Massage Stories

by Las Vegas Massage Professional Kris Kelley
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

Massage stories...I have so many!

Let's start at the beginning ;)

When I was still in massage school I asked my Aikido Sensei to visit me at clinic and receive a massage.

He did, and we entered the room and I explained the process to him. Please undress and make your way under the sheet and blanket. In school we were taught to begin prone, so I told him to lie face down and cover up.

I re-entered the room several minutes later, and there Sensei was, butt-nekked, supine, on top if the sheets and covers and everything!

Now, I have seen this before with other men, but I suppose what really shocked me was that this was a man I highly respected, and to see him nekked, lying there in front of God and everyone just embarassed the heck out of me. ;)

I have other massage stories, but this was the first and most lasting ;)


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