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How to Rebook Clients immediately without ever having to ask them using this one massage marketing tip!

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Tired Of Hearing This? ...

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This Is The One Massage Marketing Tip That Will Have The Greatest Impact When You Rebook Clients ... Influence Your Clients To Rebook With You Immediately Without Ever Having To Ask Them!

Persuading a client to rebook always felt a little awkward, in my opinion. Even after years with a client I'll admit that I didn't do a good enough job in my massage business at asking clients to rebook.

I finally came up with a short paragraph that works like a charm.

The idea behind it is to subtly and subconsciously get your new client to come to a decision in their own mind that they really, really should rebook with you before they leave.

You see, when a person feels that he/she has the freedom to make up their own mind about something, they now have a conviction that their decision is the right one.

However, if you try to convince someone why they should take a certain action, it doesn't have the same impact. This is also true when you rebook clients.

Whenever you work on someone for the first time, say something at the end of the session that relates a specific problem they've just complained about, like neck and shoulder pain. So at the end of a session, you should always say something like this:

"You know, Jane, now that I have an idea of what's going on with your muscles, I've recently learned this fantastic new massage technique that relieves real stubborn neck and shoulder pain in less than one session. When you schedule your next session, we can try this technique and focus solely on your neck and shoulders, if you wish, and help you work out this problem. It's given some great relief to a few of my clients and I really think your upper back will get some much needed relief from it as well."

How This One Massage Marketing Tip Works

Let me break this paragraph down and reveal why it's so important...

First, you're letting them know that you've just learned this incredible new massage technique that deals with the area of the body that they are having a problem with (what a coincidence!) This gives you segue into bringing up the topic of booking another session with you.

It's not enough to just say, "You know, another session would probably be good for you."

This is what the majority of massage therapists say when they attempt to rebook clients. In the example above, we have a solid reason to suggest that they experience this new bodywork technique because it solves one of their problems. Remember, we're providing solutions!

We're not trying to sell them a product or service that they have no interest in. We know for certain that they're currently experiencing neck and back pain because they told you so.

Next, notice that I said, "When you schedule your next session..." instead of, "If you schedule another session..." This plants a little seed in their mind that subtly implies that they are going to book another session with you.

It's a subconscious way to steer them in the right direction.

But if you say, "If you'd like to book another session..." it gives them an opportunity to say no. They have to make either a yes or no decision.

Instead, we want them to believe that they're going to rebook, not if they rebook. This makes the process easier for you, too, because you don't feel awkward about selling or getting them to upgrade.

Use To Advertise Your Massage Business

Also, inside of the first sentence, I've included a powerful headline. Let me quickly point this out:

"...fantastic new massage technique that relieves real stubborn neck and shoulder pain in less than one session."

You can take this part of the sentence and run it as a headline in a classified ad for your massage business, with a way to contact you and, believe me, you’ll get inquiries.

It would look like this:

Fantastic New Massage Technique Relieves Stubborn Neck & Shoulder Pain In Less Than One Session! For FREE eBook, go to

So I very cleverly inserted a benefit driven headline (or bullet point) into the body copy. Nifty, huh?

I then wrap it up by telling them how a few of my regular clients received some much needed relief with this technique and I think that they would enjoy it, too. Nothing heavy. No feeling "pushy".

This, of course, can be tweaked to fit your personality. Isn't that a simple way to easily move the person into the next step?

See how this is painless and not awkward at all?

You'd be amazed at how many people say, "Yeah, that's a good idea. Let's do that." It also gives them something to look forward to at their next massage session.

You're giving them a solid reason as to why they should schedule with you again as opposed to just saying to them, "Thank you and come again" as they walk out the door.

You're gently leading to rebook clients for another session and letting them know what they'll expect the next time they see you.

Give it a try ... see how many more times you rebook clients and watch your massage business flourish!

Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley

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