Think About It - Massage Marketing For When
You Have Lost Clients

"I'll have to think about it." Read this massage marketing article and learn how to communicate correctly with prospective clients.

When a potential massage client says to you, "I'll have to think about it," you've lost them.

Somewhere, something went wrong.

Doesn't really matter if this is for a massage, response to your marketing, etc., etc.

You were recruiting, not relating. Selling, not attracting.

I've done this myself. How do you think I came up with this massage marketing idea?

Obviously people need time to review their options. Most of us need communication or material in front of us several times prior to making a decision, and that's OK.

That's not what I'm referring to.

I'm referring to our mindset as massage therapists towards our massage marketing, advertising, etc., etc.

Are we relating to what the prospective clients wants and needs, something they want or need right this minute, or are we thinking selfishly, attempting to 'sell' our services or what we're offering?

I've found that if I truly listen to what people are saying, find out what they really want or need, I'll have them scheduled in no time. They may not be scheduled in this week or next week, but they've committed to receiving my massage services.

Yet, if I jump the gun, attempt to sway their decision with what I have to offer that is not in alignment with their immediate needs, I'll receive the, "I'll have to think about it."

Refrain for that 'extra little comment' that we all use to 'tip the scales' in our favor. Many times we are so 'gung-ho,' attempting to shove our 'elevator speech' or massage marketing ideas down their throats that we don't observe and listen.

I refuse to 'close' people.

I put myself in alignment with what they mention and leave it at that. This may sound vague and unclear, yet it works like magic!

Everyone loves to buy, yet no-one likes to be sold. This goes for our professional massage business and for your massage marketing and advertising.

If we truly listen to what people say, we'll soon discover that some are just 'window shopping,' some are looking for a specific therapeutic result, some just want a relaxing massage right now.

Thanks OK. Accept 'What Is,' not, 'What We Wish The Situation To Be.'

For the window shoppers, provide what information you have and let them make their own decision when the time is right. Relate, don't recruit.

For those that are looking for specific results, once again provide what you have to offer in your massage marketing and leave it alone. Don't 'over-sell.'

Perhaps you don't provide what the prospective client is looking for.

If this is the case, recommend someone you know who does. This 'recommendation of another' goes a long way in many people's eyes; they don't see you as desperate and will keep you in mind when they do want what you offer. You can also create an excellent joint venture opportunity with other massage therapists and those in the medical field as well!

For those that you seem to be in immediate alignment with, schedule them as soon as possible in a polite manner.

If we listen closely to what people are actually saying and not what we want them to say, we'll have much better results.

Also, keep in mind that we must use the correct approach for each situation. This is very difficult to learn and only comes from experience. What can help though is to just relax, be your normal self.

If someone is looking for a massage from you right away, they've already made up their mind and are ready to schedule. Don't put them off with your information or be vague in any manner, hoping they will contact you at a further date. They won't.

Schedule them in for a massage session immediately!

What I'm not saying in this article is to be wishy-washy and indecisive.

What I'm saying is we have to pay attention to know what method to use in each unique situation.

We can't be too passive or too aggressive. Just be natural, act normal with prospective clients. Raise your awareness level and really 'tune-in' to what people are after.

This is why it's critical to truly pay attention to what people are looking for at that very moment so you don't hear, "I'll have to think about it" ever again! :-)

Las Vegas Massage Professional Kris Kelley

P.S. - I am NOT performing massage therapy in Las Vegas anymore. I'm now focusing on life coaching or personal performance coaching in Prescott, Arizona. Please feel free to visit my new website here, Exploring Awareness for further information.

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