Ki Breathing and Meditation

by Kris Kelley
(Las Vegas)


I'll begin this section ;)

Prior to breathing and meditation I usually begin with some visualization in regards to what's on my schedule for that day. I visualize what I need to accomplish as well as which clients I'm going to work on that day.

This includes my thirty to sixty minutes daily building and developing relationships as mentioned here:

Scroll down to Strategy 3.

Once I've got all my work cut out for me, I then clear my concious mind and get to work breathing and meditating.

If you've read about Ki-Breathing on my page you'll notice that it's a controlled exercise. At the current time I'm finding it a bit more difficult on the 'exhale' than on the 'inhale' to control.

When I say "controlled," I'm not referring to any forceful method. Just a relaxed controlled exhale and inhale. Once you actually do the practice you'll find out what I mean ;)

Today was a beautiful day to create the first post here. It's Thanksgiving and I was up early as usual. Most everyone seemed to have slept in around my neighborhood so there was no noise, no traffic.

What a great way to begin the day!

Kris Kelley

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