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I am NOT performing massage therapy in Las Vegas anymore! I am now a life coach down in Prescott, Arizona. If these services interest you, please feel free to visit my new blog here, Exploring Awareness. This page, as well as all the other pages on this website, are now being used for ADVERTISING AND MARKETING PURPOSES ONLY! Thanks for your time, and have a great day!

Massage business cards can be a lead generating massage marketing tool! Find out how by reading this page.

Here's the fastest method to convert prospects into paying clients...

...using only your business cards!

Massage business cards are one of the main tools used in your massage marketing, correct?

I'd like to present a couple ideas on how to improve them so that they grab people's attention and get them calling you and visiting your massage website.

Before I get started let me make one point crystal clear...

Read This Page As A Prospective Client
Not As A Massage Therapist!

Keep this 'prospective client mindset' as you are reading.

Now, before I begin explaining how to improve your massage business card, let me cover a 'new and improved' idea about attracting prospective clients.

Keep an open mind, first, while reading the next couple of paragraphs, as I'm not saying, "Throw away your massage business cards, you don't need them."

You do need them. They are a marketing tool just like any other marketing tool you use. The issue is how you go about using them, which I'll explain a bit further on in this article. They must be used correctly to produce maximum results.

Here's the point to all of this:

We tend to give out massage business cards because we've been taught this is what to do. It's not. It's the old way. In the old way, we just blast people with messages whenever WE need something.

But, this isn't about us, remember? It's about figuring out our prospective clients wants and needs, then delivering a solution to what they want and need!

Now, before I demonstrate how to create a client attracting massage business card and you go and get them printed and start handing them out, let me present this idea to you.

What if....

Instead of presenting your business cards, you asked this new prospect to be added to their mobile phone or PDF?

This way the prospective client will always have your contact information and can get in touch with you whenever they'd like!

Doesn't everyone you know keep all their information stored electronically in some gizmo? This is the way it is nowadays and the technology is growing faster and faster.

You can also ask them for their contact information if you've build up a good relationship.

Yet, don't stop the conversation at just collecting their contact information!

Ensure you ask them if it's all right for you to E-mail them or call them, what day is best to contact them, what time of the day, etc., etc.

The last thing you want to do is become a pest. It's always best if they come to you, anyway.

Keep in mind that this method will test your relationship building skills. You will need to ask in the proper manner, know when to ask during the conversation, etc., etc.

Be mindful of the 'flow' of the conversation. You'll know when your communication is coming to an end and the time is right for you to ask to be added to their electronic address book.

Also keep in mind that many people aren't very tech savvy, or, their electronic devices are kept personal for personal reasons. These are the best candidates for your business cards.

If you are denied, that's OK. As long as you presented yourself in a professional manner you've made a good impression. Your initiative will demonstrate to the prospective client that you are a serious business person and serious about your massage business. Now, you can present them your massage business cards.

One last point and I'll move on.

I demonstrate below how to organize and market both sides of your massage business cards.

Many therapists use only one side for marketing, the other side for an appointment date and time, then leave the massage business card with the client to remind them of their appointment.

That is OK, but if you are added to their electronic device as mentioned above, two benefits arise from this:

  • First, you can now use both sides of your massage business cards for marketing and free reports. (As described below.)

  • Second, you've now been added into their electronic device as a contact and perhaps into their calendar if they have scheduled a massage appointment.

Why is this important?

Massage business cards are small and you want to use all the space as efficiently and effectively as you can.


Most everyone uses their electronic devices as reminders, appointments, To-Do lists, etc., etc.

It's a step in the right direction to be added to their electronic address book AND be scheduled in their electronic calendar for a massage!

You have now been promoted to 'recognized' status in the prospective clients mind, right along with all their other meetings and appointments and what-not.

Are you beginning to see how the electronic age works?

OK, on to building a client attracting massage business card!

Please keep in mind that regardless of if you were added to their electronic device or not, you will still present your massage business card.

People still love physical objects such as massage business cards, massage brochures, flyers, etc., etc.

Let's begin!

First and foremost, don't list the name of your practice first. People don't care. Put yourself in your prospective clients mind. "What's Lovey Dovey Day Spa going to do for me"? You must realize that the name of your business or practice doesn't 'do' anything for them. You're providing solutions to their problems, remember? Let's continue...

Instead, lead with a powerful headline, something that catches the prospective client's attention and peaks their interest. Here's a couple examples:

"Would You Like the Luxury of a Spa Experience in the Comfort of Your Home?"


"Relief From Tension Headaches in 60 Minutes Guaranteed ... Or Your Money Back!"

Now those examples draw attention!

Do you now see from the examples above how much more powerful it is to lead with a strong headline? Find a strong headline that describes your expertise!

Put your picture on your card. Make it small and clear, in either the upper right or upper left hand corner of the massage business card.

