stresses you out and why it's more convenient to use my services! You may even need some stress relief meditation, and if you do, please visit our page here entitled, Stress Relief Meditation.

The Top 10 Reasons You NEED to avoid the Las Vegas Day Spa scene and have the most relaxing 60 minutes of your week right in the comfort of your own home!

As I'm not performing massage therapy in Las Vegas anymore, having moved down to Prescott, Arizona, I am now using many of these pages for incoming links to our NEW pages. I have also moved away from personal training and medical massage therapy, into a more psychological approach, such as meditation, dreamwork, dream therapy and life coaching. Please feel free to join me on my new page, the Crack Between The Worlds here, the Crack Between The Worlds.

Sure, you can find massage anywhere in Las Vegas. There's a Las Vegas day spa on (almost) every street corner. Yet...

Most Las Vegas day spas have an assembly-line approach that leaves you feeling like 'the clock was ticking.' Most of the popular day spas have a never-ending revolving door of massage therapists working for them. As soon as you find a Las Vegas massage therapist you like, they're gone.

Combine that with the added stress of commuting to and from your appointment, wasting precious time you may not have, gas consumption, fighting through bad weather, traffic, etc., etc. As you sit in your car stuck in traffic with the air conditioner on wasting gas, you wonder if getting a massage anywhere is really worth it.

Suddenly a trip to a Las Vegas day spa might not be as relaxing as it first seemed. Did you know that those interferences can often prevent or, even worse, reverse the benefits of a wonderful Las Vegas massage?

Here is the typical Las Vegas day spa experience...

...and why you NEED to contact At Your Door Massage immediately for the best massage anywhere!

  • Assuming it's at least a 15 minute commute each way, that's an extra half hour wasted out of your day.

  • How's the weather? Rainy? Cold? Hot? Miserable?

  • Traffic! Now you have to fight your way through traffic again today. That's only going to make you even more tense, especially AFTER your massage.

  • Once you get there, you will probably have to wait at least a little bit. Let's say ten minutes. More time wasted. Wait! It gets worse...

  • "Only 50 minutes?!" Many people don't realize that most Las Vegas day spa appointments are only 50 minutes long plus change time, not the full hour that most people assume. At Your Door Massage provides you with a full 60 minutes of actual massage time for the best massage anywhere in Las Vegas!

  • The massage in Las Vegas was good, but now you have to be alert enough to drive home. "I don't want to wake up," you're probably thinking to yourself. "I should have picked up the phone and called At Your Door Massage!"

  • Suddenly, you're jolted by the extreme heat, cold or rain as you step outside. (Oh, and don't forget the nice dusty wind we always have!)

  • Now you have to drive home. How's the traffic? Heavy? Crazy drivers on the road? Do you feel your stress creeping back? Are you now wondering if your Las Vegas day spa experience was worth it?

  • Let's not forget the road work, construction zones and expensive gas consumption. They tear up a street here in Las Vegas every other week and the last time I checked, gas prices were still around $3.50 per gallon.

  • Did you have the same therapist as your last visit? Did they guarantee their services as the best massage anywhere in town? Did they make you feel like a million bucks? Did they offer you a discount on your next visit, massage gift certificate or any other reason to visit them again? Possibly, but after reading through all these reasons above...

Now it feels like you never even got a massage in the first place!

Did you know that those interferences can often prevent or, even worse, reverse the benefits of a wonderful massage?

In today's hectic world, people more than ever want and need a relaxing, stress-reducing massage in Las Vegas but don't have the extra time or energy to get in their car and drive yet again to another Las Vegas day spa.

Between the frustrating daily commute, long work hours and family priorities, it's getting more and more difficult to take time for yourself and squeeze everything into a single day.

Finally, there is a solution just for you!

Let Those Worries Go and

Let the Las Vegas Massage Come to You!


My name is Kris Kelley, and I'm a Certified, Licensed Las Vegas Massage Therapist in Summerlin. I promise you the best massage anywhere in Las Vegas!

If what I mentioned above rings true, pick up the telephone immediately and call me right now to get all the information on my At Your Door Massage services.

I can explain to you all benefits and promotions I'm currently running, without having to spend more money and time traveling to an over-priced Spa.

Call me now at: 702.203.5670 and ask for Kris Kelley.

If you would like to see more about how you can experience the most relaxing 60 minutes of your week guaranteed with At Your Door Massage, please keep reading!

First, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read this FREE Special Report.

