Massage Marketing Using Facebook - Questions and Answers

I'm excited!


The testimonials are starting to roll in on Massage Marketing Using Facebook and here's the link, Massage Marketing Facebook!

That's not what I want to write about though...

I'm still much more excited about something else...(Although those who write me may beg to differ!)


The questions are beginning to roll in regarding the e-book!

Why am I excited about questions?

Because it demonstrates that Massage Therapists are using Massage Marketing Using Facebook!!!

The most popular question by far has been something similar to:

"Kris, I'm proceeding along just fine with attracting clients on Facebook, just like you demonstrated, yet I can't 'close the deal' so to speak."


From multiple discussions, here's what I've concluded...

You've not shown enough creativity, nor have you provided solutions to this particular individual's wants and needs. That's what Massage Marketing Using Facebook is all about!

You have to give this specific prospective client something to chew on, something very specific based on their wants. You must provide a specific solution just for them!

Let's use Dentists as an example.

Some are in perfect health, some have foot issues from standing all day, some have lower back pain from stooping over patients, some have shoulder and upper-back problems from leaning over working on patients, etc., etc.

Focus in on exactly what it is each one of them want a solution to.

(And you know what it is they want because you are following Massage Marketing Facebook .)

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Ask them a question that requires more than a simple yes or no answer!

Here's an example for our Dentist with lower back pain:

"If I could show you how to relieve chronic lower back pain in 30 minutes or less, would you be interested in knowing more about it?"

Most will say YES! (It's all in HOW you word the question!)

Then, reply with:

"Give me 30 minutes. If you feel that this isn't the most relaxing, pain-free half-hour of your entire week, your session is free!"

I'm also finding that massage therapists are not specific enough within their target market while working with Massage Marketing Using Facebook.

One target market that has been a gold mine for me (as mentioned previously) has been Dentists. I find them on Facebook and follow the steps in the e-book:

  • Determine my target market (Dentists)
  • Locate Dentists as described in Massage Marketing Using Facebook
  • Write an appropriate greeting to them in my 'friend' request
  • Send them an inviting and respectful 'thank you' when they accept
  • Build the relationship based on their interests
  • Develop the relationship based on mutual interests
  • Attract them as a prospective client and schedule an appointment.

This last point seems to be where the hang-up (for most) is.

What to do?

If you properly built the relationship this prospective client will naturally ask about you and what it is you do for a living.

SIDENOTE: Please keep in mind that this may take days, weeks or even months to build the relationship. I'm noticing that many therapists want these relationships to develop overnight, and most of the time it doesn't happen that way.

If they already mention that you are a massage therapist, then you turn the conversation right back around to what you can do for them!

Ask them if they've ever received a massage. Mention some maladies they may be suffering from.

"Dr. Isom, is the stress of your job making your muscles feel all knotted up?"

"Would You Like A FREE 20-MINUTE MASSAGE Designed Exclusively For Dentists With Absolutely No Strings Attached?"

You can also lead with:

"Are the day-to-day activities of your job taking their toll on you? Do your neck, shoulders, arms and hands feel stiff from overuse? Are your lower back and feet always aching from standing all day?"

"If so, you're in for a special treat!"

"Would You Like A FREE 20-MINUTE MASSAGE Designed Exclusively For Dentists With Absolutely No Strings Attached?"

Another method that has worked, especially if you are still a bit shaky in building and developing relationships on-line, is this:

Ask the good Dentist for their work address and send them a mailer with the above examples included, as well as list what your solution is in an exciting and dynamic manner.

SIDENOTE: Always put in your mailers a sense of urgency. Create a deadline, and/or say that you, as an independent contractor, only have, say, '12' openings available.

Another solution is to get in your vehicle and go and visit them! (If you decide to do this, then don't waste your postage on a mailer. Hand deliver it to them.)

Now obviously you won't want to waste the Dentists time talking massage. You most likely won't get past the receptionist anyway. That's OK, because...

You present your mailer-letter to the office manager and/or the receptionist. Be open and honest about why you are there and what it is you are doing. (Smile a good deal, be up-beat and positive!)

If you notice they have time and are not busy, ask them to read the letter right there in front of you. Make them feel important as well! Get their opinions on your letter. If they like it, ask them to pass it along to the Dentist. If not, this saves you money on postage for a mailer that probably won't work.

Now, you can target those in the office as well!

Perhaps someone in the Dentists office needs a massage? What do 'the office workers' do all day? Cradle the telephone causing knots in their upper back and neck? On their feet all day filing away patient information? Once again, just like the dentist, stooping over patients creating back strain?

Are you beginning to see how this E-book, Massage Marketing Using Facebook works?

You are hitting their 'hot spots' so to speak.

Stir up their emotions. Get them to understand and agree with what's in your mailer, or your message on Facebook.

You can (almost) hear them saying...

"Yea, my feet do hurt every night when I get home."

"My neck has been bothering me lately due to that strange angle I cradle the telephone."

"My lower back has been killing me, now that you mention it..."

Then of course you have to 'bring it home' with creative, exciting solutions to their problems!

Ok, back to Massage Marketing Using Facebook and our Facebook prospective client.

If you have built a relationship with your target market and specific individuals, and they still have not turned the discussion around to you, a couple of options:

  • Continue the relationship until it is naturally focused on you
  • Be more direct with what it is you do

The first method in the bullet point above is by far and away the best.

It's always best when people come to you, naturally. They make up their own mind, and this demonstrates in their mind that you are not selling them on anything.

It could be that they are just asking you a question, asking what it is you do, etc., etc. They have taken the initiative and that's always the best.

If you are following my lead in Massage Marketing Facebook , then you will have plenty of prospective clients to 'wait' on ;)

The second method you can take as a 'test drive.'

Approach some people directly (yet professionally) in regards to what it is you do. You are taking the initiative.

Keep in mind though that even when you are taking the initiative, the discussion is still revolving around them!

Their Wants. Their Needs. Solutions for THEIR problems. This is the key to social media marketing and the key to Massage Marketing Using Facebook.

You can also still use the above examples of what exactly to say.

Whoa! This is getting long!

OK, let's get out there with these new tools!

Take them for a test drive and let's see what happens!

Until next time...

Kris Kelley Author - Massage Marketing Using Facebook

Massage Marketing Facebook

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