Las Vegas Massage Continuing Education
At Northwest Health Careers

"As a Las Vegas massage therapist insurance billing & coding is an integral part of my medical massage business."

Massage Continuing Education at Northwest Health Careers presents Massage Insurance Billing and Coding!

I am currently NOT performing massage in Las Vegas. I have physically moved down to Prescott, Arizona, and am a life coach down there. If these services interest you, please feel free to visit my new blog here, Exploring Awareness. Thank you for your time, and hope to see you in Arizona!

Money's tight, we understand...
We're here to help, to hold your hand.
Eliminate your doubt and fear...
Don't miss this seminar coming here.
Recoup investment in just one week...
Then enjoy the career you greatly seek!

Can you do that with any other Las Vegas massage CEUs?

Manipulate Your Future With Massage Insurance Billing
and Coding!

Increase Your Income! Join Us Las Vegas Massage Therapists!

Learn how to take your massage business to the top! From how to attract and keep clients to how to increase your client income and then how to ethically and legally save the money you make!!

This massage continuing education seminar INCLUDES Complete Practice Building and Insurance Billing Manual. Value if purchased on website: $109.90. Manipulate Your Future!!

Course Description: Massage Insurance Billing and Coding.

Insurance Billing Procedures, Laws and Rules on October 22nd and includes Manipulate Your Future manual (463 pages - $110 Value), CD with necessary forms (except Claim Forms - $41.45 Value).

Marketing and Promotion on October 23rd and includes, A GREAT compliment to the Manipulate Your Future. Learn the strategies to implement insurance billing and grow your massage business immediately.

IRS & Taxes on October 23rd – Avoid unnecessary headaches specific for massage therapists. Learn how to properly navigate through the IRS requirements.

Date and Time: October 22nd and 23rd, 2011, from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. both days.

Massage CEUs: Attend both days and receive Thirteen (13) massage CEUs with certificates. If taken separately, Insurance Billing Procedures, Laws and Rules earns six (6) massage CEUs. Marketing and Promotion seminar earns four (4) massage CEUs. Attend IRS and Taxes and earn three (3) massage CEUs.

Tuition – Cost: Tuition for both days and all three seminars is $399.00 if scheduled prior to October 5th, 2011. If the seminars are taken separately, Insurance Billing Procedures, Laws and Rules, the cost is $279.00 for the six (6) massage CEUs. Marketing and Promotion Seminar cost is $100.00 for the four (4) massage CEUs. IRS and Taxes Seminar cost is $75.00 for three (3) massage CEUs.

Location: Northwest Health Careers, 7398 Smoke Ranch Rd., Las Vegas, NV. 89128. Click Here for a map of our location and driving directions.

Registration: To pay on-line, please click on Vivian & Sarah's link here, Massage Insurance Billing and Coding. You may also contact Kris Kelley at: or please call: (702) 580-6093 to register for this seminar.

Cancellation Policy: Credit Cards are held on reserve to hold your registration and therefore not charged until 10 days prior to the event. All reservations not cancelled prior to October 12th will be charged full fee. Vivian is willing to offer "credit" to be used at a future event or with other products. This is due to having to ship materials to Las Vegas. Please contact Vivian Mahoney if you have further questions. Her website is listed below.

Instructor: Sarah Shropshire, RMT - Instructor for Vivian Mahoney.

To learn more in regards to Vivian Mahoney, massage insurance billing and Your Source for Insurance Billing Solutions, please click on this link, Massage Insurance Billing and Reimbursement.

Las Vegas Massage Therapists - Attend All Three Classes And SAVE Money!

Learn massage insurance billing and reimbursement to attract clients and earn more money in your pocket!

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