Las Vegas Massage - Firing Clients

by Kris Kelley
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley

Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley

Here's an example of what this post is about in regards to my Las Vegas massage business.

I have not participated in any 'Deal of the Day' promotions, yet I did decide to create my own 'Deal of the Week' right on my massage website. To view my Las Vegas Massage 'Deal of the Week' click on the link.

Once again, anytime 'we' offer discounts, we're going to get the mooches. Also mentioned in the original post, I'm not referring to people who are looking for deals or bargains. It's tough to describe...there are bargain hunters and there are just plain ole' mooches ;)

Las Vegas massage used to be quite expensive, yet since 2008 the market has really taken a hit with the economic downturn, then further driven into the ground with therapists, day spas and even the mega resorts discounting their prices. ;(

...but back to the original post. Over the years in the retail business and my Las Vegas massage business, I can tell almost 90% of the time who is going to return and who is not after the first massage.

I always follow-up with all clients after their first massage, yet those who return for a second massage (or more) is who I focus on.

Those who seldom or never return are put on my inactive client list...and although I will still contact them from time to time, all my time and energy is focused on Las Vegas massage clients who wish to 'participate' with me in a professional relationship.

Thus, firing clients does work! It reduces my stress, keeps me focused on repeat clients and provides me more time to focus on attracting new clients!

Kris Kelley - Las Vegas Massage Therapist

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