Customer Service
Following Up With Your Massage Clients!

Customer Service in massage therapy requires excellent follow-up skills.

Build a massage business with the customer in mind!

"Customer Service Is Still So Bad!"

I'm simply amazed that we here in the United States are still in a recession (or an actual depression in Las Vegas) and customer service is STILL so bad. I won't cover the broad topic of client service here, but only touch on it in regards to following up with clients, patients, friends, family, etc., etc.

Let's say that one massage client slips through the cracks and you don't follow up with them. You charge $60.00 per massage. They don't re-schedule with you and were receiving monthly massages. On an annual gross income basis this is $720.00!

Keep in mind: This is only ONE client!

What's wrong with our society today?

I go to the dermatologist to schedule a small skin cancer removed. The person in charge of insurance billing is out sick for the day. Leave message. No follow-up. I have to call back several times in the next week to finally get an answer.

I attend a massage CE course and order materials. They are back-ordered. No big deal. A month later I trade E-mails with someone at their office. Well I trade ONE E-mail and am then forgotten about after several days. Now, once again, I have to pick up the telephone and call them. What happened to customer service?

Some massage marketing advice is sent to fellow massage therapists. (At their request.) Not even 'thank you' replies mentioning they received it. Let alone following up to see what else I can provide since it's just the beginning of the process which is clearly stated.

How does anyone expect to get any 'word of mouth' advertising with follow-up like this? Well, let me back up. How does anyone have any clients re-schedule with them with follow up with examples like these?

Please don't tell me this is you!

Now I can rant and rave with much WORSE examples and I'm sure you have your own. It's not really the point, anyhow.

What IS the point? What are YOU doing on a daily basis to follow up with EVERYONE you deal with? This isn't just about massage clients. It's about being respectful of others also.

If someone asks something of you, follow-up with them! My own personal limit is twenty four (24) hours. One complete day. I realize people are busy. I don't expect someone to drop what they are doing to address little ole' me. If you are busy at least touch base and tell them that you will get back to them in another day or so. Then, follow up!

But c'mon folks! What I'm trying to figure out is if this is a lack of training or common sense? Both?

I suppose since I'm a massage therapist I should relate this to our clients; as without them, we'd have nothing!

Of course, to provide superior customer service and follow-up we should get back to them as soon as we can. Yet, if we're in the middle of a massage session with several more lined up and ready to go, we have to prioritize.

This is where communication with our clients comes into play. Talk to your clients other than a hello or a goodbye or, "same time next week?"

ASK them what the best method is to contact them. A telephone call? A text message? An E-mail? A handwritten letter? This is the first step you must take with your client in-take form. Contact information!

We must realize that 'life happens' to each and every one of us. What I mean by this is that, at times, appointments get cancelled. This is beyond our control. What IS in our control is to follow up with them! Show compassion of course. Heaven knows what may have occurred that caused them to miss their appointment.

Point being, you must make the effort. Keep in mind that I'm not talking one message and that's it. Contact them several times!

Almost everyone I know has a J.O.B. You know what that stands for? Just Over Broke. Why? Because almost everyone I know has horrible follow up skills!

What's holding you back? Laziness? Poor communication skills? A fear of success?

Well, whatever it is, seek out a solution and 'get 'r done!'

Trust me; you will simply be amazed at how successful your massage practice (or any other business) will be if you just follow up with others. Please understand that I'm talking about open and honest communication, not coercion or manipulating people into what you want them to do. There's a big difference.

You want people to see you as reliable in all aspects of your life, not just your massage business. Your have to earn their trust. How can they trust you if you're a flake?

Trust is the emotion of your massage therapy business. You have to earn it. It comes from consistently doing what's best for your clients and this includes following up with them. Trust leads to loyalty, which leads to an increase of satisfied clients, which leads to more income in your pocket!

Let's do it starting right now!


P.S. - I'm currently NOT performing massage therapy anymore. I'm now a life coach and personal performance coach located in Prescott, Arizona. If this interests you, please feel free to visit my new blog, here: Exploring Awareness. Have a great end of the year, and let us put 2020 behind us!

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