How To Become A Successful Massage Therapist

How To Become A Successful Massage Therapist using core morals, values and beliefs ...

... as well as massage business marketing techniques!

"Are You A Successful Massage Therapist?"

I'm frequently asked if I'm successful as a massage therapist.

This usually comes about as many who remember me from the retail business think I must have lost my mind. I get questions like:

"You made 80k a year, company car and gas, 4 weeks vacation, SEP account where your company contributed thousands each year, etc., etc., why would you possibly want to give that up to become a massage therapist? Especially in THIS economy??"

My reply usually sends people into shock. I now make more than 80k annually and work less than half as many hours.

Keep in mind that this post is not to brag, but to explain to you some core ideas that will lead you to an increased income, become successful in whatever it is you choose to do and basically become a better person.

I'm not going to get all heavy into details of marketing and such. It's really simple and will take you only minutes to read.

Here's how I did it...

  • I learned very early in life that the ONLY way to make money was to "sell" something ... either a product or a service ... something people wanted or needed - or - do something for them they couldn't, or wouldn't, do for themselves.
  • I learned to "make do" with what I had, until I could get what I needed to do a better job.
  • I learned that I had to do anything necessary (but legal) to get to where I wanted to be, even if I didn't like doing it (especially if I didn't like doing it). -- You can do ANYTHING you need to do ... until you can do what you want to do.
  • "Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible." ~Saint Francis of Assisi~

  • I learned to never ask anyone to do anything for me that I wasn't willing to do myself - and - everyone who has ever worked with me has taught me about what they have done for me and how they did it. After a while, I could do it, too - but - maybe not as well as they did.
  • "Anyone can be a genius, if they pick just one specific subject and study it diligently just 15 minutes each day." ~Albert Einstein~

  • I learned to "pay" for what I wanted. If I couldn't afford it, I saved-up to be able to afford it. (Sometimes if seemed like forever.)
  • I learned that no matter how long it took to achieve my goal (whatever it was), it would have been just as long if I hadn't persisted, but I would have accomplished nothing.
  • I learned that NOTHING is as easy or as fast as it should be. It only gets easier and faster when you know how to really do it - and - learning how to really do it is just a matter of doing it over, and over, and over, until you finally find out how it works. Of course, if you give up after the first (second, third, or fourth) try, you'll never do it.
  • "The secret to success is the constancy of purpose." ~Benjamin Disraeli~

  • I learned most of what I know from my mistakes and failures. My successes never taught me anything ... they were only based upon what I had learned from my mistakes and failures. (That's why those who are afraid to make mistakes, or fail, never achieve the success they desire.)
  • "Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose." ~Bill Gates~

  • I learned that my most prized possessions were my clients. People who, directly or indirectly, paid for my lunch every day. (That's why, unlike my contemporaries, I reply to my clients personally and have built professional relationships.)
  • I learned that "money" is NOT an end unto itself ... it is only a way of keeping score. (The saddest people in the world are those who are forever chasing the almighty dollar - and - the vast majority of them have no real respect for money.)
  • "If your ONLY goal is to become rich, you will never achieve it." ~John D. Rockefeller~

  • I learned to ASK for what I wanted or needed - and - to graciously accept a "NO" as readily as a "YES."

YES ... you can get rich - but - you'll have to do it yourself.

No one will do it for you!

I get tickled by people who want to start at the top of the ladder. -- For some unknown reason, they honestly believe they are better than I am, since I had to start on the bottom rung and climb up one rung at a time.

When I mention the above, I often hear ... "Yeah. I could do that - but - it will take too much time. I need money now - and - I don't want to just make a little money, I want to get rich."

Sorry, you'll have to start where I started. -- Do what you need to do to make a little money. Then, do more and more of it to make more and more money. As you make more and more money, the greater the opportunities you will have to make even more money. -- Nothing succeeds like success ... even small success.

The more things you don't want to do, the fewer and fewer things you will do ... until you are doing as most people do ... NOTHING but dreaming!

I can teach you "how" to do it but, you won't get it, until you actually start doing it yourself.

If you would like the inside scoop on what I'm working on, please subscribe to my Ezine. Oh yes, I'm currently working on a HUGE project that will apply to EVERY massage therapist in growing their business! How exciting is that??

I am currently not performing massage in Las Vegas. I have now moved down to Prescott, Arizona and am performing services as a personal performance coach and life coach. If these services interest you, please feel free to contact me, or please feel free to visit my new website here, Exploring Awareness.

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