Las Vegas Massage Stimulus Package

I am NOT performing massage in Las Vegas anymore! I am now a life coach in Prescott, Arizona. If these services interest you, please feel free to visit my new website here Exploring Awareness for further information. Thanks!

Las Vegas Massage therapist Kris Kelley will save you money, time and provide you with the most relaxing 60 minutes of your week!

The Luxury of a Spa Experience at a Price You Can Still Afford! $69 For A 60 Minute Massage or $89 For A 90 Minute Massage!

Call Kris Kelley right now to schedule at (702) 203-5670 or keep reading to find out more in regards to this huge savings, but first...

Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley asks you...

  • Have you or your spouse lost your job?

  • Are your bills piling up?

  • Do you go to work each day in fear of losing your job?

  • Is stress killing you, little by little each day, as you perform the work of three employee's at your current job?

  • Are you still interested in lowering your stress level, getting rid of those aches and pains in your back, or just having the most relaxing hour of your week...guaranteed?


Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley is here to rescue YOU
With The Best Massage Las Vegas Has To Offer!

Hello From Las Vegas Massage!

My name is Kris Kelley and I'm a Certified & Licensed Massage Therapist as well as an orthopedic and medical massage specialist certified in Medical Massage In Las Vegas located right here in Summerlin Las Vegas , Nevada.

If the economy has hit you were it hurts, crippling your financial situation, I understand and can feel your pain. You are probably also suffering from severe negative emotional trauma and we can assist you with this as well. Please visit our site located here, entitled EFT Tapping in Las Vegas, EFT Tapping In Las Vegas. As I'm sure you already know, your mind runs your body. Thus, if you are suffering with chronic negative emotions, they are effecting your body.

I do not know ONE person who has NOT been affected by this economic mess we are all in!

Please keep this in mind though:

You still must take care of yourself
both mentally and physically!

"But Kris, what are you going to do to assist me and my financial situation???"

Unfortunately, I can't assist your financial situation directly, and I'm not going to lie to you by saying otherwise.

What I do know is that the benefits of Las Vegas Therapeutic Massage can put you in a position to perform more efficiently and effectively at your current job and relax you so that you will have more confidence if you are looking for another job.

But here IS what I can do directly, just for YOU in Summerlin Las Vegas:

Provide a solution as to HOW you deal with your financial situation!

Yes, going to the local bar to let some steam off is OK...every once in awhile. Yet, is smoking, drinking, gambling, over-eating, etc., etc., really the BEST solution to letting off some steam on a long-term basis?

How about this as an option??

Let me remove all that stress and worry while providing you the most relaxing 60 minutes of your week guaranteed, at a price you can still afford??

Here it is...

For a limited time, I'm offering a FREE 30 minute postural assessment and my new 60 minute Las Vegas Massage, the 'Massage Stress Relief Package', which focuses exclusively on the tension areas of the head, neck and back, and has already been reserved for you for only $69! ...and yes, I will massage the rest of your body as well. If you are searching for Chronic Back Pain Treatment In Las Vegas please visit this page, or if you are wondering how to use ice therapy or heat therapy correctly, please visit this page entitled Chronic Back Pain Relief in Las Vegas for proper treatment.

90 Minutes Of Stress Relief!

What is 'postural assessment' you ask? This consists of posture evaluation, active range of motion, passive range of motion, muscle resistance, strain, counter strain, etc., etc. I need to know what's 'out of whack' before we perform the massage!

You'll also receive my exclusive...

No-Risk Stress Relief Money-Back Guarantee!

"Give Me 60 Minutes and I Guarantee You'll Feel Better Than You Did All Week or Your Session is FREE!"

All of my incredible Las Vegas Massage packages are backed by my '100% Stress Relief Money-Back Guarantee.' If ever you're not more relaxed than you've been all week, your session is absolutely FREE! That's how strongly I believe in how great you're going to feel.

This guarantee is especially important since no other massage therapist offers one!

I am absolutely convinced that once you experience the many benefits of my new stress reducing massage packages, you'll love what a wonderful feeling it is to rid yourself of stress and muscle tension.

Please understand, this FREE 30 minute postural assessment and 60 minute 'Massage Stress Relief Package' for only $69 is only available to a select few people in the Las Vegas area. I work for myself and the schedule's filling up fast!

How would you like to receive weekly massage sessions
for only $69 each?

This isn't a one-time offer to suck you in. No way! All you need to do is this:

After each massage in Las Vegas with Kris Kelley, refer me one of your friends or family members (or anyone) that schedules a massage with me within 30 days*. That's it!

Could this possibly get any more exciting? Sure! How about this...

Refer me 2 people within 30 days and you will receive your massage for FREE*!

Find another Las Vegas massage therapist who offers that deal!

However, you must act quickly because...

Availability is shrinking as you reading this!!!

Because I am a sole proprietor of my practice, I'm only able to accept a limited amount of clients. I'll have no choice but to eventually cap off my time slots.

Current clients are already experiencing the many benefits of these stress reduction massage packages, as well as my 'ache and pain' relieving Las Vegas Massage packages. Diagnosed with trigger points? Join us for Trigger Point Therapy In Las Vegas.

That's why I'm offering you the first opportunity to take advantage of this Huge Savings for the limited time slots still available, before having to book your Las Vegas Massage session weeks in advance!

Call me now at: (702) 203-5670 and ask for Kris Kelley to schedule your massage!

*Please contact Kris Kelley at: 702.203.5670 for the complete details of my referral programs. It's a quick and simple process, no agreements or contracts to sign. I just want you to be fully aware of what I'm doing! Yes, I have been taken advantage of, so with regret I must make this statement: Kris Kelley does retain the right to cancel this offer at any time. If you would like to keep up to date with what we are currently doing please follow our blog here, called EFT Tapping In Las Vegas.

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