Massage Marketing Tips To Build Relationships And Attracts Clients!

Massage marketing tips to build quality, long-lasting professional relationships to grow your massage business and grow your income!

First of all, I'm being a bit sneaky here. You clicked on a link looking for information on how to build relationships for your massage therapy business...

...but I'm NOT going to be writing about how to build relationships.

Let's rename this...

...The Secret of Developing Relationships!

Here's the first in a long list of massage marketing tips for you...

Relationship building and developing a relationship are two different things!

Let me make the distinction. Relationship building is about creating that initial relationship. For example, when you go to a tradeshow and meet people, you are building relationships.

You are probably good... or even great at building relationships. Most therapists are.

But most therapists and most spas are not good at developing these relationships.

Let me ask you, how many prospective clients have you met over the years that you haven't connected with in a while. How many of your clients have you not spoken to in a while. If you're like most therapists, that list is really, Really, REALLY long...

...probably a few hundred or if you've been around for a while, maybe it's a few thousand.

Developing relationships is about going deeper into the relationship. It's about harnessing the full potential of each relationship. It's what you do after you meet a client for the first couple of massage sessions.

When you don't develop relationships, you'll have some serious problems...Problems that are not really obvious. Let's touch on just a few areas you'll be missing out on and a few more massage marketing tips:

Your relationships will fade away!

One of the biggest and most costly problems most massage therapists face today is attrition...

...with both clients and prospective clients.

What is attrition? Attrition is relationships fading away...clients who stop receiving massages from you. Loyalty is not what it used to be.

All therapists have attrition...People move...People can't afford you...etc...but without a plan to consciously develop your relationships to that next level of loyalty, respect and commitment, you'll have high attrition.

You will miss out on referral sales!

The second major problem of not developing relationships is that you'll miss out on referral sales that can come from recommendations. Anyone who is good at business knows that you can't beat the power of a referral!

Referral customers are always more profitable, easier to schedule and easier to work with. Why? Because they are inexpensive to market and advertise to, and they already trust you because they trust the person who referred you to them! (Getting more referrals is critical to the success of your business! This is probably one of the most important massage marketing tips I can give you once you get a few clients.)

You miss out on repeat sales!

If you 'touched' them right the first time, they probably know you and trust you...and it won't be a stretch to sell them more massage packages they want IF you develop the relationship beyond the typical 'therapist and client' level.

Imagine this...What if clients were fanatics for your massage?

What if they were absolutely in love with your massage business...not only because you delivered on your promises...but because you developed the relationship, consistently showed them that you cared and made it clear that they were very important to you?

Would that affect your attrition rate? Would that impact your repeat sales and the amount of referrals you got? Absolutely!

What if clients sincerely cared about you?

Now I'm getting a little more personal...what if clients sincerely cared about you...and consciously tried to help you?

You'd probably have more insider information...have access to prospective clients normally out of reach...and you'd probably be able to help clients and prospective helping make decisions that change their life!

Your life would be richer, in every sense of the word!

Use the 3 strategies and massage marketing tips in this article listed below consistently.

If you use these massage marketing tips consistently, you'll be able to develop your relationships and take them to the next level.

For you, this will mean great financial success and personal fulfillment.

So let's jump in to see how you can develop amazing relationships!

Before we get started, I'd like to make a quick comment...

When I say, "develop amazing relationships," I'm speaking of going above and beyond your massage. Keep in mind that people can get 'just a massage' on just about any street corner!

Ok, now let's dig in to the most important massage marketing tips...

Strategy 1 Of Massage Marketing Tips

Give something that will cause clients to recognize and remember you...create your own niche in their mind. Something that your clients will find valuable!

Promotional items such as magnets with your picture on it located on their refrigerator intend on doing this but almost always falls short. Let's look at some massage marketing tips that do work.

Send Handwritten 'Thank You' Cards.

Send handwritten thank you cards to show people that you appreciate them as a person and as a client.

Handwriting them is a time-tested method that sparks magic when it's sincere and genuine.

Send out handwritten thank you cards every day to your clients that received a massage from you. For me, developing this habit was difficult but I've trained myself to do this consistently by making it as easy as possible on myself. I'll talk more about this later.

Here's a little exercise to get you going in regards to my massage marketing tips:

Write down the names of the clients you massaged either today or yesterday. You need at least five. If you didn't perform five massages either today or yesterday, keep going back through your appointment book until you have five.

At this point, all you need to do is make your list. I'll pick up on what to do with it a bit later on.

Remember Birthdays!

Remember birthdays - because most people forget. My friend Don Bannai calls around 5 people every day to wish them happy birthday. He does this, because whether we admit it or not, birthdays are special to people.

