Hiking In Las Vegas
Enjoy A Massage In Las Vegas As Well!

If you enjoy hiking in Las Vegas ... Or ... Climbing in Las Vegas, enjoy a massage in Las Vegas to relieve those lower back pain symptoms in Las Vegas as well!


Enjoying The Trails Hiking In Las Vegas?

Hiking in Las Vegas - Whether you've just climbed Cathedral Rock at Mount Charleston or you're an avid member of one of our Las Vegas cycling clubs and just biked 'The Loop' at Redrock Canyon, you will certainly enjoy the best Las Vegas Massage and the best deals in Las Vegas!

With the beautiful weather we have here, there's no reason not to get outside and enjoy climbing in Las Vegas and hiking in Las Vegas to let off some steam or to improve your skills. Here at Las Vegas massage we also offer one of the best deals in Las Vegas:

Hiking In Las Vegas Massage Package Special!

$69 For A 60 Minute Massage
$89 For A 90 Minute Massage

Call Kris Kelley right now to schedule your massage in Las Vegas at:
(702) 203-5670.

Experiencing Lower Back Pain Symptoms In Las Vegas
From Hiking In Las Vegas?

Are you experiencing the lower back pain symptoms in Las Vegas typically associated with hiking or Las Vegas cycling? Las Vegas Massage professional, Kris Kelley, certified in Orthopedic and Medical Massage In Las Vegas, specializing in Trigger Point Therapy In Las Vegas and Sports massage treatments, this massage in Las Vegas will melt away your aches and pains. They you will be able to 'paint the town red' without any pain!

Kris knows and understands lower back pain symptoms in Las Vegas and studies of how a orthopedic massage in Las Vegas can relieve and be a key part of your chronic back pain treatment plan. Visit our pages here for Chronic Back Pain Treatment In Las Vegas as well as how to use ice therapy and heat therapy at home on our page entitled, Chronic Back Pain Relief In Las Vegas.

Perhaps you are looking for massage stress relief, a relaxing Las Vegas Therapeutic Massage such as deep tissue, Swedish or a Hot Stone Massage In Las Vegas? I can do this as well after a long day of hiking or Las Vegas cycling.

This Hiking In Las Vegas Massage Package will relieve your aching sore muscles and have you ready in no time for exploring the Las Vegas nightlife, or prepare you for the next big hiking excursion!

Conveniently located in the Northwest Summerlin Las Vegas area, get a massage close to home in Las Vegas 89128, on your way back from hiking Mount Charleston or Redrock Canyon.

If you think some of your physical aches and pains are due to negative emotional trauma, please visit our page here as we can assist you as well with EFT Tapping In Las Vegas. If this technique looks interesting to you, you can learn the complete protocol here, Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Summerlin Las Vegas massage professional Kris Kelley is located in a highly respected medical complex where privacy and your wants and needs are always first. The best massage Las Vegas has to offer! Visit my page entitled Las Vegas Massage Kris Kelley Testimonials where current clients share their massage experiences with me and their recommendations.

Massage therapist Kris Kelley has been proudly serving Las Vegas since 2004. I am committed to providing only the finest relaxing and pain relieving massage Las Vegas has to offer.

Because every client is important to me, I'm dedicated to making YOUR massage in Las Vegas special and unique based on your wants and needs. This is why I always go the extra mile to make your Las Vegas massage a perfect fit, whether you want massage stress relief, or are in pain and looking for a more medical approach to your massage.

Whether you are hiking the scenic loop around Lake Mead or just hiking (and fighting!) your way down the Las Vegas Strip, you need to take care of yourself. Our city is a concrete jungle and will tear up your lower back. Schedule a massage in Las Vegas right now by calling Kris Kelley at (702) 203-5670!

I'm currently NOT performing massage therapy in Las Vegas anymore. I've physicall moved down to Prescott, Arizona as a life coach. If these services interest you, please feel free to visit my new page here, Exploring Awareness.

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