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I am NOT performing massage in Las Vegas anymore. I'm now a life coach down in Arizona. Please feel free to check out my new website here, Crack Between The Worlds. Thank you for understanding! This page is now being used for marketing purposes only!

Las Vegas massage therapy for golfers will improve golf swing technique, lengthen your drive, prevent painful injuries, and lower your handicap by several strokes in just a couple weeks! Call Kris to schedule at (702) 203-5670.

"Would You Like To Lengthen Your Drive And Cut Your Handicap By 3-4 Strokes In Only Two Weeks?"

Massage Therapy For Golfers By Las Vegas Massage Promises To Significantly Lower Your Score, Enable You To Hit Longer, Straighter Shots And Dramatically Improve Your Flexibility, Power And Balance!

Are your attempts to improve golf swing mechanics providing you with the results you need to compete?

Are you throwing strokes away by topping, slicing or hooking the ball? Are you investing time and money on lessons (because you didn't purchase Las Vegas Massage Gift Certificates in bulk) and can't understand why your game still hasn't improved? The good news is...

The Answer May Have Nothing To Do With Your Ability,
But Everything To Do With A Poor Posture...
And You Don't Know It!

Area's top Las Vegas massage professional and bodywork expert reveals for the first time a revolutionary new Las Vegas massage therapy for golfers package designed exclusively for struggling golfers called the 'Improve Golf Swing Refinement Program' that GUARANTEES to:

  • Eliminate Any Back Pain Or Stiffness That Could Be Giving You A Higher Handicap Without You Realizing It

  • Improve golf swing mechanics so you can...

  • ...Consistently Hit Longer And Straighter Shots

  • Give You Effortless Ease And Comfort With Each And Every Swing

  • Add More Power And Drive To Your Swings No Matter What Your Age, Gender, Athleticism Or Handicap Is

  • Quickly Improve Your Stamina, Focus And Power Without Any Extra Effort Or Practice

If you are a golfer who is serious about improving your game and want to learn more about this dynamic new Las Vegas massage therapy for golfers program exclusively for struggling golfers, please call Kris Kelley right now at: (702) 203-5670.

Why should you call me right now?

Your Improve Golf Swing Las Vegas Massage Therapy For Golfers Package Is Only $69.00 For The Months Of June and July, 2017!

What does this Las Vegas massage therapy for golfers package include?

First, I begin by conducting a 30 minute postural assessment of your entire body. This consists of posture evaluation, active range of motion, passive range of motion, muscle resistance, strain, counter strain, etc., etc.

Then I'll conduct a 60 minute Las Vegas medical massage with you. If you are unsure what Las Vegas orthopedic massage and Las Vegas medical massage is, please read this page, Medical Massage Las Vegas.

Here's another thought, and this protocol has worked like a charm in assisting other semi-pro golfers...Is your own mind psyching you out? If so, Join us here for our EFT Tapping In Las Vegas and learn how to control your emotions and lower your handicap. If this technique interests you, please visit our page listed here, Emotional Freedom Techniques to learn more about how to clear your mind.

Here is yet another very successful method to calm your emotions and your mind, stress relief meditation. It works wonders for the Pro Golfers, so why not give it a try? You can visit our page here entitled, Stress Relief Meditation.

Both the call and postural assessment are FREE. However...

Due to the high percentage of golfers who are truly serious about improving their game, time slots available for this incredible new Las Vegas Massage Therapy For Golfers package are limited.

Discover How You Can Add Effortless Power To Your Game
And Stun Your Friends By Learning About This Amazing
New Bodywork Program TODAY!

Call Kris Kelley Right Now At: (702) 203-5670

If you would like to read further in regards to improve golf swing technique, please continue below, and you can also click on this link, Improve Golf Swing Technique By Eliminating Muscle Imbalances.

How Might Your Golf Game Benefit
From Las Vegas Massage?

Did you know that...

Massage therapy for golfers is becoming more specialized.

