There's a long way between Mediocrty and demanded Perfection

by Willie

There was a point in my life where it became necessary to face "perfection is not attainable". Perfectionism is a disease. As a perfectionist, nothing was ever perfect, because if it were, it could have been better. Concluding, if a perfectionist is perfect a perfectionist is critical enough to believe it could be better.

To this end, my view is to always do the very best I can do with the given situation at hand, admit when the given situation is beyond my scope or knowledge, and refer to others.

Since this column deals with massage therapy, I would never accept mediocrity from myself in my personal life or my professional life or performance. I deliver to each client at each visit my very best efforts to assist them with the issues the client determines is of primary concern. If upon completion of a session I determine the tools in my toolbox are lacking to properly work with the client, I attempt to find a referral source for the client.

Since entering the world of massage therapy, I hold myself to a commitment to continue my education via reading, communicating, attending various continuing education courses in a variety of techiniques and 100% honesty with my clients.

Mediocrity, on the other hand, is unacceptable. The acceptance of mediocrity is to provide only adequate service and adequate attention to the client. When I hear a client express "previous therapist seemed to just do their job" it really is bothersome. This is saying: the therapist was OK or mediocre. It makes me cringe.

As therapists, we are constantly educating each client and the public on the value and benefits of massage therapy. The statement, a therapist did their job, it was ok, indicates a therapist accepted "being ok" as good enough.

I'd have to ask the question: If you left your doctors' office with the feeling the doctor did "OK" how would you feel?

Client retention demands we strive for perfection, although, we will never be perfect. Striving for perfection advances massage therapy further along the line of acceptance as effective Complementary Alternative Medicine.

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