Hot Stone Massage Therapy - Tips and Tricks Used by Fellow Massage Therapists!

by Kris Kelley
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Hot Stone Massage Therapy sessions are not as easy as they look, especially for the mobile or outcall massage therapist.

On Facebook I asked fellow massage therapists to list some tips and tricks they use for their outcall hot stone massage therapy sessions.

Here are some comments I received:

I warm the stones up before I leave then I wrap in them in towels-and re-heat the first thing as i set up everything else, works well for me.

Keep mine hot in a collapsable cooler, then transfer after set up.

Keep the stone warm in a crock pot.

I use a small roaster with approx. 14 stones and get them started upon arriving. By the time the table is up, the stones at the right temperature and ready to go. It is so much easier then traveling with all of my 54 plus stones and the larger roaster. Keep it simple.

Try the rice bags they are less messy and work just as well. (Authors note: I'm assuming the rice bags are used to keep the stones hot, not to massage the client with)!

I no longer offer outcall massage, but when I used to offer outcall hot stone massage, I would have the client heat a big pan of water on the stove prior to my arrival, which would speed up the heating time process, and would heat the stones up in a roaster when I arrived. I took my pre-chilled cool stones in a cooler. With somewhere around 70 ... See Morestones, roaster, cooler, table, bolster, linens, hamper, and table warmer, etc. it got to be a bit cumbersome, so I told clients if they wanted the full experience to instead come to my office. The ideas Laurie, Cheryl, Pamela and Aimee shared above, along with not quite so many stones would likely simplify the process. I agree, keep it simple.

Try a small pancake griddle. You don't need the water! Light, less messy, heats quickly. Just cover with a towel, place the rocks & turn to about 200 degrees.

sounds like a great idea....I just take the "Littlest" crock pot they make and add an inch or so of water to heat quickly by steam...

I heat the stones up before the session, have all equipment in my car at all times for ease of use (tiny crockpots are available at Target) then I schedule out call hot stone massages for a minimum hour and fifteen because the first fifteen I let the stones and water reheat. I can only fit like four large stones in there- so each gets traded out ... See Morecontinuously to reheat. I have big hands- like you, so you'll find the same thing to be true. I give my clients the forewarning that less rocks will be used and it will be a bit different because it's outcall, but they don't mind. They want what they want.

Grab a griddle *****! Takes less than 5 min to heat & the little ones hold 20 or so rocks!

Ooh... cool. Do they heat up all the way through though?

Yes, you'll be so surprised. You can set them back down & they will be hot again in a couple minutes. Cover with a 2nd towel for fast heat up. You can even stack them on their side & they will still get hot!! Try'll like it!

re: using griddle; is the towel dry or do you moisten it?


End of discussion.

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