Do Something!

Do something, anything! You can use social media and drive all the traffic you want...

Create all the massage videos you want...

Do all the blogging you want...

Spend all the money you want...

Attend all the massage continuing education events you want...

Thank all the massage marketing gurus for their amazing words...

But if you're not valuable it shows.

That massage website you're building, or online scheduling system you're using...

Or that follow-up email or phone call...

It won't yield enough until you become worth a lot more.

For goodness sake.

What I propose in this blog is for therapists who are ready to roll up their sleeves.

Who feel they just don't have any more time to burn.

Sorry, I hate to tell you this - but ...

There is NO "secret" to success. That's the problem.

Most massage therapists who say they want to succeed, go around their entire career looking for some "secret" that successful therapists are sure to know. They just know that if they ever learn that "secret" they will be successful, too. Ain't gonna happen because there ain't any secret.

All they need to do is start "doing" something. That's all it takes. Once they start "really" doing something ... other than searching for the "secret" to success ... whatever they are doing will expand and grow into the success for which they couldn't find the secret.

Over the past 20 years in business, I have heard it thousands upon thousands of times from "success secret seekers" ...

"I ain't gonna get into no nickel and dime massage business. I want to make a hundred per hour, not nickels and dimes."

So, they keep buying what they think are "massage marketing secrets". They never "do" anything, longer than it takes to find out they didn't learn any secrets, and they just learned how to "work" at something ... instead of making them content or attracting new clients. Then, they go on to the next "massage marketing secret," hoping against hope that the new secret will "give" them the riches they seek (without doing anything other than knowing the "secret").

The funny thing is, they all seem to think they are better than me ... and all the other successful therapists ... because they honestly think that I just woke up one morning, learned the secret, and made a fortune performing massage. When, in pure fact, I started attracting massage clients, door to door, target market to target market ... selling one massage to one client, one massage at a time, making a couple of bucks on each massage.

As I matured, my endeavors expanded and grew ... changed course ... adapted to the ever changing economy ... moved onward and upward. Each instance of my growth predicated upon providing what my potential clients needed or wanted. Making sure that I gave more value in return for the value I received - and - even today, I still sell one massage to one client, one 'sale' at a time.

The VAST MAJORITY of massage therapists who say they want to succeed, only want to succeed if they can make it all at once ... just one massage client won't do it. They want a huge number of clients, or thousands of clients, immediately. So, when a new opportunity in a target market only produces a few clients, they move on rather than making those few massage sessions over and over and over and over ... until those few clients have grown into hundreds and hundreds of massage clients by use of referrals, client appreciation programs, etc.

Most massage therapists are looking for someone to help them do it, rather than looking for the tools they need to do it themselves.

If you want to succeed, "do" something. Let what you are "doing" lead you onward and upward until you have the success you seek. There are NO "secrets" to it.

Many therapists know the facts. Many therapists have the talent. Many therapists have the need. Many therapists have what it takes. But ... very, very few massage therapists succeed because they are seeking the "secret" to success rather than doing something.

Thank you for your time.

P.S. - I am no longer performing massage therapy in Las Vegas. These pages are now being used for marketing purposes only. I am now a life coach in Prescott, Arizona, and if you would like to take a look at my new page, please feel free to visit it here, Exploring Awareness.

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