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I am NOT performing massage therapy in Summerlin Las Vegas anymore. I'm now focusing on life coaching and personal performance coaching in Prescott, Arizona. Please feel free to visit my new blog here, Exploring Awareness for further information.

Massage in Summerlin Las Vegas - Summerlin massage 89128 provides the best massage anywhere. Tired of overpriced spas in Las Vegas? Las Vegas massage 89128 is your solution.


Summerlin Massage 89128 - Live In Summerlin Las Vegas?

Even if you live nearby, or close to Summerlin Las Vegas, the best kept Summerlin massage secret is just around the corner from your house with the best Summerlin massage anywhere. Call Kris right now to schedule at (702) 203-5670.

Do you want to end your day at a strip casino spa, or at the spas in Las Vegas located on a major arterial ... tired of fighting the traffic to and from the strip or nearby Spa "factories" where you don't know which underpaid, just graduated from Las Vegas massage school, "Las Vegas massage therapist of the day" you'll have working on you?

Then you have your long drive home ... fighting traffic once again, the stress of the day rushing back into your mind ... and much worse ... your body. Doesn't sound very relaxing, does it? Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley has the best deals in Las Vegas for chronic pain and stress relief.

Summerlin Massage Special - 60 Minute Las Vegas Massage Only $69
Summerlin Las Vegas Massage Special - 90 Minute Massage Only $89!

Come see Kris ... and Kris only. Always the same Summerlin Las Vegas massage therapist always there for you in Summerlin 89128. Available evenings, early mornings and throughout the day, working around YOUR busy schedule! You won't have to fight for a parking spot ... just step out of your car into the lobby where Summerlin massage pro Kris Kelley will greet you and then proceed to melt away your stress and work on all of your problem areas.

Five minutes after your Summerlin massage 89128 in Las Vegas you'll be home to enjoy the rest of your evening Relaxed ... Not stressed! Understand that most stress comes from emotions and you can eliminate negative emotions here, EFT Tapping In Las Vegas. I can quickly show you have to perform it as well. Chronic pain and negative emotions go hand in hand, and if you read the page above and perform the simple protocol, you will be feeling a lot better in no time. Here is a link to the actual protocol, Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Please visit my Las Vegas massage 89128 homepage for the best deals in Las Vegas, my Las Vegas massage deals of the week, and the best massage anywhere! Every week I run a Summerlin massage special.

Are you looking for a soothing, relaxing Hot Stone Massage In Las Vegas? Are you in need of pain relief and are looking for deep tissue work or Trigger Point Therapy In Las Vegas? Summerlin massage pro Kris Kelley has you taken care of.

If you have never received a Summerlin Las Vegas massage before, please visit the link to the right of this page to read more about your first Summerlin massage experience. You can also visit my Summerlin massage FAQ page that answers your most frequently asked questions. The best massage anywhere!


Summerlin Las Vegas - Summerlin Massage Asks...

Tired Of Paying For 'Overpriced Descriptions' At The
Spas In Las Vegas?

Do ever walk into the spas in Las Vegas or read their "menu" online and think, " What on earth are 'holistic beauty remedies'", or "facial and body treatments to balance my chakras?" ... "$200.00 for One Hour?!" ... "Please make reservations weeks in advance?"

You have to wonder if that 'heavenly touch', or those 'native american sacred plants and oils' is more of an advertising stunt rather than a true description of what your going to receive while searching for a soothing, relaxing, Summerlin Las Vegas massage 89128.

And not to mention the "spa decor" overhead you are paying for at the spas in Las Vegas. If you are serious about your treatment and are looking for Chronic Back Pain Treatment In Las Vegas, then give us a call.

I can hear you already...

I'm Just Looking For A Summerlin Massage!

"I don't need a facial, I don't need a haircut, I don't need a waxing or my chakras balanced! ... I just want a Summerlin massage!" If you are looking for a Summerlin massage experience, please give me a call right now. If you wish to read more in regards to the horrors of overpriced spas in Las Vegas, find the search box in the upper right hand corner of this page, then type in Spas in Las Vegas or Las Vegas Day Spa. You may also need some stress relief meditation and you can learn about this on our page here, Stress Relief Meditation.

Looking for an upscale relaxing setting with a secure Summerlin massage professional? A one-on-one relationship with your own exclusive Summerlin Las Vegas massage therapist, who will customize your Las Vegas massage experience to your own specific needs ... each and every time?

Enjoy an intimate tailor-made Las Vegas massage by an experienced Las Vegas massage pro who will provide the ultimate massage stress relief and, when needed, incorporate Las Vegas Medical Massage and/or Las Vegas orthopedic massage techniques for pain relief into your treatment at one low affordable price!

If you would like to read a bit further in regards to soothing, relaxing Summerlin therapeutic massage stress relief, visit the link to the right entitled, 'What Is Las Vegas Therapeutic Massage?' Once again, if you are curious about pain relief with Summerlin orthopedic massage and Summerlin medical massage, you can visit these links on the right side of this page as well for further explanations.

Call Summerlin Las Vegas Massage Pro Kris Kelley
Right Now At (702) 203-5670

Summerlin massage 89128 is offering an introductory price of only $69 for a 60 minute massage, along with a free 30 minute postural assessment as well!

And no, this assessment time won't cut into your actual Summerlin massage time with Las Vegas massage pro Kris Kelley. If you are looking for some at-home therapy, please visit this page to learn about how to use ice therapy and heat therapy for chronic back pain relief in Las Vegas, Chronic Back Pain Relief In Las Vegas. It's a temporary fix, yet most people don't don't use heat or ice at the appropriate times. Learn how on that page above.

Are you in pain and want a relaxing Summerlin massage all in one? Looking for some Las Vegas trigger point massage therapy or Las Vegas myofascial release? How about some soothing, relaxing massage stress relief? I can combine the two into one 'pain-relief' 'massage stress relief' session! If this interests you, call Summerlin Massage Pro Kris Kelley right now at: (702) 203-5670 and visit me on my blog here, EFT Tapping In Las Vegas.

The Best Summerlin Massage In Summerlin Las Vegas!


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