Bonding With Clients

Bonding with clients - Three quick massage marketing tips so you can create an iron gate around them!

After performing massage in Las Vegas the past seven years, here are a couple of very important tips to keep clients coming back.

  • Profile Your Clients – You should profile and thank one or two of your clients every month either in your newsletter and/or put a picture of the two of you together in your waiting area. I can't stress enough how much people crave and appreciate being recognized.
  • Make yourself personable! – Put your picture inside your sales letters, newsletter, your website, and business cards – anything that will match a face with a name. Also, don't worry about being so 'professional.' Write the way you speak. Talk about your personal life (yet don't talk about your family's dirty laundry, but open up a little bit.)
  • Give the clients what they want! – Don't try to convince them to get a massage technique that they’re not interested in. I see many therapists make this mistake. Let your audience speak to you. If the majority are coming to you for general stress relief, then design massage packages that do just that. If they are coming to you mainly because of injuries, focus more on medical massage techniques.

Massage in Las Vegas is very diverse, as I'm sure it is where you practice. Cater to what your massage clients want, recognize them and write like you speak. It's as simple as that!

In conclusion and as I update this page, I'd like to make one final comment in regards to the advice above: In regards to 'giving clients what they want,' we also need to understand that this assumes they already know what they want. Many times they don't! Also...

Just because a clients wants a specific massage this time doesn't mean that they are not open to, let's say, a hot stone massage for their next visit. Just be open and honest with your clients, and always listen to what they may be interested in for their next visit!

P.S. - I'm not performing massage therapy anymore. I'm now a life coach and personal performance coach in Prescott, Arizona. If this interests you, please feel free to visit my new blog here, Exploring Awareness. Thanks for your time and hope you have a great day!

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