One thousand hours

by Elena Rivera, LMT
(Caguas, Puerto Rico)

My life changed when I became a massage student in the summer of 2003. I entered a world so different from my own. I had different instructors but there were two who really helped me finish the course with passion and dedication.

My mentors were unconditional, honest and practiced what they preached. They helped me see outside the box, accepted me as a individual and always demonstrated that they had faith in me. They had the wisdom in thier field and always challenged me to believe in myself.
Passion and loving what you do will always make you shine in this profession. True mentors demonstrate responsibility for the massage profession, they become activist in the creation of laws and regulation in this field. Thats what mine did! Puerto Rico law now states a massage therapist has to have completed a 1000 hour program. Thats a terrific mentor, thank you Carmen Rivera and Debbie Diaz from Puerto Rico Massage & Bodywork. Health and Happiness to you always.

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