A Review - "Massage Marketing Using Facebook"

by David J Otto, LMT NCTMB
(Las Vegas, NV)

David J Otto, LMT NCTMB

David J Otto, LMT NCTMB

Kris has written an engaging, up-beat, and realistic model for massage therapists on how to use Facebook to engage in building, developing, and perpetuating client relationships. After reading the entire e-book in about an hour (without considering distractions, like checking my Facebook Inbox!), I was much more aware of my behavior as it currently is on Facebook.

I do practically everything that Kris suggests in his e-book already, but it's taken me some time to 'get' what Kris thoroughly and entertainingly conveys.

If I were just starting on Facebook, building my business/professional profile, reading this e-book would take more time (than an hour) and remembering the important points in my real maintenance of my Facebook account. But over time, as I suspect as with most things, and as Kris says: "Practice" would get me where I want to be.

Some of the ideas are common sense and some are just plain 'new' and energizing to how a massage therapist can look at their business and how a social networking site can augment their practice. But, in virtually every bullet point, I AGREE with Kris on the point that RELATIONSHIP is the key to getting a client on a massage table. Kris asks really good questions - and then follows them up with what could seem like common sense answers or a new way of looking at the answer to the reader.

TRUST is the most important quality a client has for their massage therapist, and Kris' tips and direction put in words what we all know about building trust related to our massage businesses on the web - relevancy, timeliness, and genuine content, to name a few.

This is a good read for the Experienced and the Just-Starting-Outs. Not boring, not repetitive, and I don't think you'll find such a targeted and thorough explanation of the basics of Facebook for massage therapists as easily as you do in this e-book.

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