I love my Strong, Light, Reliable StrongLite Chair

by KJ Burley
(W. Va. )

I never imagined that 75-80% of my income would be thanks to this amazingly reliable piece of equipment.

The travel bag is practically worn out but the chair is as good as new!

On average, I use it 1-2 days per week now, up to 5 hours at a time, and have for over 5 years. Previously I used it as much as 5 days per week and, for over a year, it literally was responsible for 75-80% of my income.

Just a few of the reasons why I love my StrongLite Massage Chair:

* Reasonably priced;
* Love the infinite adjustments that can be made so that ANYONE can be made comfortable in it;
* Folds up & sets up in a snap;
* Lightweight;
* Easily wheels from car to work site & back again.
* Comfortably accommodates everyone from children to large adults. My grandchildren vie for their times on it. I've also had a couple of people on it who weigh close to 400 lbs with no problem whatsoever.

I would ABSOLUTELY purchase another one just like it!

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