Over the years, I've noticed more and more massage clients who loved the bodywork they received but were having a difficult time scheduling and keeping their appointments due to time restrictions, commuting headaches and other factors that stress people out. Receiving a massage anywhere isn't as appealing as it once was.

I recognize how valuable your limited time is. Because you were smart enough to take action and read this article, you are one of a select few in the Las Vegas area to first learn about my new series of one-of-a-kind stress reduction At Your Door Massage packages before this offer is extended to others.

“Give Me 60 Minutes and I Guarantee You’ll Feel Better Than You Did All Week or Your Las Vegas Massage Session is FREE!”

That's right! I feel so strongly that after your massage in Las Vegas with At Your Door Massage if you don't feel better than you did all week, your session is FREE! How exciting is that?? Yes, I make the claim of the best massage anywhere in the City of Las Vegas, or you won't have to pay a nickel.

All of my incredible At Your Door Massage packages are backed by my 100% Stress Relief Money-Back Guarantee. If ever you're not more relaxed than you've been all week, your session is absolutely FREE! That's how strongly I believe in how great you're going to feel. This guarantee is especially important since no other Las Vegas massage therapist offers one!


I am absolutely convinced that once you experience the many benefits of my new stress reducing At Your Door Massage packages, you'll love what a wonderful feeling it is to rid yourself of stress and muscle tension without leaving your house or even lifting a finger (except to dial my phone number!)

How would you like a FREE At Your Door Massage?

Refer me two (2) of your friends or family members (or anyone) that schedules a massage in Las Vegas with me within 30 days and YOUR Las Vegas massage is FREE!

After your relaxing massage I'll also provide you with massage gift certificates for you and a friend at a 30% discount! As you will be so satisfied with your Las Vegas massage and want to schedule another Las Vegas massage immediately, why not save some money while you're at it?

You'll also receive my FREE reports on lower back pain, upper back pain and the cause of your stiff neck, other healthy hints and much more!

As an additional bonus, you'll become a member of my 'Massage Stress Relief NOW group' that entitles you to receive my monthly 'Healthy Hints' newsletter, absolutely FREE, filled with fun, alternative health tips without any cost or obligation - even if you never book another appointment!

So again you ask, "Why is Kris doing all of this for me?"

Because, word of mouth advertising like this is the most efficient and effective way to grow and expand my business! This is how I can claim the best massage anywhere, by build professional relationships with you, your friends and family!

Trust is the emotion of my Las Vegas massage therapy business. I have to earn it. It comes from consistently doing what's best for my clients. Trust leads to loyalty, which leads to an increase of satisfied clients, which leads to more income so I can keep providing these great Las Vegas Massage Deals!

Yet, don't take my word for it as the best massage anywhere. Read just a few of my satisfied client testimonials below. This is just a peek at what my clients are saying about At Your Door Massage:

  • Don Bannai - Martial Arts Instructor. 702.277.3889 - "Kris helped me with chronic back pain causes, and getting rid of a severe sciatica flare-up recently that left me in excruciating pain and unable to walk for a number of days. He came straight to my home and knew where the problem was immediately and helped me recover at a much faster pace with his chronic back pain treatment plan. He has been giving me massage sessions at my home since 2003 and my back has never felt better."

  • Peggy Michels, Operations Manager, Short Line Express Markets. 702.396.6703 - "After years of Kris working on my back, he seems to instinctively know where I ache and what areas to work on. The responsibilities of being an Area Manager and driving all day, the last thing I wanted to do was get in the car and go for a massage in Las Vegas! Kris came to my house and performed a professional massage. I have a very stressful job, so I always look forward to my massage sessions to help get rid of my neck and shoulder stress without having to leave my house again."

  • Angela Sacco, Sacco Bambino, LLC. Owner. 702.979.3687 - "I had a car accident and injured my shoulder several years ago. There was a great deal of scar build-up on it, restricting my range of motion. I have a very physical job, and need to use my arms a great deal. After just ONE session with Kris, and one hour of deep tissue massage on just my shoulder, improvement was on the way. After three sessions my range of motion was restored, with the scar tissue broken up. Kris just seems to know RIGHT where to work on you!"

So NOW are you ready to pick up the telephone and call me for the best massage anywhere? Are you ready for the best massage Las Vegas has to offer?? Let's talk about what aches and pains YOU have and allow me to create the right massage package solution just for YOU!

Call: 702.203.5670 and ask for Kris Kelley!

How might you benefit from Therapeutic Massage?

Did you know that...