And if you care enough to remember their birthday...

...and give them a call or send a quick note, you go from being 'that massage person,' to developing a relationship that counts!

Ask them when their birthday is and put it into your calendar. It really doesn't take long. Google calendar and the new Microsoft Outlook can even send you a reminder on your cell phone.

Here's a little exercise to get you going in regards to my massage marketing tips just mentioned:

Do you have your top clients birthdays? Call or email each one and ask them for their birthday. Add these dates into your calendar.

Remember: Contacting your clients for their birthday gives them a reminder that it's time for their massage.

Educate your clients!

Educate them. Educate them on their own current conditions and perhaps a bit about what it is you do. The world is constantly changing...and it's changing quickly. Give clients useful information...and if you give them an insight that they end up using, they will remember you...and you'll soon find yourself to be a trusted partner in their decision making.

Here's a little exercise to get you going in regards to my massage marketing tips previously mentioned:

What do you know that others would love to know?

Example: Give your clients 'self-help' tips on how to improve their specific health and wellness concerns.

Catagorize your clients so you can provide specific, accurate information.

  • These 10 clients receive massage because they just like to feel good overall.
  • These 15 clients have lower back pain.
  • These 12 clients have foot issues and prefer massage on their feet.

See how this works?

What do my clients want to know? Can I go learn it and then share that information?

What are your clients passionate about? Find this out and learn...everyone loves to talk about what they want to talk about. (This gives you an opportunity to improve your listening skills as well.)

Inspire and Motivate Your Clients!

We all have our good days and our bad days. And sometimes the bad days are particularly bad. Why do you think you often see those motivational posters in sales departments?

If you can find a way to inspire and motivate your clients, they will feel warm and fuzzy feelings for you. This tactic is one of the hardest ones to really pull-off, because you have to have good timing and something interesting. I'll give you my recommendation for this tactic towards the end.

Here's a little exercise to get you going in regards to my massage marketing tips just mentioned:

How can I inspire and motivate my clients?

Two idea's I use:

  • Most everyone enjoys the movies. If there's a new movie coming out I'll have tickets for them.
  • I'll usually suprise them with a gift after the massage similiar to my new client kits. (I already know what they enjoy.)

What can you do to inspire and motivate YOUR clients?

Lend Your Talents and Resources!

This is a technique I learned from Keith Ferrazzi in his book, Never Eat Alone.

The idea is to offer you talents and resources to people who need it...

...without asking for anything in return.

Be a friend and you'll find more friends.

Here's a little exercise to get you going in regards to my massage marketing tips mentioned above:

Which talents or resources of mine could I put to work for my clients?

Example: One of your clients donates her time at an elder care facility, or is a Veteran of the military. Perhaps donate your time to just listen, or, perform free massage at either venue. Why not bring them some fresh flowers while you are at it?

Strategy 2 Of Massage Marketing Tips

Make Clients Your Boss!

The second strategy is to make clients your boss and show them they are very important to you. So how exactly do you make them your boss?

Solicit Feedback!

You start by actively soliciting feedback and listening to them, not just hearing them. I ask for feedback soon as the massage begins...asking how the pressure is, how we're doing so far, etc. This makes the client feel involved with you in their own progress.

Here's a few idea's...

  • Do you currently ask for feedback while you review their client intake form?
  • Do you currently ask for feedback early on in the actual massage session?
  • What would you ask to figure out how you were doing?
  • At what intervals should you ask for feedback?

Soliciting feedback and listening to your clients concerns is very powerful and one of the most important massage marketing tips I can provide. Not only during the massage, which of course shows you care, but it's a powerful marketing tool once the massage is completed. Say what?!?!

Here's the beauty of soliciting feedback and listening as a powerful massage marketing and advertising tool.

Let's say Mary comes in for a massage. She tells you she has pain in her upper back and neck. You perform your massage, addressing her troubled areas, and after the massage you mention...

"You know, Mary, now that I have an idea of what's going on with your muscles, I've recently learned this fantastic new massage technique that relieves real stubborn neck and shoulder pain in less than one session. When you schedule your next session, we can try this technique and focus solely on your neck and shoulders, if you wish, and help you work out this problem. It's given some great relief to a few of my clients and I really think your upper back will get some much needed relief from it as well."

Wow! How powerful is that? Do you think Mary will re-schedule with you? Of course!

Let's say Mary doesn't re-schedule with you. Now (from your intake form) you have her contact information, and you then physically mail her a lead-generating letter. You address it personally to her, and, you make the content specific to her neck and upper back pain. (Which of course is still bothering her.) She will think you are a mind reader!

