Improve Golf Swing Technique In Las Vegas

Improve Golf Swing technique, velocity and power with little known secrets about chronic back pain causes and muscle imbalances. Read this for a chronic back pain treatment plan with Las Vegas Massage right now!


Please allow me to ask you a quick question, first...

"How can you Improve Golf Swing velocity if you are suffering from back pain or still searching for chronic back pain causes?"

Golfers like you have it hard enough, let alone attempting to play with back pain and sciatica. If you have back pain and can still barely play at all, let alone improve golf swing technique, it's obvious that lower back pain or sciatica will affect your golf game.

Today I would like to share just a few of the Chronic Back Pain Causes of golf-related injuries along with some simple ways you can overcome the frustration, improve golf swing technique and create a chronic back pain treatment program.

Please keep reading if you would like to watch your handicap drop like a sinking stone! You do want to be the envy of all of your friends, right? If so, let's proceed, so you can improve golf swing technique or just call Kris right now at (702) 203-5670 to schedule!

Let's first address...

Is Your Golf Swing Causing Your Back Pain?

Playing golf involves several movements that can often make you feel pain. Bending over to pick up the ball... rotating your back to improve golf swing... the impact you feel when your club hits the ground.

"What, I'm the only one that miss-hits a ball every once in a while?"

Yes, the motion of swinging a club is a little unnatural and requires a bit of strength and flexibility. But that doesn't mean the movement itself is the actual cause of the pain you're feeling as you play...unless you golf almost daily or play professionally.

Here's another thought before we really get into this...perhaps your mind is in the way? Are you still worried about your last poor shot? Or, the last time you were in the same situation you are in right now and hit the ball poorly? If so, join us on this page and learn how to clear your mind, EFT Tapping In Las Vegas. If this process interests you, please visit this page, Emotional Freedom Techniques for the actual steps of the process. You know as well as I do, a great deal of your golf game is in your head! Use the EFT Tapping techniques mentioned above to clear your mind.

Here's another method of getting your mind calm so that you can lower your handicap and improve your golf game, stress relief meditation. As I'm sure you've read by now, there's a ton of benefits concerning meditation. Join us on our page listed here for further information, Stress Relief Meditation.

Then there's a chance the repetitive motions of playing golf which use the same muscles repeatedly is one of the chronic back pain causes. I can fix this with Trigger Point Massage Therapy, but more on that in a minute.

Golfing-Las-Vegas Usually, for the average weekend golfer there's an underlying issue causing their pain. It just happens to flare up while playing, or an attempt to improve golf swing basics.

For most golfers, chronic back pain causes are the result of some combination of muscle imbalances, a weak lower back and abs, and carrying around some extra weight. (And I don't mean the clubs in your bag.)

Most Common Chronic Back Pain Causes for Golfers

Let's face it, not all of us golfers are fit like Tiger Woods. In fact, many of us more closely resemble the physique of John Daly.

Extra weight around your midsection tends to cause poor posture which forces your pelvis to tilt forward. This leads to the most common cause of back pain in golfers: muscle imbalances. Let me explain.

As your posture remains tilted forward, muscles in your lower back and the front of your upper thighs, particularly your quadriceps and hip flexors, become overly tight to compensate. Meanwhile, muscles in your abs, glutes (butt muscles), and hamstrings remain in a stretched state as they are pulled upon by the opposing tighter muscles and become continually weaker.

It's this unbalanced tug-of-war between opposing muscle groups, called muscle imbalances, that lead to most pain. Lower back pain... sudden back spasms... herniated discs... sciatica... upper back pain... neck pain... you name it, and chances are muscle imbalances played a significant role.
Las-Vegas-Golfing What if you're not overweight? Can muscle imbalances still be causing your back pain? Absolutely! Muscle imbalances are a fact of life since none of us use our muscles in a strictly neutral state throughout the entire day. And a forward tipped pelvis is only one of four major muscle imbalances associated with back pain.

Which brings up another very important point...

Generic Exercises Can Make Your Pain Worse

Here is another one of those chronic back pain causes: generic exercises on golf sites, in golfer magazines, or even at your doctor's office that are supposed to help with back pain may not do you any good at all... and may even make your pain worse. They are certainly not a very good Chronic Back Pain Treatment solution.

Golf-Courses-Las-Vegas Here's the problem. If those generic exercises stretch your tight muscles and strengthen your weak ones they can help. But if they happen to strengthen muscles that are already overly tight and further stretch ones that are already weak you're only going to magnify the problem.

