Dr. James Mally - Deep Tissue Massage

by Kris Kelley
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

I purchased Dr. Mally's Deep Tissue Massage DVD and associated material back in March, 2010. This is a massage CE course of 12 credits.

For 'hands on' type training such as deep tissue, I perfer to attend in person. As there was nothing available in March close to me, I decided to purchase this DVD and associated materials.

I will say that I recommend Dr. Mally's Deep Tissue DVD and material. He's well spoken and explains then demonstrates what one needs to do.

I also enjoy how the DVD is set up. Each individual segment can be replayed over and over. It is on loop so you don't have to stop massaging and keep hitting the re-wind button on your DVD player. It just continues over and over until you decide to continue.

The material Dr. Mally presents is excellent. Again, he explains what he's working on then provides the example. What's great about this DVD is that he also shows you the common mistakes people make, then shows you the correct way.

The only drawback I had to this DVD was the quality of the video of the original recording. (Please note that I'm not an audio and visual expert so I may be wrong about this.) It seemed to me that the quality of the video could have been improved to HD or something. While watching there were also little glitches here and there while playing.

Overall, this was an excellent course! If you can't physically get to a massage CE course, or are running out of time to get your massage CE's and need to order one on the Internet, this one is highly recommended!

Here's Dr. Mally's website and contact information:

Dr. Mally - Abundant Health

Thanks for reading this and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me!

Kris Kelley
At Your Door Massage

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