List your name and your title. Example: Kris Kelley - Massage Practitioner. Or, Kris Kelley - Medical Massage Practitioner. If you have a more advanced degree, you can 'fancy' it up a bit, but use real words not abbreviations. Example: Kris Kelley - Sports Injury Specialist. (If you have a degree in sports medicine.)

That's it. Don't pull an 'alphabet soup' on your clients by listing all the initials of your credentials behind your name, such as: LMT, CMT, MMP, MMT, ABMP, AMTA, NCBTMB, etc., etc.

People don't know what all these initials mean, nor do they care. All of these letters are just confusing to them. If anyone is interested in your degree or what you specialize in they will ask you.

List your USP – Unique Selling Proposition. "Specializing In At-Home Massage Sessions For Busy People."

You do have a USP, correct? If not, don't worry. I'll be writing an article on what USP's are and how to create them and utilize them to attract clients.

Now what I do is find a way to entice them to flip the card over. Why waste 50% of your advertising space by not using the back?

I like to offer free, high-quality information, so what goes next on the card is something like...

"Read back for your two FREE gifts!"

In the lower left corner I mention, by appointment only. In the lower right I provide my telephone number and E-mail address.

Now for the BACK of the massage business card...

...and I grab them with another headline!

"WARNING: Do Not Ever Use the Services of A Massage Therapist Until You Read These Special Reports!"

That sounds pretty exciting, right? Where are they going to get these free reports? Gee, I wonder! A perfect lead-in to your Massage Website!

Here's what my massage business card says after the headline:

To access your two FREE reports, '10 Most Common Questions Concerning Your Massage' and 'Your First At-Home Massage Session Explained', simply go to my website: and click on the links. The reports are yours! And don't forget to sign up for your other FREE life changing reports at absolutely no cost!

Visit Today!

If you want to be really effective in regards to the message above, on your website have an opt-in box for the free reports. You will then capture their contact information for future mailings, free reports, massage specials, etc., etc.

Something else you may want to include is your telephone number where they can leave a message and you will physically mail out these reports to them.

Please note: If you decide to leave your number and they call you for the reports, just provide what they asked for, and don't attempt to schedule them!

Remember: Everyone loves to buy, but no-one likes to be sold! At this time you are an information provider and that's it! Your business card lead them to call you or visit your massage website. Then, your free report educates them. Now, at this time, they may be ready to scheduling a massage session with you.

Now, isn't that a bit more exciting than this typical example of a business card?

At-Your-Door Massage
Kris Kelley, LMT
Swedish, Sports Massage, Seated Chair, Reiki
AMTA Member
To schedule, call...

Oh, and let's not forget...

The above example is spruced up with some colorful picture of someone receiving a massage or something relaxing or the Yin Yang symbol...


Sorry if I've hurt your feelings...not my intent.

Please tell me how many prospective clients have scheduled a massage with you because they enjoyed the relaxing picture on your massage business cards?

Perhaps a couple, but I doubt it.

If you are handing out massage business cards you are face to face with a prospective client. This is your shining moment! It doesn't get any better than this! Your face-to-face communication with this prospective clients is much more powerful than any business card!

Your verbal words should be dripping with benefits and solutions for the prospect, not a picture on a massage business card!

Even if you attach massage business cards to brochures and leave them at locations or mail them, it's the value and benefits described in the words on your card that attracts prospects to schedule, not a tiny picture that may even obscure some of the words!

How many prospective clients will schedule with you when you lead with a powerful statement telling the prospect the solution to all of their aches and pains?

Most likely a whole lot more!

I'm just looking to spark prospective client interest, get them to move one step closer to scheduling a massage.

You must understand that holding people's attention, especially in regards to a massage business card, is difficult. People don't really pay attention. For most, a business card is a sort of an 'after the fact,' follow-up contact method. The more exciting and powerful you can make your massage business card the easier it is to hold their attention!

I've used both styles of business cards over the last seven years and have seen a higher conversion from lead-generating massage business cards as in the first example.

What do I mean by conversion? You are converting people. First, from those people who don't know you to an initial relationship with you. Then, hopefully, from an acquaintance who is curious about your business card to actually visiting your massage website and reading the information you provide. Next of course is when they are now trustful of you enough to schedule a massage with you.

Do you want to create a niche in your prospective clients mind or do you want to be lumped in with everyone else and have your massage business cards tossed in the trash the minute they are out of sight??

Give this a try with your massage business cards and create something exciting with laser like specifics to your USP and what it is you do, focused on benefits and solutions for your prospective clients!

You'll be pleasantly surprised by the results!

Would you like a visual picture of MY business card?

Send me an E-mail to: and put in the subject line, Massage Business Card.

(This is not an opt-in contact capturing E-mail box, just a free massage marketing E-mail tip. If you'd like to subscribe to my FREE Massage Marketing Ezine, please enter your contact information in the box listed below on this page.)

I'll E-mail you back an exact photo of my client attracting lead generating massage business card!

Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley

Feel free to sign up for my Ezine to receive further in-depth information in regards to massage marketing your business!

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