At Your Door Massage Modalities Descriptions

At Your Door Massage provides many massage modalities. For an "At Home Massage", or in a tranquil atmosphere at our new Summerlin location!

Take a look at our Las Vegas Massage Descriptions and Pricing for more in-depth information about each technique and the rates I charge. Then, let me help you discover the best one for your massage. Whether you come in to The Las Vegas Massage facility, or want At Your Door Massage in the privacy of your own home, I will tailor a custom an "at home massage" just for you!

I'm NOT currently performing massage in Las Vegas anymore but I am working as a life coach, AKA personal performance coach, in Prescott Arizona. Please feel free to visit my new page here, the Crack Between The Worlds Crack Between The Worlds. Thanks so much for your time!

I charge a flat rate for whatever massage you choose, and you may integrate as many different 'modalities' as you'd like to. You can also attend one of our stress relief meditation courses if you would like. You can learn more in regards to stress relief meditation here, Stress Relief Meditation.

An example? You have upper back stiffness and would like Deep Tissue performed there, but your hamstrings are still a bit sore from yesterday’s workout, so you would like Swedish massage on them.

As you know, you are paying me for RESULTS, not DESCRIPTIONS. There are many types of massage modalities, each with important benefits.

Once we perform a couple of quick evaluations, I can help you determine which massage you will benefit from the most! You may also want to read up on medial massage Las Vegas style which I also perform. You can do that here, Medical Massage Las Vegas.

We can combine several different 'types' of massage to achieve the results you are looking for, and with that being said, this is what most likely occurs with my clients.

I am a professional member of the AMTA, American Massage Therapy Association and you'll find my listing at my AMTA Massage Therapists Members website.

"I would highly recommend Kris for any one suffering with chronic back and muscle pain of any kind, or just a relaxing massage!" "

Peggy Michels
Operations Manager
Short Line Express Markets
Las Vegas, NV ...
(more ...)

"I provide all my clients the finest massage experience possible, combined with enthusiasm, knowledge and compassion. I do this in a safe environment, always working to achieve superior outcomes for each client in a professional, caring, and cooperative manner."

Kris Kelley, LMT

Are YOU ready for the most relaxing 60 minutes of your Life?

Are YOU ready to live a pain free life from now on?

If a professional massage at home sounds appealing to you, or for a massage in our tranquil atmosphere at our new location, we are here for YOU! Pick up the phone and call me right now!

Call Kris Kelley right now at: 702.203.5670

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