Super Bowl Advertising - Massage Marketing Examples
From Super Bowl Advertisers

Super Bowl Advertising - Learn a few massage marketing tips and tricks from the super bowl advertisers who really won the game!

The New Orleans Saints? New York Giants? Green Bay Packers?


Try again!

The advertisers won the game and so can you, if you use your massage marketing like those on television do.

Where I was yesterday watching the game, our local pub, there was just as much hooting and hollering about the commercials as there was in regards to the big plays in the big game.

How does this relate to your massage business and your massage marketing?

Obviously we don't have million dollar advertising budgets like those name-brand companies do.

...and that's OK.

We don't need them or their advertising! We'll create our own!

Think of the theory behind the advertisements you saw yesterday.

What was it that really caught your attention?

Originality and Creativity.

The bull and the Bud horses.

Dorito chips being used as ninja throwing stars.

Everyone LOVES Bud Light!

Etc., etc.

This is what YOU need to do, right now, with your massage business and your massage marketing, advertising and elevator speech!

Let's look at these two poorly created and typical examples of massage marketing and advertising and what NOT to do:

"Would you like to receive a massage today?"

"Would you like a relaxing massage?"

Wow. That's about as exciting as watching paint dry.

Kick it up a notch with these examples of client attracting massage marketing that will actually get your phone ringing!

"If I Could Show You How To Relieve Chronic Back Pain Causes In 15 Minutes Or Less, Would You Be Interested In Knowing More About It?"

"If I Could Show You This Exciting Chronic Back Pain Treatment Progam In 15 Minutes Or Less, You'd Be Interested In Knowing More About It, Wouldn't You?"

"Give me 30 minutes. If you feel that this isn't the most relaxing, stress-free half-hour of your entire week, your session is free!"

Now, aren't those three massage marketing examples much more informational (and they demand an answer) than the previous examples??

Can you see the difference? Chronic back pain causes and chronic back pain treatment are eye catching and almost everyone I know suffers from this and would like a treatment plan that actually works! Now you have people asking you questions and wanting to schedule a massage.

Go put something together like the examples mentioned above! These examples will truly assist you in attracting existing clients and new clients.

Las Vegas Massage Professional Kris Kelley

P.S. - I am NOT performing massage therapy in Las Vegas anymore. I'm now focusing on life coaching or personal performance coaching in Prescott, Arizona. Please feel free to visit my new website here, Exploring Awareness for further information.

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