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Summerlin Las Vegas Massage Mission Statement

I am NOT performing massage in Las Vegas anymore. I've now moved down to Prescott, Arizona and am a life coach. If these services interest you, please feel free to visit my new website here, Crack Between The Worlds. Thanks for your time and have a great day!

Las Vegas Massage therapist Kris Kelley Specializes in Removing an Entire Week's Worth of Stress and Aches and Pains in Just 60 Minutes or Less...Guaranteed!

Kris provides Summerlin massage in Las Vegas for busy people like you, while maintaining the highest standards in regards to Integrity, Quality and Respect.

Greetings and Welcome!

My name is Kris Kelley, and I've been located in Las Vegas, Nevada for 25 years now. I’m 48 years young, and have had many opportunities here in the Las Vegas Valley. I've been performing massage in Summerlin Las Vegas for these 20+ years although I only recently was certified and licensed in the art of massage therapy in 2004. That's over 10 wonderful years of massage in Las Vegas!

I graduated from Northwest Health Careers here in Las Vegas, Nevada with straight "A's" at the end of the year 2003. I'm always learning and in the year 2010 I completed over five times the required amount of massage continuing education required by the State of Nevada! I'm also certified in Medical Massage In Las Vegas.

My most important opportunity, now, is to gain your trust and respect; then to have you become one of my satisfied massage clients at my new massage location inside Northwest Health Careers. I perform Summerlin massage in the Northwest part of the Las Vegas valley.


Integrity means being true to oneself. I'm true to myself and never 'cut corners' in a massage session or my Life! Trust and Integrity are essential in all of my relationships. I am here for YOU! Not only can I work on your physical body, I can assist you with emotional trauma that may lead to physical pain by using EFT Tapping In Las Vegas. Join us on that page for details.


I provide all my clients the best massage Las Vegas has to offer, combined with enthusiasm, knowledge and compassion. I do this in a safe environment, always working to achieve superior outcomes for each client in a professional, caring, and cooperative manner.

Summerlin massage in Las Vegas with Kris Kelley is located in a highly respected medical complex where privacy and your wants and needs are always first. The best massage Las Vegas has to offer! Visit Massage In Las Vegas Kris Kelley Testimonials for current client recommendations and testimonials.

Also understand that I'll spend more time with you than most therapists prior to your massage in Las Vegas, listening to you and truly understanding what solutions you are looking for! If you are serious about really 'fixing' your aches and pains, I need to know your current health status. Not to worry though, this time spent in discussion won't cut into your massage time!


I respect my clients and recognize the valuable role each one plays in my business as I strive to communicate with them openly and honestly as a Professional Massage Therapist and Medical Massage Practitioner. Join us on this page to learn more in regards to Las Vegas Therapeutic Massage.

Regardless if you have chosen me for massage stress relief, massage for arthritis pain relief, chronic back pain causes, or just overall muscle aches and pains and just want the most relaxing sixty minutes of your week, here with Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley you won't feel like a number!

You will find a caring, professional massage therapist, ready to help and provide you with the best Summerlin massage Las Vegas has to offer!!

Now that you know a little bit about me, visit the links below to view the different forms of massage I use, such as:

Trigger Point Therapy In Las Vegas - Trigger Point Therapy In Las Vegas.

Chronic Back Pain Treatment In Las Vegas - Chronic Back Pain Treatment In Las Vegas.

Chronic Back Pain Relief In Las Vegas - Chronic Back Pain Relief In Las Vegas using heat therapy and ice therapy.

Are YOU ready for the most relaxing
60 minutes of your Life?

Are YOU ready to live a pain free
life from now on?

If this sounds appealing to you, pick up the phone and call me right now to schedule your FREE 30 minute postural assessment! Feel free to join us on our EFT Tapping In Las Vegas blog as well.

(702) 203-5670

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