Personality Studies - Massage Marketing To Know And Understand Your Clients

Personality Studies Made Easy - Massage marketing with this quick guide will generate you tons of clients!

"Why Do Some Massage Therapists Succeed With Their Massage Marketing While Others NEVER Do?"

Successful therapists made the effort to understand what really makes people tick...what motivates them...why they make the choices they make.

That is what really led me into the personality studies.

400 years before Jesus Christ, the Greek physician and philosopher Hippocrates wrote about the four basic personality types.

In 1921, Dr. Carl Jung wrote the most detailed book ever on this subject. He called the 4 personality types Feeler, Sensor, Thinker, and Intuitive.

Florence Littauer later named them Phlegmatic, Sanguine, Melancholy, and Choleric.

My personal thanks to all who have contributed to the personality-type knowledge base.

I know of no other subject that when used correctly can have such a positive impact on your life and your massage business than the simplified version of personality studies listed below.

This stuff works if correctly applied to your massage marketing.

People fall asleep when you mention personality studies and say "phlegmatic, sanguine, melancholy and choleric." But they understand colors. And you can easily learn to color your way to the top. I'm going to simplify this a great deal, so here goes...

Personality Studies - The Four Basic Personalities For Your Massage Marketing


Yellows make up 35% of the population. They are nurses, schoolteachers, UN workers, counselors...the nurturers. They give from the heart. They don't have time for themselves, because they give to everybody.

Yellows don't want to be sold. They don't like pushy, aggressive people.

When you talk with a yellow, become a yellow. Slow the pace. Contain your excitement. Lower the volume. Yellows see excitement as hype; don’t try to sell them on your massage services or whatever else is being discussed.

Don't tell a Yellow about making an appointment with you, because they'll turn right off.

Instead, visit with them. Skip the business. Talk about their family, their kids, their vacation. Listen and build a relationship. This is what it's all about.

If the person does NOT consistently demonstrate more concern for others than for themselves, they are not Yellow according to the personality studies. You have to be very careful with your massage marketing with this group of individuals.


Blue's "just wanna have fun." They're 15% of the population. They're always in a sales business of some kind. They jump from program to program to program, looking for fun.

These are the planet's most creative people according to the personality studies. Make sure and use this in your massage marketing!

A Blue sees the big picture instantly. They don't need or want all the details.

Blues can eat an elephant, but not at one meal.

With a Blue, talk excited, get excited. Talk about going scuba diving, sky diving, having fun, fun, fun. That's what they want. "Hey, when you meet me at the airport, I'll be wearing a Hawaiian shirt. You'll know me. I'll have a big, funny hat on." That's what they want to talk about.

They'll talk about vacations and family, but most of all they want to talk about fun things to do.

If the person is NOT a social animal, craving almost constant contact with people, they are not Blue, once again, according to the experts of these personality studies. Get creative and 'have fun' with this group in regards to your massage marketing!


Greens are 35% of the population. They're the analytical people. They analyze it to death. They've missed millions of opportunities because they analyzed it too long.

Greens believe they're the smartest people on the planet. With a Green ... in 2-3 minutes, you'll know you have a Green. They want ALL the details in regards to your services.

You are NOT going to sell them. Don’t even try. They have to sell themselves. They'll listen to you cover every aspect of every modality you know.

Then they'll go to your website. If you have 27 links on your website that talk about what they're interested in, they'll go to every one. They'll read all the testimonials, all the articles, give you advice about your massage marketing and how you need to follow what they say, etc.

Enunciate all your words correctly for a Green. Don't speak too fast. Don't speak too slowly. Be upfront. Give them all the information. Answer all their questions. Give them more websites to go to.

If you call in the meantime to answer questions, they'll be abrupt. They see that as you being pushy. Let Greens analyze the information at THEIR pace according to the personality studies.

In a week or 2 or 3, they'll call back for more information or ready to schedule an appointment.

They've sold themselves; decided you were the best choice for them.

If the person is NOT analytical, always wanting more and more information about whatever it is they're interested in, they are not Green.


Reds are 15% of the population. They are money-motivated, money-focused, according to the personality studies and experts.

Don't bother talking to them about your family or your vacation. They don't care.

They know if you get married, you're supposed to have kids. If you have kids, you're supposed to go on vacation. End of story. Don't want to talk about it; this is the group that you need to be direct with in regards to your massage marketing.

They want to talk about the money, success, business!

Reds are the corporate CEOs, the "get-the-job-done" people.

Reds are well-connected. You want to build relationships with Reds because they'll put you in contact with powerful people. They know business owners, governors, leaders, etc.

So target Reds. But don't dare think you're going to coach them or mentor them or tell them what to do, because it's NOT going to happen. Yet, they are great for referrals since they are so well connected!

Let them do it themselves. You really have no choice, anyway.

If the person does NOT consistently talk about themselves and their achievements, then they are not Red.

Ok, got the picture just a bit in regards to personality studies?

Everyone is a blend of colors, showing different personality traits at different times. Keep in mind that to color your way to the top, you need to learn to be a chameleon.

What's the point?

Well, as you meet and LISTEN to people, (read more about listening skills here, Massage Marketing Tips Listening Skills,) get in the habit of spotting the different colors in their personalities. Use the clues we talked about. Use the "colors" technique every day. Make it second nature. I guarantee you’ll be very glad you did.

I can't even begin to tell you how different my life is since learning how to spot and work with each of these personalities.

Maybe the biggest change is this: to spot these personalities, you must LISTEN to people! And wonderful things seem to happen when you actually listen.

Everyone is a blend of all these colors. Personally, I'm 40% Red, 30% Green, 20% Blue, and 10% Yellow. But I've learned to be a chameleon to deal with people.

Please keep in mind that this is not mind control or anything devious. This is working with WHAT-IS. Dealing with people as THEY are is the key to using these personality studies.

Used to be when I came across a Green (35% of the population, remember?), I saw someone who took forever to make a decision. They'd analyze everything to death. They drove me crazy. So I'd blow them off. I wouldn't even follow up with them once I had their contact information.

But look at this ... I was losing 35% of my prospective clients! And when a Green finally schedules their appointment with me, they never quit scheduling. They're not like the Blues. You can give a Blue a massage tonight, but they'll never do anything to schedule again. They'll just humor you because they thought it would be fun and relaxing. But the Blues, again, will put you in contact with a lot of good people.

This technology when used correctly with your massage marketing will connect you with the deepest desires and needs and fears of the people you set out to bond with. It won't be long before you actually know these people better than they know themselves.

The sad fact is that most people are too self-absorbed to ever actually use this training. It is worth an absolute FORTUNE to those who do.

When you listen to people and truly understand their personality, you have the ability to build a relationship as well as help inspire them to greatness. The rewards for you are way more than just financial.

On the other hand, if all that matters to you is YOU, you really don't have a prayer in this business.

For me, learning the secrets of personality studies and they applying it to my massage marketing was a life-changer.

How about you? Give the massage marketing tips above about personality studies a try!

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