Show Clients You Made Changes!

And when you make a change based on feedback, tell them you made changes. This gets them to feel like they are in control...and they start to emotionally take ownership of the massage process.

Here’s a little 'To-Do' getting you moving in regards to my massage marketing tips:

  • Have you made changes to how you perform a massage based on a clients feedback?
  • Have you told them yet?
  • What are you waiting for?
  • How will you reward them so they keep giving you feedback that keeps them satisfied?

If you screwed up, apologize!

And sometimes we will mess up...we'll drop the these cases, try to just apologize...and try to figure out how to make it right. Often, it's not as bad as you think it is.

Example: One time I missed a clients entire right thigh. I was day-dreaming and just didn't massage it! Of course they let me know this and I addressed the issue.

And if you messed up a while back in a previous massage, they probably don't even remember why they were concerned with you. This is a great way to win back lost clients.

Here's something to work on in regards to my massage marketing tips mentioned above:

List the names of clients where you dropped the ball and messed up. Schedule a time to call or visit that person and apologize...simply for the purpose of making them feel good.

Strategy 3 Of Massage Marketing Tips

Make a commitment to be serious about relationships!

The third and final strategy of this list of massage marketing tips is the most important one of all I have for you.

You need to make a commitment to yourself to be serious about relationships...because it takes time, planning and consistency to reap the rewards of developing relationships.

Schedule at least 30 minutes every day for relationships.

A major part of developing relationships is being consistent. You need to schedule at least 30 minutes every day for relationships...from sending out thank you cards to making phone calls just to say hello.

Here's what I do as I follow my own massage marketing tips, perhaps it will work for you.

Dedicate an hour if you can, to simply developing relationships. Can you do that on a daily basis? What time of day will you do your hour or half-hour?

Make a list of clients important to your current and future success.

Another lesson I learned is to make a list of clients important to your current and future success. These individuals are also called dream clients or perfect clients. This helps you bring focus to developing the right network of clients before you need if and when the time comes that you do need them, they'll be more than happy to help you.

Here's a little 'To-Do' getting you moving and performing these massage marketing tips:

Who is important to your current success? First, create a list of all your clients. And then research those you feel are important to your success.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • Clients that schedule with you on a weekly basis.

  • Those that are flexible with their schedule and will assist you when you have a scheduling conflict.

  • Top referring clients who consistantly promote you.

Identify relationships that are the most valuable to you!

And finally, you need to identify relationships that are the most valuable to you and allocate resources accordingly. The 80/20 rule definitely applies to your relationships because...80% of your success will be the result of 20% of your relationships.

Identify this 20% and treat 'em well...extremely well!

Here's some questions you can ask yourself:

  • Who are my best and most profitable clients?
  • Who are the clients that refer me the most?

Here is a quick run-down of the massage marketing tips we've covered so far:

  • Strategy 1
  • Give Something to Cause Clients to Recognize and Remember YOU. (Create your niche in their mind.)

  • Strategy 2
  • Make Clients Your Boss (And show them they are very important to you.)

  • Strategy 3
  • Make a commitment to be serious about relationships (Because it takes time, planning and consistency to reap the rewards of developing relationships.)

The Law of Reciprocation WILL kick into effect!

...IF you use the massage marketing tips as presented above!

It says, If you do something good for clients long enough, they will start to feel like they want to reciprocate that goodness back to you...

...and when it comes time to schedule a massage or making a phone call to introduce you, your clients will feel like they want to do it.

Here a few more questions to ask yourself...

  • Do I believe these massage marketing tips presented to be true?
  • Have I experienced these massage marketing tips in the past, yet have not acted upon them?

Isn't This Just Common Sense?

A lot of what we just covered with all of these massage marketing tips is material we've already heard and we already know. It's common sense...

...but my question is, how many of us really do it?

Take this quick survey and see how you are performing with all the massage marketing tips presented above. See where you can improve!

Answer yes or no to each question...

Yes No I send thank you cards regularly.

Yes No I remember people's birthdays.

Yes No I educate people regularly.

Yes No I inspire & motivate people regularly.

Yes No I lend my talents & resources.

Yes No I solicit feedback regularly.

Yes No I show people that I made changes based on their feedback.

Yes No I often walk into the lion's den & apologize.

Yes No I set aside x hrs a day to reaching out & touching people.

Yes No I know who my most valuable relationships are & I touch them often.

Common Action?

Will you be able to turn common sense into common action with these massage marketing tips? Twelve months from now, when you look back, will there be any changes in your relationships? You will make changes in what you do, right?

How Are YOU Developing YOUR Relationships?

Do you have a great method about how you build and develop your relationships? Share it!

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