  • Therapeutic massage is a natural, healthier response to stress or pain than aspirin or other pills and drugs. Massage is also advocated by most traditional as well as alternative doctors.

  • It is an effective means of improving circulation, replacing fatigue with renewed energy, plus relieving stress and tension.

  • Relieves pain from exercise and sports-related activities. People who participate in all kinds of physical activities often say that regular massage improves their performance thanks to improved flexibility, range of motion and pain-free movement.

Are you looking for Orthopedic and Medical massage for your stiff neck, lower back pain or trying to improve golf swing technique? Please click on this link that explains what Orthopedic and Medical massage really is by a certified practitioner Medical Massage Las Vegas.



The benefits are numerous! Among them are...

  • No traveling required! At Your Door Massage is the only massage service in the area specializing in offering a selection of at-home stress relief massage packages for busy people with a no-risk money back guarantee. Enjoy the pleasure of staying in your own comfortable surroundings and holding on to the benefits of your massage in Las Vegas longer without any outside interruptions.

  • Saving you costly gas money by leaving the car at home. At the time of this writing the price of gasoline is again over $3.00 per gallon! Summer is always hot and that A/C you're running on ‘HIGH’ really sucks up the gas!

  • No miserable or dangerous weather you'll have to risk driving through. Remember those flash floods that closed roads last summer? I won't even mention our crazy drivers...

  • Keeping your blood pressure low by completely eliminating the stress of traffic jams, construction and aggravation.

  • 100% 'Stress Relief Money Back Guarantee' if you're not completely satisfied with my claim of best massage anywhere.

  • Look at how much time you'll save! Going to and from a Spa you'll waste at least an hour of your time while driving, waiting in the lobby for your therapist (not to mention they may be running late,) getting un-dressed and dressed, paying for your services, etc., etc.

  • Receivee FREE massages with my referral program! Again, refer me two (2) people and receive a FREE massage! Oh, and don't forget the massage gift certificates I'll provide you with for a 20% discount to friends and family upon re-scheduling with me.

  • Tons of FREE information for your self care. I have FREE reports on just about everything!

  • Do other Las Vegas massage therapists provide testimonials as I have above, with contact information? If you call another therapist here in Las Vegas how do you know you are not getting some sleezy sex parlor?? Do other therapists provide you with EXACT details on what to expect during your first Las Vegas massage session? NO WAY! Only At Your Door Massage provides you with all of this!

There is not another Las Vegas massage therapist in town that can match all the benefits I've just described!

Does your spouse or significant other want a massage as well? Let's do it! I'm already set up and ready to go! How about inviting a friend over to enjoy the benefits of At Your Door Massage also?

Great idea! As a favor to you for saving me time and money driving back and forth in the hectic traffic, I'll knock off another $20.00 per massage!

60 Minutes Not Long Enough for You? No Problem!

During your At Your Door massage session you'll have the opportunity to upgrade to an hour and a half for only $30.00 more! Remember, you're under no obligation for anything, and I'll already schedule you for a longer massage session.

However, you must act quickly because...

Availability is shrinking as you read this!

Due to the fact that I am the sole proprietor of my Las Vegas massage practice, I'm only able to accept a limited amount of clients. There are only so many hours in a day! I'll have no choice but to eventually cap off my time slots.

Current clients are already experiencing the many benefits of these stress reduction At Your Door Massage packages. If you don't act quickly and call me now, you will have to book your massage session weeks in advance.

Let's summarize everything you'll get:

1. A full 60 minute Las Vegas massage in the comfort and convenience of your own home. No wasted time and money spent traveling.

2. Massage gift certificates for 20% off for you and a friend for your next appointment as my way of saying 'Thank You' for choosing At Your Door Massage.

3. You receive a FREE massage if you refer me two (2) other people. This continues indefinitely as long as you refer me other family and friends!

4. My monthly 'Healthy Hints' newsletter and FREE reports packed with quick, easy and fun health tips absolutely free even if you never book another session!

5. The best massage Las Vegas has to offer '100% Stress Free Relief Guarantee.' I'm so convinced you'll be so thrilled with your massage, you get my risk-free money-back guarantee with no hassles or hidden fine print. The best massage anywhere!

Are you finally ready for your At Your Door Massage?

Don't Let Your Work Environment Turn Your Shoulders Into Rocks!

Call me right now at: 702.203.5670 and ask for Kris Kelley.

Wishing you good health,

Kris Kelley, Las Vegas Massage in Summerlin Practitioner

At Your Door Massage

(702) 203.5670

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