That's exactly why you and a golf buddy with back pain may perform the exact same exercises – but only one of you feels better afterwards.

The bottom line for a successful Chronic Back Pain Treatment system is, you have to get to the real root cause of your pain if you want to get rid of it.

While muscle imbalances are the primary cause of most back pain, there are several underlying chronic back pain causes you should consider to get rid of your own pain and bring the power back into your drive, improve golf swing mechanics and have a truly successful chronic back pain treatment system.

Chronic Back Pain Causes

las vegas massage low back pain

Five main causes of back pain I've found as a Las Vegas massage therapist.

  • Muscle Imbalances - As we already discussed, muscle imbalances are the leading cause of back pain. Since there are four primary postural dysfunctions caused by muscle imbalances which lead to back pain, neck pain and sciatica you must identify which muscle imbalances have to be addressed to get lasting pain relief. As a certified Las Vegas medical massage therapist I can address these chronic back pain causes, and you can read more about this here, Las Vegas Massage Orthopedic Medical Massage Explained. Las Vegas medical massage is the treatment I use so that you can improve golf swing mechanics, technique and velocity.

    las vegas massage golf ball

  • Trigger Points - Trigger points are second to none when underlying causes of pain throughout the entire body are investigated. Fully 75% of all pain has been discovered to be at least partially caused by trigger points, which are tiny knots in muscle fibers which tend to refer pain to distant locations in your body. To learn more about how Las Vegas trigger point massage therapy can assist you, please click on this link, Trigger Point Massage Therapy.

    las vegas massage golf ball

  • Spinal Compression - All day long, gravity compresses your spine. This constant pressure squeezes fluid out of the discs separating and cushioning each of your vertebrae. Golf is just one of many activities that cause additional downward force along your spine. While most of this fluid returns at night as you sleep, over time our discs become more and more compressed which is one reason many of us lose height as we age. It also leads to herniated or bulging discs with painful nerve pressure. I can address this with you, and I also work with a chiropractor, Dr. Kenny, right here at Northwest Health Careers.

    las vegas massage golf ball

  • Emotional Stress - Believe it or not, emotional stress is a significant contributor to back pain. And constantly slicing the ball probably isn't going to help matters while you're playing golf either. You can read more about massage stress relief by clicking on this link, At Your Door Massage Stress Relief. Also, if you are looking for soothing, relaxing Las Vegas massage stress relief, check out my new Summerlin Las Vegas Massage location by clicking here, Summerlin Las Vegas.

    las vegas massage golf ball

  • Poor Nutrition - Improving your diet is an excellent way to not only get in better shape, but also help relieve back pain. Your body needs good nutrition and adequate water (not beer, soft drinks, or something else) to heal itself from the daily grind, much less chronic back pain.

Clearly, each of these areas deserve a lot more attention if you want to get rid of your back pain, fully enjoy your next round of golf and improve golf swing technique. You will need a proven chronic back pain treatment plan.

Let me ask you a question while I have your attention...

"Would You Like To Improve Golf Swing Technique,
And Lower Your Handicap By 3-4 Strokes
In Only A Couple Weeks?"

If this interests you, I'm now offering a result oriented new massage package entitled, Las Vegas Massage Golf Improvement Package.

Please keep in mind that if you have a birthday or special holiday approaching, what better than Las Vegas Massage Gift Certificates for your golfing buddies or friends and family? Someone you know just learning how to golf? Let me check them out for muscle imbalances and 'get them off on the right foot' with Las Vegas massage gift certificates! Click on the link above for further information on Las Vegas massage gift certificates.

Here's what I'm offering:

A FREE 30 minute postural assessment and 60 minutes of orthopedic massage for only $69.00! This offer is only valid during the months of January and February, 2015.

If you are a serious golfer who wants to improve golf swing mechanics and lower your handicap, pick up the phone right now and call Las Vegas massage professional Kris Kelley at: (702) 203-5670.

To learn more about this exciting new program, please click on this link entitled, Las Vegas Massage Golf Improvement Package.

I am currently NOT performing massage therapy in Las Vegas. I have moved to Arizona and am a personal performance coach and life coach in Prescott, Arizona. If some of these services interest you, please feel free to visit my new website here, Exploring Awareness. Thank you for your time if you have read down this far, and I hope to see you soon!

improve golf swing mechanics

Call Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley Right Now! (702) 203-5670

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