Massage Community Keeping You Poor?

I am NOT performing massage in Las Vegas anymore. I am now a life coach down in Prescott, Arizona. If these services interest you, please visit my new webpage here, Exploring Awareness. Thanks for your time!

Massage community keeping you poor? Read this article and massage marketing tip to see if YOUR massage community is keeping YOU poor right along with THEM!

In my seven years of experience as a massage therapist, every local practitioner I came across who believed that you can't generate a boat load of clients quickly was dead broke - every one of them!

Did they have full schedules? Nope.

Were they happy financially? You must be joking.

The ones giving out this 'advice' were always working for someone else - having to rely on others for their income and just accepting whatever pay and clientele was offered.

Have you noticed that in your massage community as well?

I've said it before and I'll say it again - This is the granddaddy of them all as a massage marketing tip:

Just because you are good at giving a massage does not automatically mean that you know the ups and downs
of marketing your massage business, or
how to generate clients!

If you have a sister who raised four kids they all grew up to be very stable and successful with little or no discipline problems, by all means take parenting advice from her.

However, if she's also only making $19,000 a year and living well beyond her means, then you wouldn't want to take financial advice from her, would you? Even though she's a great mother!

Here's the massage marketing tip for this post:

If you want to make $19,000 a year, then mastermind with people who make $19,000 a year.

Consider this VERY carefully: For most people, their yearly income is the average of their 5 closest (massage therapist) friends in their massage community.

Do YOUR 5 closest friends have what you want? If not, why would you EVER listen to their opinions on marketing your massage business?

I started noticing success in my own practice after I started modeling myself after people who already achieved success by implementing many ideas at once.

I stopped listening to certain business owners, friends and even family because their 'advice' about taking things slow – although well meaning – wasn't working.

I understand and agree with not getting in over your head financially and making dumb decisions, but that doesn't mean you have to go slow. You can go slow and still make the same mistakes!

Moving slow does NOT guarantee success. In fact, it actually hinders it.

What then, are you to do, in marketing your massage business?

The next installment or massage marketing tip...

How to make $87,500 in 5 months or less.

Sound exciting?

Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley

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