Here's a list of the Top 10 Stress Points for Golf Injuries...

  • Your Lower Back
  • Wrist
  • Elbow
  • Shoulder
  • Knee
  • Neck
  • Hip
  • Ribs
  • Ankle
  • Feet

The most common CAUSE of injuries in amateur golfers are...

  • Too much play or practice
  • Poor swing mechanics
  • Hitting the ground
  • Over-swinging
  • Too little warm up
  • Twisting during the swing
  • Grip or swing change
  • Falling
  • Bending over the putt
  • Cart-caused injuries

Improve Golf Swing Technique ... With Las Vegas Massage

To really get results and improve golf swing technique, communication with Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley is vital! This communication is where I can begin; then I can really focus on what area you really need worked on. At this point I'll also educate you on your body, and then how to keep YOU pain-free!

The perfect swing is elusive for most amateur players. They strive to develop the ideal combination of grip, arc, speed, hip rotation, weight transfer, and more.

Most golf injuries occur on the course while playing a round of golf. And they are aggravated by swing flaws that put unnecessary stress on the body.

"The most common ailment our golfing clients experience is pain in the lower back. Close behind the lower back are elbow problems." Wendy Weisflog, DC, CCSP, owner of Arizona Sports & Rehabilitation Center in Scottsdale, AZ.

Treatment (as provided by Kris Kelley, Las Vegas Massage) of sports-related injuries has become increasingly sophisticated in recent years. There is not always a single solution for causes of pain.

Often, a poor or imperfect swing puts inordinate strain on muscles and joints causing golf injuries.

Further, many golfers are recreational, with minimal conditioning and sometimes weeks between rounds. Both conditions contribute to the frequency for physical problems. The strain may not show up immediately, but result from repetition over time.

Stay At The Top Of Your Game!

With more than 50 percent of recreational golfers experiencing golf injuries, it is important proper treatment (such as Las Vegas Massage Therapy!) occur early on, so permanent damage does not happen. However, a little prevention can reduce the likelihood of injury in the first place!

If you're a bit older, we can address your arthritis and or bursitis. A bit younger? We can address not 'over-doing-it,' and keep you at the top of your game. Let's keep you at the top of your game, improve golf swing mechanics, and become the envy of all those playing REGARDLESS OF YOUR AGE OR CURRENT PHYSICAL CONDITION!

Your lower back is often the area most in need of attention. The lumbar region is the fulcrum of the coil that goes with the golf swing. I'll use massage that prepares the lower back, shoulders, hips, legs and elbows for the motions and stresses of the game.

Las Vegas Therapeutic Massage And Las Vegas Medical Massage ...
Massage Therapy For Golfers

Las Vegas therapeutic massage and Las Vegas medical massage are natural, healthier responses to stress or pain than aspirin or other pills and drugs. Massage is also advocated by most traditional as well as alternative doctors.

It is an effective means of improving circulation, replacing fatigue with renewed energy, plus relieving stress and tension especially in your knees and hamstrings.

Las Vegas Massage Professional Kris Kelley also relieves pain from exercise and sports-related activities. People who participate in all kinds of physical activities often say that regular massage improves their performance thanks to improved flexibility, range of motion and pain-free movement.

What are YOU waiting for?? Improve Golf Swing Accuracy With Massage Therapy For Golfers
Call Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley NOW
at 702.203.5670

You'll also receive my exclusive...

The Best Massage Las Vegas Has To Offer No-Risk Stress Relief Money-Back Guarantee!

All of my incredible massage packages are backed by my '100% Stress Relief Money-Back Guarantee.' If ever you're not more relaxed than you've been all week, your session is absolutely FREE! That's how strongly I believe in how great you're going to feel.

This guarantee is especially important since no other massage therapist offers one!

Call Best Las Vegas Massage Now To Schedule Your Appointment...

...And Watch Your Handicap Drop Like A Sinking Stone!

Call Las Vegas Massage Professional Kris Kelley at:

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