Massage Gift Certificates - Idea's from Facebook MT's

by Kris Kelley
(Las Vegas, Nevada)


Here are comments from Massage Therapists on Facebook in regards to Massage Gift Certificates:

I just buy from office depot for convenience.

I make mine myself and print or e-mail them to a client to print on 4 x 6 photo paper. They can then enclose them in a card for an occasion. Works great.

Keep a detailed log of who you sold them to....and who is going to recieve them....I got lax on this over the years, and when I went to close my business and relocate, I could not give adequate notice to all who had purchased them! For the most part I remembered (because by that time I was pretty much by referral only anyway)....

but even 2 years... See More later I would get the occassional cell phone call from someone who had purchased one YEARS ago, looking to finally make that appointment. (it is not legal in all states to have an expiration date, and I personally started to call them in 7 months before I moved)

I got to where I hated them because some people don't see massage therapists because they don't want I found gift certificate recipients would be the most likely to stand me up, cancel last minute, show up very late, etc, etc....and I always hated to "lay down the law" as to not offend a good client who purchased it for that person....(and my personal desire to allow that person to experience what a good massage really is....if only they take the chance to find out!)

I get mine from abmp website.

I make my own, as well as my own business cards, flyers, brochures, letterhead, etc. I have immediate control over any changes I want made and can make as many or as few as I want when I want.

Critical info..... name of business, location, phone, exp. date if any, length and type of service already paid for, who bought it/who's it from, who's it for.

I tried making my own to save money. I didn't particularly like the ones from AMTA. I bought nice paper and the whole nine yards and ended up hating them. You have to appreciate the irony of the money I lost trying to save a few cents! So I went back to buying them from Natural Touch Marketing. A lilttle more than I'd like to spend, but they are *... See Morevery* nice for gift giving. My practice isn't large enough (yet) that I have had a problem with no-shows. And I put an expiration date on mine. I better go check on my state laws on that. I've never turned anyone away because of an expiration date. I just don't want to get stuck having to honor them 5 years after I retire.

I usually just write out a premade certificate with info.. stated above on them. I would like to make my own as I try to keep my brochures and sign in sheets made too by myself. I'm always open to new cost effective ideas.

I make them, well Publisher makes them, I just put the info in it and hit print. It is really important for me to keep track of who purchased it, after three
months I void it and give it to the purchaser. Thanks Cherie Sohnen Moe for the awesome idea !!!

I use 4 x 6 photo paper made by post-it and then allow the recipient to keep it for a momento and/or remove back and stick to fridge for whatever for a reminder. I keep track in a book and I am one person so I do not need it back. I do mobile massage and do not have walk-ins. I don't pout dates on and occasionally I get an old call but it is not ... See Moreoften and not a problem. I like to personalize it and add my logo to the certificate or a christmas decoration, wedding, etc faded in the background. The printing in bold in front of it. I also put a small amount of words to the recipient as well if asked. I found small envelops at the store that are 3.5 x 5 and I just snip the 4x6 photo paper down with a paper cutter neatly to fit in. If I mail it the actual certificate is in it's own envelope which I then enclose in a larger envelope for mailing purposes. This way they open it and then have the envelope with certificate inside which looks nice. If I e-mail it they can do what they want and just put it directly in a card. I also have some small three dimensional stick on's that you can get at Michaels that I put on sometimes for baby shower, wedding as a little decor. Very cute. I try to be creative and at the same time very easy to do. I have it saved as a word document with the template that prints perfectly on 4x6 or 3.5 by 5 and just change the picture or words as needed they e-mail or print from there. I save it to my e-mail so If someone goes on line and pays by PayPal and I am away I just borrow a computer and open my yahoo email to saved certificates which open in word doc and make the changes and email it to the recipient. Always works like a charm.

I but them through a company and they all have a scan code on the back which I scan into the computer. I also have a book for backup. Never reused. If my price goes up and the certificate is years old, I will ask them to pay the difference. I had that happen last year and it was over 10 years old and they paid alot less and they were no t happy... See More. SO I said you can have a half hour. INFLATION hits us all. After they buy, I try to call the person and set up their appt. Otherwise people are too busy. I don't wan't to see 5 giftcard people on one day.

I also do calligraphy so my gift certificates are hand done, I also put them in a gift box with some tissue paper and 2 or 3 Lintz truffles, it seems to be a more "substantial" gift.

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Kris Kelley

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