Massage In Las Vegas Using The No-Mind Technique!

Massage In Las Vegas is taken to a higher level with my 'no-mind' massage!

The 'no-mind' technique for positive performance results!

The No-Mind Technique

I've been a Las Vegas massage therapist for the past seven years now. I'd like to share with you a new 'state of no-mind technique' I’ve entered while performing actual massage and the positive results I've received.

Six months ago I was presented the opportunity to practice massage in Las Vegas at a central location as opposed to performing 'outcall massage,' or visiting my client's homes.

I accepted this invitation, yet was a bit surprised when I found out that all my current clients had me trained so well to visit their home, they were not going to visit me at my new location!

"Ok," I thought. "Now I'll have to begin building my massage clientele straight from scratch once again." Not a big deal, I'll grow my new massage in Las Vegas business during the day, perform massage for my regular clients in the evenings to pay the bills.

I always over think everything, arrive to appointments very early to ensure my room is perfect, all my massage supplies are ready, etc., etc.

Along with being a consummate 'critical thinker,' I'm also a student of Zen. To be even more specific, the concept or practice in Zen of, 'no-mind.'

So, I've had this seperation going on; to think or not to think?

You see, over the past seven years when a client asked for this style of massage or that style of massage, such as deep tissue or hot stone therapy, I would always think about it. Not just think about it ahead of the massage, but during the massage. I was always 'thinking' of doing this technique or that technique. Sure, I listen to the client’s words, and I listen to their bodies. Yet, my massage, regardless of whatever it was that I was doing, was always 'canned.' I had a very formal routine for each.

    Well, to make a long story shorter, when I got my own massage room, I decided to change all of this. I wanted to try something. Just go with the flow. Perhaps my brain just gave out, but I was flat tired of 'thinking' so much, especially during the massage session. I kept asking myself, "how can I provide the best massage in Las Vegas without some new technique??"

    So, I thought to myself, "Why don't you just wing it? Why don't you just allow your unconscious, subconscious (or whatever) take over and just go with the flow?" An example of this is follows, and I'll digress just a bit to explain this point a bit further.

    I practice Aikido. Within Aikido we practice with the ken, or bokken, or wooden sword. Now of course to learn this art (at least for me) one must 'think' to acquire the technical knowledge and proficiency of the actual movements.

    At a certain point in training, if one wishes to move further, one must allow this all to leave; just let go. Let go of what, you ask? Let go of thinking about everything. As with the movie, The Last Samurai and Tom Cruise, he was told he had too many minds. No mind is the desired state.

    Ok, so, back to my actual massage technique. As I recalled how I practice with Sensei and the bokken, I decided to give this a try with my new massage in Las Vegas 'no-mind technique'. So, I gave it a try.

    With that said, I'm still prepared for every client. I listen to them very closely in regards to what they tell me and read their intake form so I know what's going on with them. This has not changed. Here is what HAS changed...

    I listen to what they tell me, get the gist of what it is they want, then tuck it away in my subconscious and don't actively 'think' about it anymore, just prior to the actual massage session. I also begin a massage in Las Vegas with clients by warming up the body as I usually would.

    Then, everything changes, or perhaps nothing changes except my perception. I just go with the flow on their body. I 'listen' and allow their body to tell me what they want and what they enjoy. I perform Swedish here and there, the same with deep tissue; if there's a 'knot' I work on that; I use my hands, knuckles, forearms, elbows, as deemed appropriate. The point is, I'm not set in any pre-determined routine.

The results?

Extremely satisfied clients and mental clarity for me! New clients and regular clients alike rave about my massage. Once client told me, "Kris, that was the most unusual, yet outstanding massage in Las Vegas I've ever received. What is it that you are doing?" I tell them that I'm now...not attempting to 'conform' to any specific training or ritual that I learned in the past. I just 'read' their body and go from there.

Now of course this doesn't always work. My thoughts creep in and at times I resort back to my old 'stiff' massage techniques. I was critically tested with this when a fellow therapist down the street came to me for a massage. She was insistent on talking the entire time, telling me what she wanted here, there and everywhere. I still kept to my 'no-mind-massage' and she was impressed as well.

I'm currently reading a book entitled, "Zen and Japanese Culture" by Daisetz T. Suzuki. I ran across the phrase below and would like to share it with you to perhaps explain (or confuse?) a bit further. I'm going to take DT Suzuki's words and substitute the word or words therapist or massage therapist for the author's original, 'swordsman.'

"When a therapist in at the beginning of his training he is ignorant of everything, he has no scruples, finds no obstacles, no inhibitions. But after a while he stars to learn, and becomes timid, cautious, and begins to feel something choking in his mind, which prevents him from going ahead as he used to before he had any learning.

Learning is needed, but the point is not to become its slave. You just be its master so that you can use it when you want it. You have to apply this psychology to massage therapy. The therapist must not harbor anything external and superfluous in his mind, his mind must be perfectly purged of all egocentric emotions. When this is carried out and the mind itself is "lost" so that even devils cannot trace its whereabouts, he can for the first time make full use of the technique he has acquired.

No, DT Suzuki goes even further than this, because he now forgets all that he has learned, because he is the learning itself and there is no separation of learner and learning. Indeed, this is the ultimate goal of discipline in all arts where learning gained is learning lost.

However well a therapist may be trained in the art, the massage therapist can never be the master of his technical knowledge unless all his psychic hindrances are removed and he can keep the mind in the state of emptiness, even purged of whatever technique he has obtained.

The entire body together with the four limbs will then be capable of displaying for the first time and to its full extent all the art acquired by the training of several years. They will move automatically, with no conscious efforts on the part of the therapist himself.

His activities will be a perfect model of massage therapy. All the training is there, but the mind is utterly unconscious of it. The mind, it may be said, does not know where it is.

When this is realized, with all the training thrown to the wind, with a mind perfectly unaware of its own workings, with the self vanishing nowhere anybody knows, the art of massage therapy attains its perfection, and one who has it is called a meijin ("genius.")"

Now I'm certainly not a genius by any means, yet I've at least allowed this to occur. The separation in my life between massage in Las Vegas, Aikido, my personal life, seems to be shrinking, for lack of a better way of putting it ;)

Now, at least for me, I've the opportunity to bring this all together.

With all this said, perhaps you have already achieved this. If so, congrats! This is new, wide-open territory for me, after seven years and thousands of hours performing massage in Las Vegas.

As exciting as this is for me, my clients are the real beneficiaries. I've been taken aback several times just this month by clients telling me they want to re-schedule the next week for a massage in Las Vegas without me asking.

Massage elevator 'sell' speech? Who needs it when you light them on fire with your 'no-mind massage?' ;)

Massage in Las Vegas by Kris Kelley

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