Susie Byrd, MTI

by Susie Byrd
(Fayetteville, AR)

I have been a therapist for almost 18 years and in all that time I have been an Oakworks devotee. I bought an Aurora table in 1982 for $300 and sold it in 2002 for $250. It had been used almost daily and had traveled (and worked) outside this country more than once. I bought a Portal Pro chair in 1993 and it is still in use today along with 3 others I have since purchased.

About 5 years ago one of the knobs that holds the face cradle of my chair in place broke and I called their customer service department and in two days had replacement parts in my hand and a fully functional chair at the ready. They also sent along a spare. I have had so many great interactions with them and have never had a bad one. My account Rep. is Deb Zebretsky, she knows me as a customer by name and she treats me as though my business really is important to her. I can't even begin to tell you how seldom I have that feeling when I am spending money at a business.
You might be able to buy a table built with as much love as an Oakworks table but you cannot for any amount of money "buy" customer service,it's either there or it's not.

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Nov 26, 2009
I agree!
by: Scott Runyon

I have also had Oakworks products since 1997 and find they are made incredibly durable to last. I can't imagine using any other table or chair.

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