Bartering Services As A Massage Therapist

Bartering services as a massage therapist can be good AND bad for your successful massage business.

Read more and how this affects your massage therapist income!

Bartering Services and Your Massage Business

bartering-services-massage business-1 Bartering as massage therapist can be a good idea. You can 'trade' for just about anything!

Yet, the legality of this practice is still up in the air.

Massage therapists should think carefully at the risks involved before entering into an exchange. To take a look at numerous services our fellow massage therapists barter for, scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the comments section. I don’t want to scare you with the comments below, yet I provide a couple examples below of how bartering can go wrong!

Also understand that when you barter you provide yourself with zero massage therapist income. Learn three quick tips on how to improve your massage therapist income, at Massage Therapist Income – Get Your 80% That You May Be Missing!

"Bartering with massage creates a dual relationship, combining the Therapeutic Relationship with another transaction."

Risks are usually minimal if the exchange is limited to a one-for-one exchange. If the exchange is unsatisfactory, then the therapist has only lost one hour of time and energy. However, a longer-term exchange represents considerably higher risk. I think the best illustration of my point is to give some examples of bartering services gone wrong.

A massage therapist did an exchange where he provided regular massage treatments to a woman who cleaned his office and house. This started out well, but after some time he felt that her work was not satisfactory. Also, he had provided more massage and she had provided less housework. When he attempted to end the barter relationship and collect money he felt was owed for the extra massages, she charged him with sexual impropriety!

A female therapist was trading regular massage with a contractor who was doing renovations of her home. She gave him as bartering weekly massages but he was fitting the renovation work in between "regular, paying customers" so the renovations dragged on and on and she was living in a mess. She didn't want to cancel the deal and be stuck with a half-renovated house.

A new therapist found a deal through an on-line bartering site. She was to exchange massage with a mechanic to have her car fixed. The man fixed the car and then demanded sexual services with his massage. The therapist felt helpless because he had already fixed the car and she could not afford to pay him cash.

I hope this gives therapists something to think about and encourages caution when considering an exchange using bartering. And, as mentioned above, while bartering, you are making zero massage therapist income!


Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley

Please note: I have since retired from the massage therapy industry. I am now a life coach in Prescott, Arizona. If this interests you, please visit my new page here, Exploring Awareness for a list of different services I offer.

Bartering Services Such As Massage Therapy

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