Susan D. Moody, Massage Therapy Student

by Susan D. Moody
(Terre Haute, Indiana)

I'm never alone!

I'm never alone!

I am due to graduate this spring, so this is going to be a year of big plans and major changes for me and my family! In the next few months, I plan to join AMTA, create my own massage website, get my resume in order, formalize my references, have business cards made, continue to build and refine my growing network, and keep up on my studies for the best possible grades and learning experience while practicing my techniques as much as possible. This should all be done by May 10.

Upon graduation, I plan to take the national exam to become certified, obtain state licensure, and move to an area where massage is more popular. (We want to move to Hamilton County, Indiana. My husband Ron is responsible for finding a home for us, and he is already working on it with his own plans for 2010. Since we own 4 cats and 3 dogs, two of which are rather large and all are "inside", this will be quite a challenge!) The plan is to be nationally certified, state licensed and relocated within a couple of months of graduating. I'll be heavily tapping my network during this time for support and leads!

Once my family has settled in our new home, I plan to find employment as a new professional massage therapist. My goal is to be working in my field by August 2010. I figure at that point it will take all of my effort to maintain currency with my network, memberships, website, and learn my place in my new community including establish new volunteer roles. Like I said, big plans and major changes!

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